Computer keyboard does not respond to pressing

What to do if the keyboard does not work on the laptop

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Help with one problem. None of anyone stopped working the keyboard on my laptop Lenovo B70-80. The laptop did not hit, did not flood, did not hit. just after switching on, does not respond to pressing some keys. What can be done?

What is good in this regard the usual computer is a quick change of one keyboard to another. In a laptop such a procedure, unfortunately, do not check so quickly

In general, so that neither from this keyboard ceased to work. the case is extremely rare. Most often, the user guess what cause (and sometimes links). For example, it is fairly influenced by the keyboard of tea, water, juice; Mechanical damage and pr.

In this article, I will consider the main causes of keyboard failure to work, and what can be done to restore the device. So.

Keyboard fault is connected to hardware

Check the connection. Make sure the keyboard is properly connected to the computer to start trying to reconnect it and restart PC. Disconnect it for 10-15 seconds, and then try to connect again. Enter another USB connector.

When connecting through a hub or kvm switch, the reason for the refusal is possible in this intermediary. When using the PS / 2-USB adapter, find out whether the device supports.

Make sure there is no mechanical damage. Turn off the computer. Disconnect the keyboard from the socket and check the cable to the presence of “Chances”. In the event that it connects through the PS / 2 port, it is necessary to examine it carefully and if you notice that contacts wondered carefully fix them with tweezers.

Try using the device on another computer. Among other things, it is possible that the PS / 2 port is not in a motherboard and it is worth trying to connect the keyboard to another PC. When the connection is made via USB, located on the front panel of the system unit there is a chance that the port contact is broken with the motherboard.

Secret functions of the keyboard that you did not know.

Many users manage a computer or laptop with a mouse, but you can speed up any process if you know the necessary combinations on the keyboard.

Increase. Win /. When the vision is not very, but you need to consider part of the screen of the ego you can zoom in and view the screen as through a magnifying glass.

Increased Bottry SHIFT ALT PRINT SCREEN. This combination includes or disables high contrast mode.

Rotate or turn the screen to any side. Ctrl Alt arrows (up / down / left / right), depending on which direction you want to deploy your screen. This feature is useful on laptops when you need to see how something looks in height, or if you need to turn the laptop.

Fast switch between Windows. Alt Tab. it accelerates work several times. When you switch you will see all open Windows immediately. The view may differ depending on the version of Windows. When there are many Windows, it is convenient to switch between them not with the mouse, but the keyboard. To select the desired window, clamp Alt and press TAB.

Alt ESC. a similar command, only switching Windows occurs in the order in which the Windows were closed.Quick Delete File by Basket Shift Delete. Windows always asks to confirm the deletion of the file, and the confirmation window is sooner or later begins to bother. This combination allows you to delete the file immediately and without confirmation. By the way, you can disable confirmation in the settings of the basket. Right-click on the basket icon, select “Properties” and remove the checkbox “request confirmation of deletion”.

Quick Transition to Win D Desktop. Folding all Windows, re-pressing returns everything back. By the way, the same thing can be done if you click on the mouse on the invisible button in the lower right corner of the screen. Another way to roll all Windows is to take up the right window with the mouse and shake left, right. This is called Aero Shake, also enables the Win Home keys.

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Fast profile output. Win L. This feature is useful if you have a password in your profile. By clicking this combination you, without turning off the computer can quickly get out of the profile by closing access to it. You can only log in to the profile again after entering the password. In this case, everything will remain in the profile as before closing. running applications, open folders and files.

Folding / unfolding and moving Windows. Win up / down will unfold / roll the current window to the entire screen if it can be deployed. Win left / right. placed the window exactly in the left or right half of the screen. Win SHIFT left / right. This feature moves the window to the adjacent monitor when 2 or more monitors are used.

Other useful combinations:

Win B. activates switching to systemically mour.Can come in handy when the mouse refused. Ctrl Shift N. Quick Create a new folder in the current directory. Win Pause / Break- opens the system window. It will be useful when you need to see the name of the computer or system data. Ctrl Shift Esc. Task Manager, the same as Ctrl Alt Delete in earlier versions of Windows. SHIFT F10. opens the context menu of the file or folder, the same thing that click the right mouse button. Alt ENTER. opens the properties of the folder or file, there you can see the size, date of creation and t.D.

Spilled fluid on keyboard

The most frequent cause of the keyboard failure is randomly spilled on the keyboard tea, coffee or other drink. If this happened to you. immediately turn off the laptop if it does not turn off for a long time. remove the battery, disconnect the power, and to drain the residues of the liquid, turn the laptop. After that, dry the keyboard with a hairdryer, be sure to cold air.

If the keyboard was flooded with a sweet drink, then after drying the keys will slide and without disassembly no longer do. Returning to the previous item, disassemble the keyboard, and carefully wipe the wet cloth. If the liquid did not hit the motherboard. these actions will be enough to return the laptop to life. But do not rush to turn it on! It is worth waiting for a day or two, so that the remnants of the liquid evaporated.

Wear and boiling tracks (especially relevant when the keyboard is influence)

Conditionally keyboards can be “split” for 2 camps:

The most common membrane type keyboards (about 90%.95% on the market). They are cheaper and easier (which is especially relevant for laptops).

So, whatever keyboard is. it is designed for a certain number of presses (as a rule, several tens of thousands are several years, even with active use).

Over time, the conductive tracks are skidding, thin contacts, closing tracks, wear out, also makes their “case” and dust.

By the way!

The process of “acidification” conductive tracks accelerates hundreds of times if you spill some fluid on the keyboard. What, by the way, not so rarely, the specialists abroad considered that every 100 mug above the keyboard overturns to her.

Membrane keyboard (as an example, to clearly it was about something.

When problems with the old keyboard (or with a flooded with some kind of liquid), I can advise the following recipe (it does not guarantee recovery, and do it all on your own risk. However, several keyboards revive for a while, he helped me):

  • first remove (turn off) keyboard from a laptop (from PC);
  • If the keyboard is filled with some kind of liquid (lemonade, tea, etc.): Wash it well in warm water with detergent (for example, Fairy) and let it dry. Connect again and see if it began to work normally;
  • If the option did not help, you will have to completely disassemble the keyboard, and wipe the film with tracks and the elastic membrane using ethyl alcohol.
  • Pay attention to the status of the tracks: if there is somewhere suspicion that they “exterried” or damaged. they need to be processed using a conductive adhesive (it would not be superfluous to “ring” the track to determine whether it conducts “signal” / current); or just humble and buy a new one.
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Relevant if you use wireless manipulators.

It is extremely desirable to find a wired USB wired USB (PS / 2) keyboard (the usual. without “gamerskaskas”). If someone like me live nearby, you can take it

If not. you can buy the cheapest in the nearest store (I recommend it to have it as a backup in any case, Such “Casses” with wireless can sometimes be. ).

Yes, and when buying do not forget to purchase additional. also the adapter on the PS / 2 port (can also come in handy in the computer. economy).


Further try to start connecting this obviously good keyboard to the USB port on the rear wall of the computer (and in general, it is desirable to check different ports: and USB 3.0, and USB 2.0).

If possible, try to use PS / 2 port (whether it works at all?).

Of course, connect the mouse with a keyboard through any extension cords or adapters (in our diagnostic purposes). it is extremely not desirable to do it only to direct!


In some versions of the BIOS (UEFI), you can disable the rules. the operation of the USB controller (of course, in this case, the USB port is most likely the keyboard “does not recognize”, although the phone should be charged. ).

In any case, it is advisable to try to reset the BIOS settings to default (downloading the optimal settings). With them, USB ports should work!

To help!

How to reset the BIOS settings on a laptop and PC. cm. Step by step instructions

Without a keyboard, this can be done in two ways:

    Open the system unit and find a round battery on the motherboard (reminds the tablet). Take it out for 3-5 minutes., Then install it in place again and enable PC;


If all of the above did not give results. it would be nice to check: and “Live Lee” generally USB ports (to which the keyboard / mouse connects). It is better to do this with a tester and see how the values ​​change after the PC is turned on.

Approximate.: if there is no tester. try connecting the old flash drive / phone (which will not be sorry for an unforeseen case. ).

USB port works (the numbers on the tester light up immediately after the PC is turned on)

Alternatively, you can try to install a PCI card with USB ports (and already to it the keyboard with the mouse).

In any case, if at this stage there are no “signs of life” USB ports do not file. the probability of hardware malfunction is extremely high. I advise you to contact a PC / laptop to the service (for diagnosis. ).

Why the keyboard may not work. search for the cause of the problem

If some light bulbs are burning on the connected keyboard, everything is not so bad. difficult if the device does not submit any signs of life. The first action to produce is to determine the possible cause of malfunction. To do this, carefully inspect the device, connecting wire, check the connection and decide on further actions. Then you need to connect a problem keyboard to another computer. Also, it will not hinder to connect to your computer a well-good keyboard and make sure that there are no problems with software connecting ports. Speaking easier, you need to figure out. the keyboard does not work, or problems lie in the computer.

Physical breakdown

Most of these problems have quite noticeable outlines. a torn wire, mechanical damage and t.P. By the nature of the detected flaw, you can make an approximate conclusion about the fate of the device, although damage to the case does not really necessarily mean the complete output of the keyboard. It is more difficult to the situation when the keyboard does not work, which does not have visible signs of damage. If when connected to another computer, the problem is saved, you should check the condition of the connecting wire. Often it is shifted near the entrance to the device case or (less often) on the connecting plug.

The habit of keeping a mug with tea, coffee or other drinks next to the keyboard disabled a lot of devices

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Problems in Po

If when connected to another computer, the keyboard works in a regular mode, then the reason is likely to lift in the software. You may need to install or update the device driver. First of all, you need to check the condition of the keyboard in the device manager. In Windows 7, for this, you need to click on the “computer” in the “Start” menu. In Windows 10, you can open it by typing “Device Manager” in the taskbar search window. If in the keyboard item there is a problematic device name without additional icons (usually this yellow triangle with an exclamation mark), it means that the system sees it and does not find any problems.

Other reasons

Lovers to have a snack while working on a computer often spill various fluids on her. Habit of keeping a mug with tea, coffee or other drinks next to the keyboard disabled a lot of devices, but it seems to be eradicated, it will be possible not soon. Usually traces from spilled fluid remain on the surface, even if they were erased in time. Signs of such a malfunction is the absence of a normal reaction to some buttons, sticking separate buttons, random commands from the keyboard. Often it starts to print one letter infinitely or execute the command.

computer, keyboard, does, respond

Wireless samples have a frequent problem are batteries. When their container begins to fall noticeably, the operation of the device is made unstable and at some point it stops completely.

Why the keyboard does not work: reasons

At the global level there are not so many types of faults. When it comes to computer technician, then there are only two of them.

  • Program failure. As a rule, it happens at the time of the operating system loading: it simply does not activate the driver. This is an ordinary malfunction for expensive products equipped with many additional features. The result is natural. the computer does not see the keyboard.
  • Hardware breakdown. This term is called physical damage to PC elements and periphery. Computer keyboard contains many mechanical elements, besides, it is usually operated hard. Independently to repair in this case it is unlikely to work: if the product is expensive, then it is safer to attribute it to the workshop. Cheap keyboard replace to a new.

Sometimes when the keyboard suddenly stopped working, the following happens. Slow OS. It happens when the computer performs many tasks at once. For example:

As a result, the keyboard reacts with the receipt. This problem is uncomplicated. move the mouse. The gusty movements of the arrows confirm suspicions. Wait and everything will work.

Similar to the above factors that explain why the keyboard does not work on a laptop. Difficulties mainly delivers the integration of the introductory device in PC.

For the rest of the check, when the keyboard does not print, produce by pressing one of the following keys:

When they are activated, diodes should be lit. If they do not flash, then it’s bad.

Why the keyboard does not work and how to fix it: nur.KZ

computer, keyboard, does, respond

Wireless keyboard stopped working

In cases where the wireless keyboard stops working, you need to perform the simplest steps in a strict order, while, after each action, check the keyboard, on the operating status:

First of all, in the presence of a switch at the bottom of the keyboard housing, you must certainly make sure that the position is “included”.

Then restart the computer. Such actions will help to eliminate the problem that has arisen not long to eliminate all problems.

The next action will be moving the device closer to the receiver.

If the receiver is strongly attached to the cable, you can arrange it so that it is with the keyboard at one level.

Try to replace the batteries with a good set of newer alkaline batteries, and then ensure that the driver is installed correctly.

If it does not help, replace all batteries, even if the keyboard software proven software indicates for the presence of charge.

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