Connect the prefix to the Samsung tulip tulips

How to connect tulips to TV if not connector?

On individual TVs there may be no tulip connector. In this case, it will be necessary to use the adapter. It can be SCART. RCA and HDMI. RCA, VGA SVGA. RCA and other options. Thus, if necessary, connect the bells to absolutely any TV or monitor.

Connection diagram through the “Tulip” looks like this:

  • Turn off the TV and receiver from outlets.
  • Connect the cable connectors in those sockets to which they are suitable
  • Connect an antenna cable to the console
  • Turn on the TV, go to the menu and select AV mode
  • Set the channels on a digital console.

How to connect T2 to a TV with a built-in tuner?

Connect the antenna cable to the antenna input of the digital TV (which has a built-in DVB-T2 tuner). Connect the power supply and turn on the TV. In accordance with the instructions for operating the TV, go to the appropriate section of the TV settings menu and activate the operation of the digital tuner.

This is the easiest way to configure digital airtal television on your TV.

  • Go to the TV menu, go to the channel section.
  • Select an antenna reception mode, ether or DVB-T2
  • Next, select the auto parts of the channels.
  • Type of CVTV or DTV channels for search Only numbers.

Types of connections

The connection principle largely depends on the available connectors, both on the tunele and on the TV. Now we define how to connect the TV console to your TV, through the main connectors:

The simplest and affordable connection option. If the TV diagonal is not too big, the image will be worthy of quality. In the process of connecting, tulips will be required to insert into the ports of the corresponding color. So, on the yellow wire is served video, red and white responsible for the sound.

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Similar inteeis not frequent guest on modern consoles. Occurs only on old models. For connecting to the TV, the SCART transition cord on RCA will be required.

The newest technology available only on modern TV. If you allow the device, it is best to apply this connector. It is through it that the highest quality signal is broadcast, which will allow to enjoy the perfect image.

Absolutely all users are familiar with these connectors. On the console of them two, RF In is used to receive the encoded signal, and the RF OUT is organized to connect to the TV. This option can be relevant if the TV is completely old.

Methods Connecting receiver to TV

In the set of the prefixes there is a cable with an adapter for connecting to the power grid and an adapter for connecting to the TV (not always). Before buying equipment, see what connectors are in TV. In most Samsung models, LG they are displayed on the back or side panel.

All set out 7 options Connecting a receiver to TV: RCA, SCART, HDMI, DVI / D-Sub, LAN, CAM module, antenna entry.

General connection scheme

A separate device (prefix) is connected immediately to the source of the signal, the power grid, TV. General Receiver Connection Scheme to TV Next:

  • Before connecting all devices in one chain, disconnect them from the network.
  • Connect the console and TV through the selected connector.
  • Connect the antenna or cable (signal source) to the console. This provides a separate entrance.
  • Turn on all equipment. Run automatic channel configuration.
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When the receiver is properly connected to the TV, the channels will be configured quickly and 20 free TV shows will be available immediately. If you have connected chargeable to the Internet and TV from the operator offering services in your home, for example, a tricolor, specialists are obliged to connect and run equipment themselves.

Through the RCA connector

Classic connection of old TV goes through tulips or RCA connector. In the same way, DVD consoles and other equipment were connected before. From each edge of the cable there are three connections: red, white and yellow. Yellow to connect the receiver to TV through tulips will not need. Red and White Wire. Audio Signals.

On TV and console Connectors for tulips tinted with the same colors. Additionally, they all have their markings. Maximum quality that can be obtained with this variant of the transfer of digital channels. up to 1080p.

Important! Tulips. Power Cables. Connect the connector RCA You can only with the power supply of TV and the console.

Through scart

Wide flat connector on TV is suitable for receiving a digital signal. SCART version is equipped with one edge with a wide connector, from the other, where the prefix, tulips. This is a more compact and fast way to attach tuner to TV.

Connection via HDMI

Modern version of digital television organization. Using HDMI cable. This is a coaxial wire with high bandwidth. Connecting the receiver to TV via HDMI allows you to watch TV channels with Full HD resolution.

Attaching equipment via DVI / D-Sub

Powerful, high-quality receivers, used for Smart TV, have a video adapter. It provides high signal transmission speed, sound quality and image. In the role of an adapter, you can use the cord to connect the classic monitor and the system unit of the personal fixed computer.

Important! To apply this method of connecting the receiver to TV, it is necessary to check that the D-Sub socket in the TV show. In another case, auxiliary adapter will be required, slightly worsening the quality of television.

Diagram Connecting LAN

Universal Smart consoles are equipped with an Internet connection connector. LAN. Data transmission is carried out using IPTV technology. It does not provide encoding and signal decoding. It is transmitted directly, which affects the high quality image and sound.

Most often IPTV offer cellular operators conducting Internet and digital TV in high-rise buildings. At the same time, the direct connection of the TV to the network is not required. For this purpose, a separate cable conducted in the apartment.

How to connect a cam module

Satellite receivers are equipped with CAM modules. They allow you to watch not only 20 basic channels, but also connect batch offers from the selected operator. In essence, the module itself is a card installed in the receiver. Additional connection it does not require.

Connection through an antenna entry

Antennas and satellite plates can be connected through RF in connector. It is universal and suitable for analog and digital television. Such a round entrance is present on all tuners, regardless of the year of their release and configuration.

What connectors are used to connect the console

All receptions regardless of the configuration and quantity of options have an antenna entry and output. Additionally provided: coaxial digital audio output, HDMI, SCART, RCA connectors (tulips).

You need to select the connection option in the presence of the appropriate connectors in the TV. It should be borne in mind that through tulips the maximum image quality will be no more than 1080p. It is better to use HDMI or IPTV (connecting via digital audio output).

Consider the features of each cable (method of connecting the equipment).


RCA cable from two sides has three red, yellow and white connector. The corresponding inputs and outputs are on the prefixes and old TVs. They are squeezed in the same color.

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Connect only red and white wire. They transmit audio signals. Yellow wire will not need. it sends video, applies when connecting a DVD player.

Important! Connect the equipment through a tulip only in the off state. To assembling a chain for digital broadcasting, turn off all from the network. After connecting. turn on and check the correctness of the settings.

SCART port

To connect digital television to the old TV often used SCART cable. It is a more compact option of tulips. On the part of TV, there are also 3 wires of yellow, red and white. But from the side of the console. only one. You must also perform the connection when the technique is turned off. Yellow entrance is not needed.

HDMI connection

One of the common options, how to enable digital channels on the old TV. Select HDMI Adapter. Such entrance is in more modern liquid crystal or plasma TVs.

This method has high quality sound and image. You can view movies and TV shows in Full HD format. Previously, this method was minus. the complexity of supporting analog channels. Since they are now turned off, this problem is automatically gone.

DVI / D-SUB Option

Powerful Modern Receivers Suitable for Smart TV. We will not consider in detail, since this option exists, but not suitable for old TVs. Smart TV. a new digital television version running through a stable Internet connection.


Digital television of this type over the Internet. In this case, the connection to the Wi-Fi or standard network is not required. IPTV operators providing paid channel packages. The number of TV channels depends on your selection and size of the subscription fee.

Configuration and connection of digital television on old TV via LAN ports are carried out by specialists who provide television services. If in the future the user needs help with setting up, adding or removing channels, it can call the technical support to the operator’s trimmer.

Antenna input

Common connection option. According to the entrances of multi-storey houses, cable digital television extended from large satellite plates. They transmit a signal over cables to apartments where the receiver is required for decoding.

Antenna connection makes it possible to divorce digital broadcasting at once on two TVs in the house. This will require a special connector. And you need to adjust the channels at different frequencies. If there is an overlay signal, sound quality and video will deteriorate.

How to connect a digital console to the Samsung TV

Disabling analog television and the transition to DVB-T2 digital standard indicates that it is time for the population to go to the “digit”. In this article, we will consider connecting the digital console to the Samsung TV.

If you have an old TV, released more than 5 years ago, then there is probability that it does not support a new broadcast format. In this case, you will not be able to watch TV. But there is a way out! Connect the DVB-T2 console to it. It is cheaper than new TV.

The following figure shows schematically, how to do it.

  • Connect the antenna cable to the receiver input (DVB-T2 consoles).
  • Connect the video / audio television input using a 3RCA-3RCA cable (tulips), it is included in the package. If your TV has a HDMI digital input. you can use it instead of 3rca.

By connecting the antenna cables, a receiver and TV insert the batteries into the remote control and connect the power adapter to the DVB-T2 console. Turn on the receiver and TV.

Attention! All connections need to be performed when the equipment is turned off, otherwise there is a possibility of failure.

After the first turn on the receiver, the main menu or “guide to setting up” the TV channels on the DVB-T2 console will be displayed on the TV screen. In different models, he is outwardly different. But the overall procedure of action is about the same as in the TV when setting up channels.

To start searching for channels in automatic mode, select this menu item and click “OK”. The receiver scans the entire television range, and the TV channels found are displayed as a list. When the scan is completed, close the search menu and go to the channel view.

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How to connect free digital television to TV through different types of receivers

Digital signal, the transfer of which is carried out by transformation through a television console, can proceed from different receivers. Before connecting the TV tuner to the TV, it should be sorted out about which of the three types of receivers is speaking, and consider each of them.

Helpful advice! If you compare the antennas for the ether, then satellite broadcasting is universal. At the same time, in order to receive signals of different formats, it is enough to simply connect the receiver to the reflector using a new head.

Meter Range Antenna. This is the oldest device for receiving a television signal, so the broadcast occurs exclusively in analog format. This type of broadcasting in early time will cease to exist, giving way to digital television. Since RTRD repeaters are far installed far from everywhere (in particular, they are missing in distant cities of small-free points), analog broadcasting has yet to demand from the population. Although there are only 10 channels, television in analog format, thanks to widespread, is available almost everywhere.

Antenna of decimeter broadcasting. a later generation receiver, so it can already be used to receive digital channels. According to the design and dimensions, such an antenna is similar to the receiver for analog broadcasting. It can safely serve to take high resolution ether, and completely free. It should be noted that digital television appeared relatively recently, so all channels are available yet. To enjoy a digital repeater, you should figure out how to connect the amplifier to the TV.

In order to properly connect the prefix to find out the view of the receiver

Plate for receiving a signal from a satellite. Such an antenna is used to receive both digital DVB-S2 and analog signal. Broadcasting from the satellite is carried out on gigahertz frequencies, so the signal can be caught at any point of the country because it is available.

Connecting a stereo system

Each user can connect the stereo system since this is an ordinary amplifier to which passive columns with different power indicators are connected. Connection is carried out through the tulip connector, but it will be better necessary to buy RCA and TRS adapters.

To connect the active columns to Smart TV, the corresponding cables must be used, otherwise the sound quality will be unsatisfactory.

Checking the quality of the signal

If there are interference after connecting the receiver and settings, then you need to check the quality of the signal to install which nodes caused the appearance of this problem. Press the “Info” button several times, the number of clicks directly depends on what exactly you use the receiver.

Two scales will appear on the TV screen. this is the main quality indicators of the digital TV signal. The parameter is not lower than 70%, otherwise the signal is weak, so you need to change the antenna position.

You must change the orientation of the antenna, and your assistant will follow the quality of the broadcast image at this moment. Once no interference disappears, fix the position of the antenna.

If in the process of checking the quality of the signal you noticed that the indicators of force and intensity exceed the mark of 70%, but there are interference, ripples, it means to reconfigure the receiver. It is possible that the problem arose due to the fact that you changed any settings of the console. Repeat the receiver settings, and then check the image quality again.

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