Connecting the TV to the Internet via router

How to connect the TV to the Internet: We use the phone, PC, Wi-Fi or cable

TV connected to an external network becomes more functional. If you have previously seen only the installed list of channels, now IP channels and the ability to communicate on social networks, watching movies and TV shows through the browser, as well as many other popular paid applications.

With a wired connection to TV listening to music will be at the highest level. In addition, the device can be connected to the device. Skype, Viber and other messengers. Of course, providing full-fledged functions such software can only if there is a installed WEB camera. Not all TVs boast such expanded capabilities. Some hardware does not support Flash Player, respectively, can only be used by default applications. A striking example of such TV is Sony Bravia Series KDL.

What you need to connect the TV to the Internet on the cable

To establish a wired connection, you need:

  • The provider cable that comes from an entrance or from the modem in your apartment, or the LAN cable (if we connect through the router);
  • TV with Smart TV and LAN connector;
  • router (if direct connection does not fit you);
  • Availability of Internet access (paid tariff);
  • Type of network. Find out the provider, with which protocol it works: Call technical support or look at your contract with the company. Protocol Options: PPPOE, L2TP, PPTP, Dynamic IP, Static IP.

Wi-Fi Router Adapter for Smart TV TV without built-in Wi-Fi Module

If the TV is provided by Smart TV, it is logical and the presence of a built-in Wi-Fi receiver. However, some models do not have it, which creates a dead-end situation: there is an application for work on the Internet, and access to it is closed.

The most applicable and convenient option remains to connect TV to the Internet without a built-in module. It is based on the fact that any router can be used as an adapter. it is necessary for work. Correct the situation as follows:

  • Purchase router. It is not necessary to buy a dear option. Totolink and Netis are recommended.
  • Configure the router in the adapter mode. the router or amplifier can be created initially, for example. You can leave the amplifier, the bridge mode is also suitable.
  • Connect the adapter and Smart TV via the network wire.
  • Internet connection is installed.

The meaning of this method is that Router receives information from the main network and transmits it to the TV through the network cable. It looks not cumbersome, but quite compact. only a router and a network cable need.

Configure TV connection to Wi-Fi

To connect to Wi-Fi network, you need to know its name (SSID) and password (if the network is closed).

Samsung Smart TV connection

This manual is designed to configure the Internet via Wi-Fi in Samsung TV models M, Q and LS Series. Network setting in Samsung Smart TV other series may differ from the proposed.

    You must log in to the Samsung Smart TV settings: To do this, press the HOME button on the remote control and select “Settings” on the TV screen.

In Samsung TV models, other menu series can look different

In the General menu you can configure other functions

Menu “Network” gives access to network TV settings

Here are the configurations of network settings for connecting to an available network

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You must select the internet connection used

Wireless selection is selected

To see which password you entered, check the box “Show. password”

If you have any problems with connecting network services, contact the provider

Connecting to an open Wi-Fi network is performed similarly, but without password entry.

Setting up LG TV

First of all, refer to the “User Guide” of your TV to make sure there is a built-in Wi-Fi receiver in your model. In the absence of the last connection, the connection is performed using the LG AN-WF100 branded adapter (which can be purchased separately).

    If there is an available wireless connection, the settings menu should appear “Setting the Network: Wireless”. Select it by clicking OK button on the remote control.

Before connecting, you must configure the access point

In the window that appears, select the desired connection method

Scanning can take some time

After confirming the selection of the protected access point, you will be prompted to enter a password

Additional information about network connections is also displayed

The manufacturer recommends the point of access point at a distance of at least one meter from LG Smart TV, so you can eliminate various kinds of interference and hardware conflicts.

Internet connection TV Sony Bravia

Before setting, you should make sure that your router distributes Wi-Fi. You can check it with any other device. Connecting a TV to Wi-Fi using the security key is carried out as follows.

    We go to the Sony Bravia menu, find the Network button. Office from the console: Home button, choice.

By scanning, determine the connection to Wi-Fi

The key is required for a secure connection

At the end of the settings you will be asked to save the entered data. It is necessary in order not to dial password every time.

what to do if there is no smarttv on TV

In this case, the TV can also be connected to the Internet, but not directly, but with the help of special. Consoles (usually, it is called “SmartTV Prefix. “).

  • View all popular video hosting: YouTube, Vimeo and T.D.;
  • communicate with relatives and friends of the network (with Skype, for example);
  • view video from flash drives, memory cards, external disks;
  • Install the applications you need (for example, from Google Play), and much more.

To help!

You can buy similar consoles in Chinese online stores. Question price: from 15 to 50 (on average).

The photo below shows a set of one of these “Smart” consoles. As you can see. Nothing cunning: “Babe”, HDMI cable, power supply and bullets.

As a rule, all connections are reduced to the fact that its output port must be connected to the HDMI port on TV.

Next, turning on the TV and the console, you must open the TV settings menu, and select the HDMI port to which the prefix is ​​connected.

After, TV will start displaying the menu of the console You will only have to configure the Internet on the console (via Wi-Fi or using a LAN cable, similarly as we did a little higher) and enjoy her work.

You can work with the Internet on TV. YouTube is!

Note: T.E., In fact, the prefix will be. “Intermediary” between TV and a network processing all your requests (download and play video, installing applications and T.D.). On the TV, the simple image is “served”. t.E. it will be as a regular screen

How to connect the TV to the Internet

To access the Internet, you need to decide what you have a TV model, and whether there is a built-in Wi-Fi module. There are several ways to connect the TV to the Internet:

  • on Wi-Fi network;
  • via network cable;
  • through a router;
  • with the help of a media plan;
  • with PC or laptop;
  • Using the WPS system;
  • Using PLC adapter.

All Smart TVs have built-in modules for a wired connection, so if you have such a TV, you do not have to buy additional devices or wires.

Using Wi-Fi Wireless Network

The use of a wireless network has two weighty advantages, due to which this method is optimal:

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But there is both minus: the unstable quality of the high-resolution streaming in the presence of wireless access points around.

connecting, internet, router

To connect the TV using a Wi-Fi network, you need to perform the following:

  • Enable TV panel and go to “Setting” settings.
  • Further log in to the “Network” tab and select “Network Connection”.
  • Next, the choice is provided with a cable connection or wireless way. Click “Configure Connection”.
  • In the list find your Wi-Fi, choose it and enter password.
  • Press “OK” and wait for the connection.
  • Upon completion, click “Finish” and you can use.

For some TV models, the configuration process will look different:

  • In the “Settings” click “Extended Settings”.
  • Further go to the “Network” point and click “Connecting to the Wi-Fi network”.
  • Select your Internet from the list and enter the password.

Of the minuses of the wireless solarium TV to the Internet, you can select the image instability when using cutting services, such as watching movies or IPTV television, as well as possible hangs when wireless channel.

Connecting through a network cable

To configure the Internet on the TV, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Stick to the LAN port on TV panels one end of the cable and the other in the router.
  • If, in addition to the TV panel, the computer will be connected to the Internet, then the splitter will be required.
  • Press the “Home” on the console, then “settings” and go to the item “Network”.
  • Select “Network Connection” and click “Connect to Wired Network”.
  • Connect through time.

Through the cable connected to the router

Router allows you to create a local network in the apartment to which you can connect phones, tablets, computer or laptop, as well as TV. To do this, you need to activate the DHCP server function in the settings of the mahruutizer, and then connect the TV panel automatically (all settings will be powered by default). To connect the TV through the router, you must use the network cable and do the following:

  • One end of the wire connect to the router in LAN port.
  • Free end of the cable from the router to stretch to the TV.
  • A window will open, which will report on the installation of the connection. Don’t do anything, it quickly closes.
  • On the TV Remote Control Select “Settings”.
  • In the Find Network menu and click “Ethernet Wire Connection”.

If you doubt whether you can connect the TV to the Internet via the modem on your own, then call the wizard.

Using a media recording

Modern media trading will allow you to connect the TV to the Internet quickly and without problems. Modern Android TV consoles have many advantages:

  • Comfortable inteeis;
  • compact view;
  • Many programs to choose from;
  • low cost;
  • Built-in popular custom programs.

The prefix can be connected to the Internet using a wire via LAN port. But as a rule, in modern Android consoles there is a built-in Wi-Fi-module that will allow you to use the wireless connection type.

Using a PC or laptop

You can use the TV as a large monitor by connecting it to a computer or laptop via DLNA. Thanks to this method, play and use graphic programs will be much more convenient and more comfortable.

To configure the DLNA, you will need a Smart Share program that downloads for free on the relevant resource and put on a computer. When installing, use standard auto-tunches and agree. After installing, perform:

  • On the computer’s notifications panel, right-click on the program icon and select the “Program Setup” item.
  • Put the switch to the position turned on, click “Apply”.
  • Thereby, access to files on the computer, and they can be displayed on your LG.

Using WPS system

Smart TV can work via the Internet using WPS. The user will need to perform a few simple actions:

  • Go to “Menu” and select “Connection”, then “Connection via WPC”.
  • For 2 minutes quickly press the button on the “WPC” router.
  • A second later, you will have a connection.

Using PLC adapter

PLC adapter is created to expand the existing local network in the house, but it will not be able to connect to the provider directly. Adapter allows without using cables to connect all gadgets to the Internet. It works as follows: the adapter is connected by the wireless method to the Internet and receives a signal from it, and then transfers to devices.

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Wired connection

Connecting through the cable is considered the most stable, it does not interfere with any interference. To do this, you will need a network cable and router. The only drawback can be considered the need to stretch the cable across the room. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, place the access point closer to the TV.

Automatic Obtaining IP

Usually the router distributes the IP addresses automatically. If you already use it on a PC, connect a TV and a router via the network cable, stuck one end in the TV connector, and the opposite. in the LAN port of the access point. If everything is successfully adjusted, the system will notify you about the successful connection. In election cases, the procedure should be launched manually. To do this, in the network settings, click “Configure Internet”, and wait until the installations are obtained and saved. Try to watch movies in YouTube to test performance.

Manual Connection Connection

Sometimes it can happen that the connection failed. By connecting the network cable, go to the network settings section. Options received from the router received from the router. If the Internet does not function with them and watch movies does not work, through the web inteeis of the router in the “Filtering on the MAC address” section, secure the permanent IP for TV. In the TV installations, select Manual Setup, type data from the router. Save the settings and check the performance.

Powerline Adapters (PLC)

You do not want to spoil the appearance of the room after repair, and the router does not get closer? Use a pair of PowerLine adapters. With their help, you can connect the TV with a router through the power grid without the need to lay the cable across the room. Stick one adapter into the outlet and connect to access point through a network cable. Another adapter stick to the second outlet and connect it already with a TV. The required conditions. stick directly into the outlet, and not to the extension, and so that no electrical equipment is connected between the adapters. Of the flaws, you can call a fairly high price, the average price of one device is at least 1000 p.

Wired connection

It is a wired connection is a priority to use. First, the data transfer rate in this case will be the maximum possible (from 100 Mbps and above), secondly, the response delay is minimum. And at the same time, the load on the router during active data transmission will be less. the other devices connected to this router will also work more stable.

To carry out a wired connection, you will need to purchase a “twisted pair” cable (sometimes referred to as “LAN cable”). This is an 8-pin wire, at the ends of which are RJ-45 connector.

It is worth considering that in each router there is a port for the RJ-45 connector, marked as “WAN” (and marked with yellow or white). Through it, connect the router and TV will not work, since this connector is intended only for connecting the cable to which the device “gets Internet”.

TV with internet and other unusual features begins to enter the daily life of the mass consumer. for televisions with access to the Internet will gradually crawl down. Today, no one is not surprising Wi-Fi in a TV or refrigerator.

Each user itself decides for itself, why in the TV provide the Internet connection function. The needs of people differ. For many people, the ability to enjoy video content from a large screen online, means time savings and high pleasure from watching television.

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