Customize channel frequency on TV

Setting up digital channels on TVs

Make sure the TV can receive digital channels. DVB-C digital tuner was supposed to. If the tuner is there, then perform auto-tuning of digital channels. In case the digital channels could not be found in the auto-tuning, use manual setting.

Information for manual adjustment of digital TV channels: frequencies: 322000; 330000; 338000; 346000; 354000; 362000; 370000; 378000; 386000; 394000; 402000; 410000; 418000; 426000 kHz. Symbolic speed: 6875 CS: Go / s. Modulation: 256 QAM.

It may be necessary in the TV settings to change the country. Depending on the brand and model of the TV, different countries may come. The choice of the following countries often solves the problem of setting up digital channels: Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands (other options are possible).

In the event that the digital channels could not be found using the TV setup, you should update the TV software (“firmware”). You can do it yourself, following the instructions attached to the TV, or find the appropriate update information on the manufacturer’s official website. Also, Nestursvyaz JSC recommends contacting this issue in the relevant service centers in. Nizhnevartovsk.

It is recommended to periodically update the lists of digital channels.

Instructions for setting up digital channels on the console purchased in North.

with frequencies 330.00, 338.00; 346.00; 354.00; 362.00; 370.00; 378.00; 386.00; 394.00; 402.00; 410.00; 418.00; 426.00 MHz

In the event of the “Switching channels, updates appeared?”Select No. (Otherwise, it is necessary to search for television channels anew to paragraphs 1-6).

Instructions for setting up digital channels on the console

Select “Search in the range” and click OK;

Search TV channels will be performed automatically.

Types of television signals

Analog TV is quite old and rarely used. Its essence is as follows: The signal is transmitted from the television station to the antenna, which broadcasts the picture and sound on the TV.

Advantages disadvantages
Any TV can take analog broadcasting Low image quality
An image and sound is even with a weak signal A little canals
Large reception radius Frequent interference

Digital television is transmitted and television or radio center to the antennas and receivers. It is almost no different from the analog. Digital broadcasting can be transmitted via cable or satellite, in which case more channels are broadcast.

Advantages disadvantages
High quality image and sound Expensive (450 against 370 competitors)
telepremium. This is due to binary coding, when several TV channels are broadcast on one frequency If the station is far away, then the picture on TV can distort or disappear
Noise resistance, T.E. The signal comes to the TV in the same quality as sent All TVs can receive digital broadcasting, so you need to change TV or purchase a special console

In analog TV, when interference, the picture is superimposed on the sound.

In addition, there are different types of airborne broadcasting: cable, satellite, essential television and Internet.

Cable. signal to TV is transmitted via cable. This uses a special coaxial wire for which broadcasting is carried out on TV.

When connecting cable TV and Internet, two different cables are used.

customize, channel, frequency

Cable television can be analog and digital. The latter view is used more often due to high quality image and large number of channels.

Digital TV is better for the provider, When non-payment services subscribers can not watch TV. What you can not say about analog.

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For digital cable TV, a special console or TV with support for this type of broadcast is used. The disadvantage of this type of broadcast is the insufficient prevalence, which makes it impossible to connect it in the villages and villages.

Internet broadcasting is also available only in the city. In this case, the connection of the home Internet is required from the operator through the router. In this case, the subscriber receives high-quality broadcasting, a large number of different TV channels and the ability to choose a suitable tariff plan.

Satellite broadcasting is carried out by receiving the signal to the “plate” from the satellite, and it transmits it to a TV or console. So that the image and sound are high quality, it is necessary to correctly install the antenna and pick it up.

  • Many TV channels.
  • The ability to install an antenna far from the city, broadcasting through satellite.
  • You can configure paid channels, as well as additional free.
  • Large equipment and installation costs.
  • Permanent service required.
  • The signal may be distorted due to bad weather conditions.

Another type of television broadcasting is interactive. Today it is often used. In essence, this is an additional service provider, t.E. Access to the catalog with films, serials, etc. The main difference is that it is possible to put broadcasting by pause, turn back or record.

Setting up digital channels

To configure 20 digital channels on your TV, you need to make several actions in the TV settings menu.To do this, take the console and press the menu button. In different models of the TV, it can be called differently. For example, for Smart TV, you must click the Home button.

The site provides instructions for setting up different brands of televisions such as Dexp, Doxung, Samsung, Akai, Philips, Thomson, Sharpe and DR. For convenience, you can use the search on the site.

Automatic search

This is the easiest way to configure digital airtal television on your TV.

  • Go to the TV menu, go to the channel section.
  • Select an antenna reception mode, ether or DVB-T2. It is necessary to choose these options, since they denote the essential digital TV.
  • Next, select the auto parts of the channels.
  • Type of CVTV or DTV channels for search Only numbers.
  • Click OK and wait for the end of the setting it may take some time.

Manual channel search

Almost all TVs have the ability to configure the channel in manual mode. To do this, you need to know the frequency of your multiplexes. You can find it on the RTP website by choosing an interactive map. After that, choose your location and click on the computer icon. You will be shown the frequency of the first and second package of RTP channels indicating the frequency.

After you learned the frequency go to the TV menu.

  • Find the menu item Channels.
  • Do not forget to set the ether mode.
  • Next search Section manual tuning, Fir You have a Philips TV. You need a test test point.
  • Here just drive the desired frequency and run scanning after the channels will be found save them.
  • Further drive the following frequency of the second channel multiplex.

As you can see a manual search for digital channels is very simple and fast, thereby won’t take much of your time.

Setting LG

In order to install cable channels on the TV Elji old models, you must definitely change the country, as when choosing a country, Russia, the DVB-C format will not be available and for its inclusion it is necessary to put Finland or Germany in the TV parameters. After this you can configure digital channels.

  • Go to the menu, click on the autotopoisk, selecting Cable TV.
  • You will be provided with a list of operators, select your own, if not, be sure to click on the other.
  • Choose a complete search
  • Put a tick on digital channels.
  • Click on OK and wait for the search.
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customize, channel, frequency

Detailed instructions for setting up the TV in pictures

In order to find on the menu section for TV settings, refer to the instructions of the TV. You need to find a menu with a line of automatic channel search and start searching. It is usually called as follows: “Menu” / “Menu”. Setting the channels / Channel. “Auto-tuning”. TV will clean up memory and write channels present in the cable network.

If you could not configure your TV on your own independently, you can order the wizard setting on a fee on your home by phone.

How to set up a TV automatically

Comment. The images below show the screen photos of the TV. Image quality made by the camera, much worse than the real image on the TV screen due to camera features.

Setup is given example of the Samsung Plano TV. If you have a TV of another brand, the menu items name and the buttons may differ (cm. Instructions for your TV).

To enter the TV settings, press the MENU button on the console. A text with the names of the TV menu sections will appear on the TV screen. To go up and down and left-right in the TV menu, use arcuate buttons with the image of triangles, placed near the circle (in the photo around the ENTER button). To increase or decrease any parameter, use the volume buttons and to exit the menu or return to the previous menu. Use the TV or EXIT button.

Entering the menu, you get into the image settings section. To go to the settings of television channels, use the down-up buttons and scroll down until the top will appear the channel phrase, and the side of the satellite antenna will be highlighted on the left.

Now go to the right-hand part of the menu using the right button to the right. After that, the automotive phrase should be highlighted.

customize, channel, frequency

To start the auto-tuning again, press the button with the arrow right. Postpone the console aside and wait until the progress scale comes to 100%. It will take about 5 minutes. During the channel scanning on the screen, there will be something to appear on the screen, you will disappear channels and change the channel meter in the corner of the screen. Do not interrupt the configuration process!

Exit the TV menu by clicking the EXIT or TV button. TV can be found! If necessary, you can go to manual distribution of channels in the order in which it is familiar to you for you, as well as remove channels going with strong interference or duber channels.Congratulations, now you can use Ivanteev cable TV.

And once again we remind you that by going to modern digital television you will receive the following advantages:

Does not lose the signal quality if transmitted to very remote distances;

The image can not be glare, “snow”, distortion of pictures and other common, when viewing analog television, disadvantages;

Ability to connect channels in HD quality. It was safe to put this item first with the list, as the high-definition image is a dream of any viewer that has a large diagonal of the TV screen.

It can be said that the main difference of analog and digital television is the excellent quality of the last. And the TVs are distinguished by the presence or absence of a special digital receiver for receiving a digital signal.

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Setting up Smart TV on modern TVs

We live in the “Smart” technician era. Refrigerators, washing and dishwashers, TVs. Smart TV function. This is an innovative technology that is completely dependent on the Internet. It allows you to convert a regular TV to a full-fledged computer with which you can make purchases in online stores, view news on information resources and enjoy your favorite high quality transmissions.

Leading household appliances manufacturers create full-fledged operating shells for their Smart TVs, while many other brands use Android, Linux and Windows for these purposes. Customize television channels in Smart TV using special applications.

Setting up digital channels for 10 minutes

All the above settings are obtained by photographing the TV screen. Therefore, the quality of the television signal on the basis of these pictures should not be judged.

Press the [SETTINGS] button on the TV. The screen will appear on the screen left with the menu sections. Buttons with arrogers [up]. [down] Select channels and click on the remote control [OK]. Then in the right screen menu, select Autopoysk.

Set the input source, t.E. From where the TV will scan the channels. In the case of cable television, Ivanteevka choose the essential TV or antenna and cable TV and press further.

At the next stage, from the cable television supplier, select Other Operators.

Now you need to set the frequency range to scan the channels of Ivanteev digital television. For the winter of 2020, the parameters are as follows: Initial frequency. 290,000 kHz, final frequency. 600,000 kHz, network ID. Auto. Current frequency range can be found on the channel list page.

Set the digital channel search options. For cable TV, select only digital if you want to watch only digital channels on TV, or remove this tick if you want to receive conventional analog channels. Then click [Run].

Once you have pressed the [Run] button starts the longest stage. search for all channels. You can safely postpone the television of the TV for 5-10 minutes and do something else.

Once all channels are found, the autopoisk will be completed. You can click the [Close] or [Finish] button.

Everything is ready! You can flip the channels, watch or just rejoice at the fact that you have just been able to customize the TV for receiving digital television in Ivanteevka in 10 minutes without someone else’s assistance.

How the digital TV broadcast frequency is established?

The process is identical to almost all models of receivers. May differ only:

At the same time, the algorithm is approximately similar for TVs of all companies. If the device supports the well-established DVB-T2 standard, then no problems have to arise with its setting. It is enough just to turn the cable to the TV and make the necessary manipulations.

You have a known channel frequency for manual digital TV tuning, but you use an outdated device? In this case, you should use a special console.

How to watch local channels

When moving to digital TV, all local TV channels continued to broadcast in analog format, the exception of the news of the GTRK. Therefore, if you want to watch local programs on your Samsung TV, you need to configure analog channels.

Therefore, when installing the channels, choose the item Digital and Analog. After the scanning passes you can watch both the digit and analog. To go from one format to another, you just need to duplicate the channel number by pressing the button again.

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