Find off phone via Google

Can I find a phone if it is turned off

Find off the phone is impossible if not only the SIM card was seized from it, but also the battery. But if the device is still inclusive, the owner has a chance to find it both independently and with the help of law enforcement agencies.

The discharged smartphone should be traced, if it is in the off state. In what cases the search for the device is possible:

In other cases, track Android, which does not send any signals to the operator or points of access to the Internet, is impossible. At least the ordinary user is available only to the mentioned options.

But if the smartphone is still in working condition, the user is available to tracking methods:

When contacting law enforcement agencies, it is necessary to make sure that the phone is not at home. If the lost cell will be there, the owner can write a fine.

Google Find My Device

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Find My Device is the official Google tool to track the lost phone or tablet on Android, it does not need to be installed. All you need to do. go to the Find My Device website using your Google Account. The site will automatically try to determine the location of your phone.

In the recent update, Google introduced new features on the search page: You can quickly find any registered device on Android directly in the search results, as usual you are looking for any information. If you enter the phrase “where my phone”, Google displays a small map above the search results.

Track the lost device can be from someone else’s phone. This uses the Find My Device application. There are included using the guest mode and the account in Google. Now you can track the lost device, make it call or delete data.

You cannot find your Android in this way? It can be 2 reasons: it is not connected to the Internet or disabled.

How to track Android phone via Google Maps

Google cards received a new addition called “Show where I”. It has become part of the official application and helps determine the location of the Android phone. The function builds the program movement schedules along the route, marking points. To connect this method of tracking movements, you must perform the following steps:

  • Install on the Google Map smartphone.
  • Open the main menu and go to the application.
  • Activate the “Show where I” function, set the tracking interval.
  • Specify the phone number or mail.
  • To track or espionage, you need to open Google MEPS, start the section “Show where I”. Select the device of interest from the list and see the result of the route.

Another interesting function from Google to track the phone is called “Chronology”. It will not help track real-time user. Used to see where a person has been for a certain period of time, works by analogy with the tracker on the machines. For this, you must perform the following actions:

  • Open Google Maps under the Account to which the phone is tied;
  • Click on the item “Chronology”;
  • Specify the required period for viewing: year, month, day;
  • Wait for the formation of results.

Other ways to search for the phone at home and on the street

The easiest way to independently find the lost tube is to return to the place where the loss was discovered. Perhaps she fell out of his in the grass. Look for it on the desktop, look into the table boxes, visit the Colleague Cabinet. If she is lost at home, use the service “Find Device” from Google. Activate the call, and you will hear where the lost tube is losing. Use the same way when searching for the phone on the street. he will reveal an attacker.

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Keep your smartphone in the inner s of the clothes. it is impossible to climb there. Well protect against theft anti-corrugated backpacks. Holding a handset in a working bag, keep your hand over. it will help you feel that someone tries to climb into it. Do not leave a smartphone in prominent places, including on an office table or on a table in a cafe. Also accept preventive measures. set the software for remote lock and search.


The application will help find the lost phone disconnected from the Internet. Management is carried out online and via SMS. If the attacker establishes another SIM card, the application will report new number. There is a function remote switching on the GPS SMS-command. enable, get the exact coordinates of the tube.

  • Leads the log of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Records Sound from Microphone.
  • Submits a loud signal on the team. help find the phone in the crowd of people.
  • Tracks smartphone on the map.

All operations are carried out secretly, the attacker will notice anything. Lack of application. ROOT rights are required, Installing and configuring only advanced users.

CM Security: Protection and Antivirus

This application does not know how to look for lost phones. But it will be able to prevent an attempt to turn off the smartphone or translate it into the airrest. In response to these actions, the device will turn on a loud beep, issuing an attacker. Also, the application will give a signal with an unauthorized attempt to pull the smartphone from the

Functional paid. 75 USD / month. When paying for the year, the cost of the month will be 27.42 USD.

How to find an Android smartphone if he lost

Immediately after the first turn on the phone, find the item “Find Device” in the settings. You can do this through the search in the settings or passing the “Settings. Security. Find Device”. In some models, the path may differ, so it is better to go through the search.

So the setting looks on Honor 20 Pro

If you are all done correctly, you can go to a special site, log in to Google account and find your gadget if it is online. Even if not, it can be noted as the missing, and then when connecting to the network you can find it on the map. However, if you have stolen it, and not just you lost it, then the chances of finding the device will not be very high.

Third-party gadget search applications

We will analyze work in 3 popular services to find a lost phone.

All these applications will help if you have improved in advance and installed one of them.

Lost Android or Lost Android

The setting consists of several stages:

  • Ask him the administrator rights of the device. it will be needed to block or destroy all information
  • It is also necessary to allow software to enter the browser inteeis

The whole search process will pass through the browser on a computer using Google Account.

The application is equipped with advanced features, and can help:

  • When dialing and turning on vibration
  • To locate
  • Reading all SMS messages or sending new
  • Defining the location of the device in the network zone (on or off)
  • You can activate the work of Wi-Fi, a flash, to redirect incoming calls to another machine, open the list of incoming and outgoing connections, the history of viewing the pages in the browser and much more
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You can even make a hidden image of the posterior or front camera of the lost device. And one who she is, nothing will suspect anything.

Rear camera snapshot

Some options The Android OS developer is already included in the functionality of smartphones, but the options of this program are much wider.

In this video, it is told how to install a program on a stooled phone and how to find a lost device.

Service Avast Anti-Theft

Many use avast anti-virus software. And we must know that the company is actively engaged in the problems of protecting mobile devices, so this software has been created.

  • With the first activation of the application, the message about the protection of the entire system from the invasion is highlighted; for this, the code you have invented.
  • To work, you must bind the software with the number of the mobile phone, and specify the additional number of another subscriber.
  • Provide administration permission, since it will only be possible to use useful features.
  • After the smartphone got into other people’s hands, and the attackers noticed that they were watching them, the application could not be removed because it would be necessary to enter the code that the kidnifers probably do not know.
  • Remotely via software can be turned on geolocation, it will help determine the location where the mobile phone is.

But otherwise, the work of Avast Anti-Theft is standard, you can get through, determine where the stolen device is located, block or erase all data.

The web control of the phone from the computer is carried out by reference: https: // My.Avast.COM / RU-RU / # Devices

However, the developers are offered a paid version in which the functionality is much wider than in the standard and free option. The cost of low, if there is a need to protect information at the loss of the device, then you can consider this option.

AIRDROID. Mobile Phone Search

You can find the phone using the Airdroid program. Synchronized with Web Version. The principle of use is similar to the above applications.

How to install, connect and use all application functions described earlier in the article.

Block the device

Blocking the stolen phone is carried out through the above service. Log in, select the device, click “Block the phone”. Specify in the blocking settings a message that highlights on the locked device screen. It also indicates the feedback number with the owner. Also enter the unlock password. Click the “Block” button. all further steps with the device will be impossible.

The above service works via the Internet. If it is disabled, blocked or clean the phone will not work. The attacker will fulfill the overall reset and can use the tube, no matter how it happens. Exit from the situation. the appeal to the police. This will require the owner’s passport, a box from the phone and a check from the store. The IMEI codes are indicated on the box and check. they need police to send a request to operators.

After a time, the operators will return the answer. it is indicated, whose SIM card is installed in the smartphone at the moment. It is this person (even if he is innocent) will answer before the law. The stolen device will return his legal owner. Please note that the police can find not only a smartphone, but also a simple phone.

Police does not like appeals on stolen mobile phones, although they have all the tools for finding threaded tubes.

How to use “Find iPhone”?

Lost iPhone? Do not worry if the “Find iPhone” function was activated on the device, you can find your mobile phone on the map in short time using the instructions below:

  • If you select “Play Sound” mode, your devices will set out the alarm sounds, and a window with alert appears on the screen.
  • In the next window, specify the phone number that will be displayed on the iPhone screen. In many cases, the attackers themselves call and offer to return the device for the remuneration.
  • Setting the “Disposable Mode” function is completed, it remains to activate. As soon as the function turns on, you will see an orange inscription in the upper left corner of the window.
  • After the iPhone device was found, disconnect the “Privacy Mode” function. To do this, click on the “Disposable Mode” function, and click on the “Get out of the disappearance mode”.
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Phone search applications

If for some reason you do not want to use regular search tools or you need additional functionality, it is worth paying attention to third-party phone tracking applications. Often they are not free and work on a monthly fee. However, it should be. Otherwise, it is worth thinking why the developers of such a useful application suddenly turned out to be such generous.

Sometimes you need to look for not only the phone, but also a person

And they will store all your data necessary to search for the phone, on your server. This is also worth thinking. After all, someone will always be aware of your location. Be sure to carefully read the privacy policy before registering if you decide to use a third-party application.

How to find out where family members are

Again, before determining the location of another person, even a family member, it is worth finding out if he will not be against. He must be at least a course of tracking its location.

LIFE360: Family locator, GPS tracker. a free app, designed for families, allows you to track where all members of your family are located, defining the location of their phones. Thus, even if one of the participants lose his phone or something will happen to him, others can instantly find out where he is.

It will be useful not only in the city, but also in a hike, when with a person can happen something and it will be necessary to come to his help. However, to send a location it will be necessary to connect to a network that can not be found in the forest or in the mountains, but sometimes finding a person will be significantly easier.

Phone Protection Application

CERBERUS PHONE SECURITY is created to prevent the stealing data from the stolen phone. If you are worried about the fact that your phone will steal or you lose it, and someone will pick it up, Cerberus can be the best application for you.

It offers many security features that allow you to get remote access to a lost or stolen device. You can turn on the beep, delete the data, block the device and even make photos from the front camera to detect thieves.

This application can also be used as a family locator with various functions for adults and children. It is not free, but, as I said above, it should be. Otherwise, the data on movement can be used against you.

Where’s My Droid is a phone search application

Where’s My Droid is a free app (but with paid features) to search for your phone. It allows you to search for your device, send a command to publish sound, take a photo of the area, track the location of the GPS, install the password and in the most extreme case erase all the data.

This is a powerful tool, but not completely free.

Please note that most of these features are available only for paid participants, so you probably have to spend some money to get the maximum return from this application.

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