Gone contacts on Android how to restore

Gone contacts on the phone Orro what to do how to restore numbers

On this page we will see what to do if contacts are disappeared on the OPPO phone how to restore. Consider possible reasons for the disappearance of numbers from the phone and solving the problem.

If suddenly, some contacts disappeared on the phone, some contacts and numbers do not mean that they are 100% deleted and need to restore, perhaps you or someone else who used the phone by chance in the settings hid them and simply turn on the display of all contacts. And yet, we do not deny that the reason for the loss of contacts from the phone may be in removing numbers or move to the Google server, so you still find links to pages with contact instructions. Also read Комментарии и мнения владельцев under the article, perhaps someone has already shared a solution to the problems with the contacts just for your case.

Let’s see how to find out if the contact filter is enabled due to which all numbers are displayed on the phone. Open “Contacts” on the phone. At the top, click on the open “menu” button in the form of two points. In the menu that opens, go to “Settings” as shown on the screenshot attached below.

In the settings there will be a contact management where we need to open the “Display contacts” item as shown on the screen attached below (it is possible to rewind the menu.

Now we need to configure the display of contacts and maybe the missing numbers will be restored, that is, will be visible again in the phone book. To do this, we need to install the contacts in front of the “All Contacts” item after which the phonebook will be seen all the contacts saved in the phone, SIM cards and from other places, for example, whatsapp. Look at the screenshot attached below.

You can also go to the configure item where you can set your contact display option. If you have turned on the display of all contacts, but the missing numbers did not appear, then follow this link to another page where you will find all possible ways to restore contacts on Android, where you will also find the left Комментарии и мнения владельцев that really helped in solving problems with the loss of contacts on Phone.

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Recovery using third-party programs

Docted contacts on Android. how to restore them with third-party programs? To do this, find a suitable software in the PlayMarket Application Catalog. Applications here are a lot. this is MobileDev360, Restore Contacts, Deleted Contacts and many others.

Please note that part of these applications is focused on finding remote and damaged contacts, and the other part performs the function of preserving contacts in the backup with their subsequent restoration.

In our case, since the contacts disappeared due to unidentified reasons, we need applications to restore remote contacts, as we do not have any backup. By the way, the idea with the storage of the backup is quite good. pay special attention to it.

Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android

Restore accidentally or rashly remote contacts on Android using this application distributed in conventional-free mode, as follows:

IMPORTANT: For successful recovery of contacts that disappeared from the phone on Android, the user who choose this or two subsequent ways will need to pre-get root-rights.

How to add a new record

To add a new contact, click on the right below the round pink button “Create”.

Fill all the necessary user information. To view all available fields for filling, click “”. Then click “Save”.

This window will open, with the data just created, click on the cross to close it.

After you add a new entry to the account, it will automatically appear in the phone book on the smartphone. This is provided that the contact synchronization is enabled with Google Account on the device (we will talk about below).

All added records can be divided into groups. Expand the corresponding item in the left menu. In the example, it is alone, and three users have been added to it. the figure in brackets. If you want to add a new, press “Create a group”.

To add a user to the group, hover over it and click on three vertical points, this is the “” button. From the drop-down list, click on the name of the desired group.

There are two more buttons: “Add a note”. the record will appear at the very beginning of the list, “edit”. the window will open to change the contact.

After selecting a group, a check mark appears in front of it, and in the list of left the number of users incoming in it will increase.

If you hover the mouse cursor to the group name, the buttons will appear using which you can edit the name or delete it. When choosing any of them, a list of users who enter it will open. To remove a person, tap opposite it to the point and remove the tick that will stand near the group name.

Useful contacts to restore contacts

If the methods described above have not led to a successful solution to the problem, you can use third-party utilities that act according to the similar algorithm. The fact is that even with careless removal, the number is not erased from the device’s memory, but go to the “hidden reserve”. Through special functions, programs can be removed from there, and return to the previous place. The following applications are considered the following applications.

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Super Backup Pr

The application is convenient because it has an intuitive inteeis and does not require root access. You can download it from the official site. Even the beginner will cope with her use.

After starting, select “Contacts”. The Restore button must appear on the screen by clicking on which the process of returning subscriber numbers in the directory settled for this. Full instructions are presented below.

Easeus Mobisaver

The utility helps to return not only lost contacts, but also photos and video materials.

  • The program needs to be installed on PC, after which you connect your smartphone to it.
  • Run the utility and click on the “Start” key.
  • Allow login to the phone operating system.
  • Run the scanning process, as a result of which the “Contacts” section appears on the screen.
  • From the list you need to select the current and click on the “Restore” button.

gone, contacts, android, restore

The program allows you to return even old contacts, but all operations are performed for a specific fee. Who does not fit this option, it is worth contacting the help of other utilities.

How to restore the correct display of contacts in the phone book

Setting the correct display can be salvation, since the problem may be in incorrect setting. It can just provoke a device to hide contacts, and the user will think that the problem is in the phone itself or in viruses, but clearly not in the settings.

gone, contacts, android, restore

The first step is that the most checked settings. The main thing is to establish the right paths. It can be like a SIM card, like the phone itself. To configure the display of contacts, it is worth:

  • Open “Contacts” on your mobile device and go to the Settings section.note! On different Android systems, different settings programs. It can be like an icon in the video “Gears” and in the form of “three points”. Focus standing on your system.
  • After switching to the settings, we find and click on the “Parameters” section;
  • Going to it, allow the device to show all the contacts that can be on the phone and on the SIM card;
  • We look at the proposed list of contacts and choose only those that really need, in order not to clog memory and phone with unnecessary information.

This method will help to configure the display of contacts. If the contact sheet did not appear, it is enough to restart the device.

Refresh page with reviews Author: Mikhail 21-12-2021 08 hour. 18 min.Message: First on / off Flight mode. nothing has changed. Then I went into the filter, so it was “all”, then I clicked the following after “all” (it turned out to be telegrams), came back into contacts, then returned to the filter and again put “everything”. and then the contacts returned this helped it!! Thank you! Posted by: Tatiana 05-10-2021 20 hours. 08 min.Message: Thanks for the advice! Filter contacts included in contacts, I had contacts only in one SIM card, I installed a tick on the second SIM card and everything recovered! Posted by: Ivan 09-06-2021 17 hour. 22 min.Message: Thank you very much, helped 2 way Posted by: VTA 04-06-2021 16 hour. 00 min.Message: All contacts disappeared after updating Posted by: Irina Muravyova 08-04-2021 21 hours. 34 min.Message: I tried several of the above methods. nothing helped. I decided to just restart the phone. And “about the miracle” everything is in place 🙂 Posted by: Larisa 27-03-2021 21 hours. 58 min.Message: I went to the filter, I went to the “Viber”, went back to the contacts, went into the filter again, pressed “all” and contacts appeared. This advice has read you on the site, thank you Posted by: Masha 27-03-2021 21 hours. 30 min.Message: I do not go. SMS ? WHAT SHOULD I DO. PAMAGITE PZ Posted by: Gulu 27-03-2021 16 hour. 44 min.Message: Turn on the flight mode and turn off back to contact the contacts. Personally helped me helped me. Author: Ry 25-12-2020 20 hours. 45 min.Message: Contacts disappeared on vivo y12. Make a screen swipe from left to right, at the top will appear a system search string. Write “Contacts”, in extradition there will be something like “Contact Management”, click on them and then simply check the checkbox to display the desired contacts. (There you will understand on the fact), as the systems may differ. But the point is the same. Author: Vadim 30-09-2020 09 hour. 43 min.Message: Thank you very much, I really helped your advice on the first way in the filter of contacts. I decided my problem, which appeared after updating the program, there were only rooms from Google’s memory Posted by: Angelica 16-08-2020 23 hours. 08 min.Message: Thank you! Disabled synchronization and rebooted the phone, contacts returned. It was helped by disabling synchronization, when it simply rebooted the effect was not. Samsung Galaxy S7. Posted by: Natalia 20-06-2020 13 hour. 04 min.Message: Thank you. Helped the flight mode on / off. It was not able to cope so quickly and simply, thanks again. Posted by: Allamyrat 08-02-2020 09 hour. 59 min.Message: Thank you. Helped Flight Mode On / Off Author: Egor 15-01-2020 09 hour. 42 min.Message: Thanks for the article, really helped, restored all contacts. Posted by: Tanyusha 03-01-2020 13 hour. 24 min.Message: Thank you. Android 4, Senseit. Help- Open the contacts. there is a line of my profile, or user settings, or up to. Something- if you press and hold the menu window with strings: all contacts, SIM, phone, settings, there is a typing method along arrows down next to each line to choose what you need Posted by: Arslan 28-10-2019 20 hour. 44 min.Message: I lost all contacts in my phone how to be Posted by: Alena 11-10-2019 22 hours. 08 min.Message: Contacts disappeared, helped the reboot of the phone and all appeared. Posted by: Lyudmila 04-09-2019 12 hour. 08 min.Message: I helped the way on.Then OFF.Flight Mode.All missing contacts appeared again. Thanks Edgar! Posted by: Maria 28-08-2019 12 hour. 03 min.Message: Thank you very much! Now all contacts are displayed))) Posted by: Yuri 08-08-2019 09 hour. 54 min.Message: Settings-google-restoration of contacts-restore (from backup) Posted by: Danil 05-08-2019 16 hour. 07 min.Message: Enabled and turned off the flight mode. On Android 7 Posted by: Victor 10-07-2019 11 hour. 30 min.Message: Thank you and Edgar. His advice helped! Posted by: Zhandos 06-07-2019 06 hour. 35 min.Message: Contacts The number has disappeared as VOSTAnavit? Posted by: Zoya 20-06-2019 22 hours. 13 min.Message: Helped the flight mode-enable, turn off. Thanks! Posted by: Olga 10-06-2019 08 hour. 37 min.Message: Thank you very much. Helped reviews, disabled sync. Posted by: Vladimir Safronov 30-05-2019 15 hours. 57 min.Message: Switch on-off mode in flight and removed the synchronization in Viber. Everything recovered. Thanks friends. Posted by Andrey 28-05-2019 15 hour. 52 min.Message: Flight mode did not help. Helped Disable Internet = Switch Contacts on WhatsApp = Turn off the phone = Enable phone = Enable all contacts. (Well, to turn on the Internet, it did not change the list of contacts) Posted by: Vova 03-05-2019 23 hours. 03 min.Message: Contacts also disappeared, ON Flight mode for a few seconds, then off, contacts appeared: Prestigio Android 7, thanks to Edgar Author: Oksana 25-04-2019 23 hours. 48 min.Message: Thank you very much! Helped the advice to enable flight mode. Turned on. Contacts appeared.turned off. It seems everything is in place. magic. not otherwise. Posted by: Vladimir 23-04-2019 19 hours. 09 min.Message: Pomor Flight Mode, Telephone Leagoo M9. thanks for the advice Posted by: Ekaterina 13-04-2019 07 hour. 35 min.Message: Uraa, flight mode helped! Thank you very much))) Phone DooGee X60L Author: Alexander 27-03-2019 17 hours. 20 minutes.Message: incl. OFF. Flight mode immediately helped. Thanks a lot!))) Android bq. 5202 Space Lite Posted by: Elena 27-03-2019 12 hour. 51 min.Message: Thank you! Flight mode helped :)! Posted by: Elena 19-03-2019 20 hours. 20 minutes.Message: Yes. Flight mode is cool. Helped. Thank you guys. Posted by: Maxim 19-03-2019 03:00. 10 minutes.Message: Thank you, I on / off flight mode and contacts returned Posted by: Elena 07-03-2019 23 hours. 06 min.Message: Helped “Flight Mode”. Thanks a lot! Posted by: Tatiana 02-03-2019 21 hours. 30 min.Message: phone LG.General Google Settings-Restore Contacts-backup Device. Everything recovered.Thanks. Posted by: Valdisa 28-02-2019 21 hours. 06 min.Message: Thank you! and then broke his head)) Posted by: Irina 23-02-2019 13 hour. 13 min.Message: I also helped to off the flight mode thanks to all Posted by: Sergey 20-02-2019 15 hour. 42 min.Message: Thank you very much on my Hom Tom S8 Contacts hidden after switching on and off the aircraft. Posted by: Vladimir 13-02-2019 17 hours. 42 min.Message: Thank you! Through on / off the flight mode, all contacts returned. Posted by: Artyom 01-02-2019 10 hour. 59 min.Message: There is still a nuance. Google contact web intees There are “Other Contacts” menu. I got a couple of contacts in this section. I do not know why. In the search for web intees they were displayed, and the phone. No. To transfer them to a general list, you need to highlight and click “Add to Contacts“.After that, they will appear in the main list and synchronized into the phone. Posted by: Vitaly 10-01-2019 12 hour. 39 min.Message: Phone Alcatel X3, pulled out the SIM speech inserted and all contacts appeared. Posted by: Andrey 05-01-2019 19 hours. 33 min.Message: Thank you!OFF.Ink.really helped recover contacts. Happy New Year everyone. Posted by: Aleksey 04-01-2019 18 hour. 26 min.Message: Enable and disable the flight mode really helped. Contacts recovered. There is some kind of SIM processor failure! Posted by: Alina 24-12-2018 13 hour. 56 min.Message: For BQ, it did not come out Posted by: Arthur 23-12-2018 19 hours. 55 min.Message: I have a Prestigio phone. Periodically disappear numbers in contacts. What to do? Posted by: Galina 13-12-2018 20 hours. 45 min.Message: Again the infection turned off. Rearranged SIM card to another cell. Disconnected and Wi-Fi and synchronization before this. Now I’m afraid to breathe. Posted by: Ramin 13-12-2018 20 hours. 23 min.Message: So that the contacts do not disappear by yourself you need to disable synchronization in the settings. Posted by: Galina 13-12-2018 20 hours. 15 minutes.Message: And I turned off Wi-Fi (but I did not think about it) and all the phones disappeared. That I just did. But then I took it turned on again Wi-Fi and everything appeared. I now, it is impossible to disable Wi-Fi? Phone Siami Redmi 6-A Posted by: Sergey 13-12-2018 19 hours. 03 min.Message: Distribute all contacts in the Simka filter disappears in the filter. I turn on everything. Nothing is displayed SMS Posted by: Evgeny 08-12-2018 21 hours. 07 min.Message: Thank you Edgar, flight mode on. Incl.And contacts appeared. Posted by: Vitaly 30-11-2018 22 hours. 23 min.Message: ON / OFF DOOGEE X60L flight mode. Polyna 17-11-2018 21 hours. 53 min.Message: Zenfon 4 helped me: contacts, settings, accounts, menu, remove synchronization tick. Thank you very much for the advice Polyna 17-11-2018 21 hours. 52 min.Message: Zenfon 4 helped me: contacts, settings, accounts, menu, remove synchronization tick. Thank you very much for the advice Posted by: Yuri 30-10-2018 18 hour. 11 min.Message: Helped Posted by: Igor 25-10-2018 23 hours. 34 min.Message: Disclosure of the list of contacts helped on and off the flight mode. phone homtom s7 Android 7.0 Posted by Ksefokam 22-10-2018 17 hours. 41 min.Message: Thank you. I went into contacts, in the settings chose “everything”, then again “all”. Contacts returned))) Posted by: Olya 22-10-2018 13 hour. 34 min.Message: OGROOO.OMOBYY THANKS! Helped! Edgar wrote Flight Mode On / Off. Everything recovered Posted by Misha 19-10-2018 00 hour. 36 min.Message: Rearrangement of SIM cards in another slot. Posted by: Stela 06-10-2018 22 hours. 40 min.Message: Bought the phone BlackView BV6000.Property contacts with SIM card. Helped Council Edgar.Thank you Posted by: Natalia 03-10-2018 20 hours. 48 min.Message: Helped a flight. Thanks to Edgar! Author: Alexander 02-10-2018 13 hour. 43 min.Message: Helped advice from Edgar, about incl.\ OFF. Flight Mode. Thanks a lot. Posted by: Kirill 29-09-2018 14 hours. 18 min.Message: Just thank you Posted by: Irior 10-09-2018 14 hour. 42 min.Message: I tried all the above options other than synchronization and contacts appeared. Thanks Posted by: Maxim 06-09-2018 07 hour. 06 min.Message: Hello everyone! Telephone Dexp, Android 7. I really had half a year since the purchase, that is, contacts, then no. Then one or two disappear, then everything is fixed. Helped forced disabling account synchronization and incl./ Flight Quality. Posted by: Dmitry 05-09-2018 20 hours. 08 min.Message: It helped me only, on / off flight mode and forced sync. Twice. Thanks a lot. But I had another problem, I still save all the contacts in G. account, so that when changing the phone or loss, everything returned. But the magazine of calls the campaign went without returning along with SMS. Maybe someone knows how to return? Posted by: Sergey 27-08-2018 16 hour. 33 min.Message: Helped synchronization manually: remove contact synchronization and return. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. And the failure occurred when Mail created mail on the basis of Mail mail. T.E. Google ACC was registered on mail mail, but redesked in Gmail, and the main mail became secondary Posted by: Andrey 26-08-2018 11 hour. 31 min.Message: Property Contacts Posted by: QWERTYUIOP 21-08-2018 18 hour. 47 min.Message: Like almost all here, helped the air crash, as I understood the phone cannot synchronize contacts with Google account and shows saved on it Posted by: Olya 12-08-2018 20 hours. 08 min.Message: Helped the “Flight” mode, thanks for the advice Posted by: Valentina 09-08-2018 01 hour. 00 min.Message: Thank you very much. I helped me about the flight Author: Evgenia 01-08-2018 00 hour. 34 min.Message: Thanks for the useful information.Made as advised.Included and turned on “Flight” mode.Really helped. I recently flew on the plane and included this mode.Now it is clear why the contacts are disappeared.Thanks again for the useful advice. Posted by: Nadezhda 12-07-2018 20 hours. 02 min.Message: And the truth has helped the flight mode, Prestzhio phone. Thanks to everyone! Author: Mikhail 11-07-2018 22 hours. 07 min.Message: Helped the switching on / off mode. Smartphone. Highscreen Easy Power (Android 7). SIM-card. Beeline. Posted by: LSRISA 10-07-2018 04 hour. 03 min.Message: Urrraaaaaaa!The airrest helped. But how it is all connected. Posted by: Denis 07-07-2018 15 hour. 03 min.Message: URU.It seems to help Focus with flight mode. Spacy Posted by: Oleg 07-07-2018 09 hour. 15 minutes.Message: Nothing described above did not help. I solved the problem like this: Contact reported Assist to the TVLEP completely, and then turn off. Contacts appeared immediately. Posted by: nfnmzyf 03-07-2018 08 hour. 37 min.Message: OK!Everything turned out through the flight mode!Thanks. Posted by: OK 01-07-2018 17 hours. 13 min.Message: Thank you very much. Everything happened, and it turned out very simple., Posted by: Vitaly 26-06-2018 08 hour. 11 min.Message: I did not believe about the flight mode, everything tried it did not help.I decided to still try turned off turned on the flight mode and that’s all appeared thanks. Posted by: Khien 16-06-2018 14 hour. 32 min.Message: First on / off Flight mode. nothing has changed. Then he went into the filter, so it stood “all”, then I pressed the following after “all” (it turned out to be telegrams), came back to the contacts, then returned to the filter and again put “everything”. and then the contacts returned. Posted by: Ivan 15-06-2018 02 hour. 16 min.Message: ZTE phone In the filter, all contacts have already been selected, but in the phone book they did not appear, saved the flight mode, turned on and turned off, everything appeared Posted by: Tsyzykma 12-06-2018 04 hour. 35 min.Message: Very popmoglo. turned off the flight mode, and the contacts turned back and appeared, thanks. Posted by: Irina 10-06-2018 20 hours. 03 min.Message: Thank you very much, I will not turn off the flight mode, as the “All Contacts” button included.also did not help, but the Council from Maxim. Disabled synchronization with Google and contacts recovered, thanks, Maxim! Posted by: Anya 08-06-2018 16 hour. 07 min.Message: Also lost contacts.turned on the flight mode and turned off.Contacts immediately appeared.Thank you) Lenovo phone Posted by: Sergey 29-05-2018 08 hour. 20 minutes.Message: It helped only turn on and disable the modem Posted by: Svetlana 27-05-2018 20 hours. 05 min.Message: Helped flight mode, incl.I have prestigio. Posted by: Fedor 25-05-2018 22 hours. 52 min.Message: The Prestigio PSP5520DUO flight mode helped the whole soul of the bitch exhausted. Author: Love 25-05-2018 17 hours. 40 min.Message: Contacts disappear with SIM cards and from the phone when you turn off the phone. what to do? Posted by: Sergey 24-05-2018 11 hour. 21 min.Message: Thank you Edgar, the flight mode helped.Tel.Nomu S30 Posted by: Fedor 24-05-2018 07 hour. 16 min.Message: Thank you, the contact filter immediately helped. All contacts! There, the checkbox itself moved to another item) Posted by: Sasha 22-05-2018 15 hour. 00 min.Message: Thank you so much! Helped “flight mode”. Contacts recovered! Posted by: Marina 20-05-2018 15 hour. 18 min.Message: I had it when I deleted contacts in the book of Vaiber’s contacts, who did not have Wiber.These same contacts were removed from the phone. Posted by: Kirill 17-05-2018 11 hour. 21 min.Message: There was a thunderstorm I turned off this Beeline Pro 6. Then turned on and opened the contacts were disappeared!Turned on RP and all Posted by: Svetlana Gogolev 14-05-2018 23 hours. 02 min.Message: Thank you very much article. Helped flight mode)))) Fly522

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How to restore missing contacts on Android

If you suddenly found that some contacts or all are not in the phone book, do not rush to panic you may just hide after updating or reset to factory settings.

Google Account Contact Synchronization

It happens so that the contact synchronization is interrupted, you need to restore Google’s synchronization of contacts with Android phone.

Google Account Contact Synchronization:

  • Open the Settings application in the Android phone
  • Then log in to the “Account” settings section and log in to the “Google” subsection.
  • It is necessary to activate the item “Contacts”

After completed steps, contacts will appear in the phonebook of your Android phone.

Configure contacts

Restoring contacts in Google Account

Google Account is able to store all your contacts regardless of your phone, for example, he broke, lost or you bought a new phone. By connecting your Google account (@gmail mail) you will always have your contacts. Another thing that loses and contacts can occur may disappear. So consider how to return the contacts:

After the above actions in your phone’s phone book, phone numbers will appear.

Press the contact menu (shown by the arrow).

Disappeared contacts on Android. Docted contacts that were saved in the phone’s memory. Gone contacts on Android with SIM card what to do?

In the article we will see what to do if the contacts are missing on Android and how to restore remote contacts and configure to display all contacts on the smartphone.

Let’s see how to restore contacts on Android so that all of them are displayed in the contact list. These settings, in different Android devices differ, but viewed this article and the video link to which will be at the end, you are intuitively can do everything yourself.

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Press the contact menu (shown by the arrow).

In the menu that appears, press the contact filter (contact display).

And already here are chosen, all contacts or those you need.

That’s all. details about this and how to protect yourself from loss of contacts Look at the video here.

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