How to change the dark theme on the iPhone

Dark mode on iPhone and iPad in iOS 13 and above: how to enable and configure

Dark Mode (Dark Mode) is one of the most popular and demanded features on the iPhone. After turning on this functional, which is available in the iOS version 13 and above, the screen items of your iPhone are changing with bright white on dark gray and black, which ensures a completely different visual effect. In this step-by-step guide, demonstrated how to enable the themeDark Mode” on the iPhone. Also among users got the name “Night mode”.

“Management Item” on the iPhone is a very convenient program that provides quick access to frequently used iOS functions. At the same time, the user has the ability to configure everything under its requirements. You can add or change controls.

  • To open the “Management Item” in iOS 13 and newer versions, you need from the bottom edge of your iPhone screen, spend your finger up.
  • Next, in the list of available options, you need to click on a few seconds to the screen brightness indicator.
  • A window will appear in which it will be possible to turn on a dark theme.

In addition, you can also go to “Settings” “Control Center” “Configure controls” and add the on / off button of a dark theme that will be displayed in the “Management Center”.

How to put ordinary and live wallpapers on the iPhone through the settings

You can change the wallpaper from the collection standard from Apple through the setup application. Apple has an excellent collection of standard wallpapers, especially if you have an iPhone X and newer, and also installed version of iOS 13. There are bright color and dark wallpapers, as well as dynamic. iOS 13 users can now install wallpapers that automatically change depending on the time of day.

Go to the settings. Wallpaper. Choose new wallpapers. Here you will find three categories: snapshots, dynamic and live. Under the categories you will see all your photos, but about it in another point. Choose some category to choose from, and then tap any wallpaper to see their previews. Click “Set” and then select the lock screen, the “home” screen or both screen. That’s all, you changed the wallpaper!

How to update iPhone 6 to iOS 13?

You can switch between a dark and bright theme through the “Settings” application. Go to the “Screen and Brightness” section and select the appropriate design.

How to enable dark mode on iPhone or iPad

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Have you ever wanted to switch on devices running iOS (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) on a dark topic? Partial dark mode, darling docking panel and the main menu, was available on Mac, starting with OS X Yosemite, [1] X source of information [2] x source of information but to its mobile iOS OS, Apple has not yet added an official dark regime. /themes. Since the dark mode is white text on a black background, it creates more comfortable conditions for the eyes (especially at night).

  • Before updating iOS, create a backup of your data. Read one of the following articles on WikiHow to learn how to update the device: How to back up iPhone data (and iPod Touch) or how to backup data on iPad.
  • To get to the desktop, click the “Home” button (Round Button at the bottom of the device). Wove your finger left and / or right to switch between desktops until you find the desired application.

Main. As a rule, this section opens by default, and you can find it on the left pane, but if the application “Settings” has already been open, there is a chance that you will find yourself in another section of the application.

Go to “Universal Access” section. Select universal access from the list of settings. Here are the parameters and functions that can simplify the operation of the device. [3] x source of information

Go to “Display Adaptation” section. Select Display Adaptation from Settings List. The “Display Adaptation” section includes special settings for users with violations. [4] X source of information

Touch Color Inversion. This section contains both classic color inversion settings and a new “Smart-inversion” function.

“Smart Inversion”. The following is a formal description of the function: Smart-inversion color performs the reversal of the display colors, with the exception of images, video and some programs that use styles in dark colors. [5] X source of information

Dark Mode on iPhone

The ability to activate a dark theme becomes available immediately after upgrading to iOS 13, that is, as soon as you install it and iPhone will boot into the system, a proposal will appear to choose one of the two versions of the intees or make it so that one replaced by another automatically. If you missed this window at the “first” startup of the updated device, use the recommendations suggested below.

Automatic shift

The dark theme is designed not only and not just to change the use of the iPhone “white”, but also to reduce the load on the eyes at the dark, so the optimal solution will be its automatic installation on a schedule.

Under the window selection window (“Light” / “Dark”), translate the “Automatically” switch to the active position.

With the first, everything is clear, and the second allows you to adjust the inclusion and disconnection of the dark theme of registration as you yourself consider it necessary. Click on this item and specify the activation time for each of the modes. Light and Dark.

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Only dark regime

If you want iOS’s inteeis always presented in a dark style, you will need to perform even more simple actions.

    In the “Settings” of the iPhone, go to the “Screen and Brightness” section.

In the upper block, where the options for the color design of the intees are presented, select “Dark”, installing a marker in checkbox under the same item.

Adding a button to change the mode to the control point

If you do not want to use a dark theme constantly, but also the option with its scheduled installation also do not consider it preferable, you can provide a more convenient and fast way to switch color design, eliminating the need for constant calling for settings. This is enough to add a switch to the control point (PU). This is done as follows:

    Run the “Settings”, scroll through them a bit down and go to the “Control” section.

For convenience, transfer the switch opposite the “Access in Appendices” to the active position, if this did not have done before (not required), and then tap the “Configure controls” row.

Scroll through the list of available actions to the bottom, find there “Dark Mode” and tap the green button to the left of this name made in the form of a plus.

Now go back to the top of the list with controls. the button to activate the dark theme will be added to the number available in Pu. In the same block, you can determine its location relative to other elements. simply move it to any convenient location, clinging and pulling over the three horizontal stripes located to the right of the point name.

By performing the necessary manipulations, tap the “back” screen located in the upper left corner, then check how the design mode button works and on the desired place it is located. To do this, simply spend your finger from the bottom of the screen up. If necessary, change the location of the switch by completing this action described in the previous paragraph.

Optional: Dark theme in third-party applications

As mentioned above, the dark regime is distributed to the entire operating system and standard applications. The third parties are much more complicated. it is possible three options:

Who is available black theme Instagram

Using black inteeis can users of devices, with Android 10 installed or Apple C devices from 7 to 13 version. Requires a regular update Instagram application to the latest version. Black theme was initially available only on Android and only then came to users iOS.

To be able to install a black theme, you will need:

Black version of the Instagram application is inextricably linked with systemic topics. Accordingly, it will be necessary to activate it in the phone settings. This can be done in one of the following ways:

  • Open the settings menu, find the screen brightness item, switch the topic of design with light on black;
  • go to control, click on the slider and hold it before changing the brightness of the screen, in the window that appears, select the button to switch the topic;
  • Add a special button to control through the settings menu by selecting the “Management” section, add a mode switch to existing items.
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As soon as the phone switch will occur in the night mode, the instagram application will also adjust and change the color of the design. Inteeis will take comfortable shades for use of the social network in the night or evening day.

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For the new version of iOS 13, the function is called Night Mode or Dark Mode. In the application itself, Instagram has such a function appeared quite recently. What to do to activate it:

Here there is a slider with a “automatically” mark, where the settings “from the dusk to dawn” or “Setting the schedule”.

How to enable a dark theme on the iPhone

Activation of the dark regime is possible in several ways:

  • The first way implies the use of the “Management Point”. Being in it, you should click on the screen brightness indicator and in the window that appears, click on the topic switching widget.
  • You can switch the light theme on the dark through the “Settings” by clicking on the “Brightness Screen” section by selecting the appropriate version of the design.
  • Install the night mode at the primary setup stage of the new phone or after restoring the factory settings on the device.

Night theme on the iPhone can not only be activated, but also configured in automatic mode, according to the principle of “Night Shift” mode. The device user can specify the desired time interval of activity through the theme settings and work in it in the dark. This significantly reduces the eye load and reduces the impact of bright colors on the retina.

change, dark, theme, iphone

The variant of the mode change is possible for devices with version 12, despite the fact that this software has not yet been developed for this software. Make a black theme can also be done through the adjustment of the brightness level. How to perform an operation:

  • Taking into account the phone’s model used, go to the “Control” menu;
  • On the device you need to move the screen up from the bottom edge or down, from the right angle from above;
  • In an open control point menu, perform brightness adjustment;
  • When the level decreases to a minimum, the screen will become darker.

This option should be used in rooms with minimal lighting levels. All adjustment is performed through the slider. If you want to return rage, it translates back up. After the brightness decreases, there will be a decrease and illumination of the text, which will complicate his reading.

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