How to change the glass on the iPad

iPad 6 glass replacement

Brought iPad 6 with broken glass. In one service offered to replace the display assembly for 20,000. This model has glass and the matrix varied separately from each other. When checking it was clear that the matrix did not suffer, there are no stains, only cracks on the glass.

Disassembled the same as iPad Air first generation, only there is one feature. Matrix in the body is fastened on four screws in the corners, and the cunning Chinese for some reason poured the fastening loops with black sealant (there is no such thing). In inexperience you can “kill” the matrix, not knowing this moment.

After unscrewing the screws, I drone on the hinge antiques, the sealant deployed and the matrix was easily removed.

On the matrix pasted a temporary film for protection and put aside aside.

On the new glass transfer the Home button from the old glass. New went with his own, but if you don’t put an old one, the client will not work the fingerprint.

change, glass, ipad

Apple equipment has such a feature that when replacing the Home button, the button itself will work, and the fingerprint is no longer.

We carry out all checks with new glass and native button. The sensor works on all sections of the screen, the imprint is recognized, everything is fine.

I cleaned the landing place of glass from fragments and old sickness, degreased.

Glass ordered with the already applied sickling all over the contour.

On the last photo two ready brothers. Above air, right iPad 6. They can be distinguished by buttons, on the AIR there is no fingerprint, white square button. Cost for the client amounted to 3500

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change, glass, ipad

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All the photos are, also did a mini, but I have a screen with that rose, you didn’t have a hike in the first

Hands in such peaches sweat PPC. Nowhere can I not normal dielectric gloves on the rubber band

Yaxun yx-3b or her like. Very comfortable blade for such works. And for cleaning the display If the remnants of the glue or some more rubbish I advise you to use the usual tape very convenient, he removes all the rubbish, fiber can be swollen rubbish, and even if the randomly peep with the retina very hard to shoot the traces of fingers. 🙂 Purely friendly advice to you or can your subscribers! And as criticism, probably, it would be better to show how exactly the perimeter you sample two-sided scotch, worked in different services and everywhere method and the sizing area varies.

Personally, I am against iron tools for such works. After all, there are all kinds of plastic blades, mediators and t.D. and T.P. Save you nerves and decent view of the device)))

My rating does not allow you to lay out the second part, lay it out tomorrow.

Matrix from AM-shielding plate, it is better to separate the string, pre-slightly heating with a hairdryer,

By type as a touch of the matrix on smartphones separated

And what to say about magnets that are on tacche? Changed a friend touch and crusher put them)) I stopped the Smart to react.

I see a lot of enhanced matrices, if you do in this manual. This unit does not have factory assembly, otherwise with such a method of raising the display, without preliminary proof of a pile of ribbon, it would be 100% housing.

But the compressed air is the one that deforeder traces leaves when purging? From him sometimes something sprinkles.

It is to change the battery needs to sprinkle a touch with a display? And what’s the rule “Helding parts must be interchangeable and easily accessible to replace“?

Machine Notes: How we learned how to change touchscreen in iPad

This story is a little less than two years old, but I remember her well and want to share with you. With the appearance on the Ukrainian market, the iPad 2 was the question of how and what to glue the device after repair. Then no one else really understood what glue should be used for assembly. All this became more complicated by the fact that first, there was no experience, because the first generation iPad was closed using clips that were attached to the assembly of display and touchscreen to the case.

Secondly, if you glue a repaired device, so that it can be repeatedly disassembled. In a word, the question of the search for glue was to be able to make a glue compound to make collapsible and, at the same time, durable. We spent several weeks to approbate various ways and stopped on the one that secured the most strong connection and gave the opportunity to observe some disassembly and assembly technology, open the device enough time without harmable for glued parts.

In a word, after we found the necessary brand of glue began to hone off the technology and after a month and a half, repaired in our iPad 2 service center, which was repaired with a broken glass, it was impossible to distinguish from the new one, which before that never opened.

And we rejoiced our achievements exactly until the threshold of our service center crossed the next client. Let’s call it Anastasia Ivanova. She turned with a completely ordinary problem. replacement of broken touchscreen. During the conversation, in the process of paperwork, it turned out that on the iPad sat down and crushed the glass. In a word, nothing unusual. Her repaired iPad she took the evening.

And returned to us in a half weeks. Renovated iPad began to dug the touchscreen at the top of the device. And on the sides and at the bottom of the device, the connection of glass and the back cover was still durable. In general, they made the second repair under the guarantee and again forgotten about it. And exactly until Anastasia came to us for the third time.

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Here I want to note that we are very lucky with the client. Anastasia is not a conflict person. Explaining her the current situation, we were asked to leave your iPad for several days to find out the reason why Tachskrin was dug. From the words of the client, the gap between the glass and the body began to appear on the third day, and the iPad was used without exposing it to any excessive loads.

In the first two pictures depicted the same plastic plug, which prevented to detect the curvature of the iPad case.

On these two photos, it is shown how the iPad housing looks like, after replacing the glass. His all four faces were bent. If you do not bother, the glass will break off a few days after repair. Photos are provided by COMPUTERSART service

After we repaired the iPad for the third time began to observe his behavior. In parallel, we made a model for experiments from the housing and non-working touchscreen to check the strength of the combination of bending and twist.

And, making all this work, we tormented us quite an explanatory sense of anxiety. There were two options here: Or we chose the wrong technology for gluing parts and soon we will face a serious number of returns because of this or a problem in a specific iPad separately. It all poured into a fairly powerful motivation in order to end up solve the problem with which we encountered.

You can imagine how we were surprised to see that the client’s iPad begins to bow down, and our model, despite the accompanying load, continues to remain a holistic. Here, we began to suspect that the problem is not in the gluing and the method of gluing, but in a specific device, which for some reason, we are still not clear to us, I started to open after all a few days after repair.

In order to make sure that the problem is not in technology, I phoned two dozen of our customers who were repaired from the week and up to one and a half months ago. It turned out that there were no problems with the devices. Everyone has glued glass perfectly sitting in its place. By the way, I was very surprised by the participation of people, after I explained the situation, took the problem in solving and tried to describe how to describe your iPad’s use pattern as possible after repair.

The reason why glass was dug was set by us by chance. Somehow, passing by the rack, on which, among other devices, lay and experimental iPad, I saw that the top line was on which the glass was dug, not smooth, and slightly loose down. Taking a serviceable device with a whole touchscreen for comparison, we noticed that there is no such abnormal curvature of the top face of the body.

The defect hid a plastic plug, which closes the antenna of the radio module (it was iPad 2 Wi-Fi3g). She herself was smooth and hid the curvature of the cover. It was possible to notice it only by barely elevated the corners of the aluminum case. As it turned out, such a small bending turned out to be enough to ensure that the voltages emerged to cut off the glass from the lid.

In order to test our guesses, we quickly disassembled the problem iPad, leveled the lid and achieved a more or less smooth face and collected it again. In parallel, we disassemble our layout, arched on it the upper face as on the client’s iPad and collected back. Two days later, we, to our great pleasure, observed the opposite effect. On the client iPad everything was OK, and on our field model Tachskrin began to spike.

How to change glass on iPad AIR 4. Step-by-step instructions

We draw your attention to the fact that our instruction describes how to change the glass on iPad AIR 4 in the terms of the service center with the use of special equipment and devices. So we do not guarantee that you will do the same at home. All actions you will perform at your own risk.

What equipment need to change the glass on the iPad AIR 4 2020

To replace the broken glass, it is necessary to prepare the following equipment and devices:

  • Mediator and special shovel.
  • Vacuum sucker.
  • Alcohol.
  • Termofen.
  • Separator.
  • Molding for centering glass.
  • Lamp for dust detection.
  • String.
  • Gloves and consumables.

How to change the glass on the iPad AIR 4. separation of the display module from the case

Disassembling tablet begins with the display of the display module. The procedure must be done carefully so as not to damage the matrix, as well as the internal elements of the tablet. The work is carried out in such a sequence:

  • The module around the perimeter heats up with a hair dryer, which allows you to soften glue.
  • The glass is neatly attached to the shovel, then with the help of a mediator and suction cups with a ring separated from the case. If necessary, you can use the blade moistened in alcohol, which additionally softens the glue.
  • After the module goes down from the frame, it needs to be lifted and disconnect the loops from the connectors.
  • At the end of the procedure: the perimeter of the case must be cleaned of glue residues.

How to replace the glass on the iPad Air 4 without damaging the matrix

The next stage is the most difficult. it is necessary to separate the broken glass from the matrix. This operation is customary to be called “cutting” glass. The work is carried out in such a sequence:

  • The module is placed on the separator with glass down and heats up to a certain temperature, which ensures the softening of glue.
  • Then the master starts the string between the glass and the matrix, after which it gently stretches it, as if cutting down the glass. The operation is made carefully and slowly to not damage the display.
  • The matrix immediately places in a special form.
  • Then the surface of the display is neatly cleaned from the remnants of the old glue using alcohol and napkins. The procedure is carried out under a special lamp, which allows you to notice traces of glue, dust and other contaminants on the display surface.
  • After that, glass is glued with an OCA film that is placed between glass and display. Gluing is carried out using special equipment.

The final stage of glass replacement on iPad Air 4

Now it remains to make sure that the glass replacement was successful, and then set the display module. For this, such actions are performed:

  • Display Loops Connectors Connectors.
  • Then the tablet is turned on, which allows you to make sure the performance of the module with a new glass.
  • Next, the display on the contour is sampled, which ensures reliable fixation.
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On this, the work is completed. the device is transmitted to testers who check its functionality and performance after repair to finally make sure that the plywood has passed successfully.

Ways to eliminate damage

Of course, the removal methods will fully depend on the cause of their occurrence and model of the device. It is also worth considering that the repair may not be limited to replacing only the display. Consider options.

Reinstalling glass on iPad 3 and iPad 4

If you are interested in the replacement of glass on iPad 3, then in general, the repair will be in such a sequence:

  • Heat the device to a temperature of 75 degrees: a special hair dryer is usually applied, but ideally this procedure is performed using thermostation.
  • Carefully shovel Patty Touchscreen (the same procedure, if you need glass replacement on iPad 4). Usually start from the right corner at the top of the device.
  • Open the touchscreen like a book.
  • Unscrew the four matrix screws and beat it.
  • Disconnect the matrix loop and remove from the device.
  • Disconnect the Touchscreen cable.
  • Put a new touchscreen or matrix and assemble the gadget in the reverse order.

Obviously, glass replacement on iPad 3 houses will not take much time. And the necessary spare parts and special tools are easy to purchase on the Internet. The same can be advised by users who are interested in replacing glass on iPad 4. The only but substantial minus when repairing at home is the lack of warranty for the work done. Therefore, it is better to apply to specialized service centers.

Replace on iPad Air

The stroke of repair work on this device will be somewhat different, and the replacement of the iPad AIR glass should be made with the generation of its generation.

Features of the repair model of the first generation

On this model, the broken screen varies separately from the matrix. At the price it turns out much cheaper, compared with the replacement of the display module in the assembly. In practice, it happens. after the gadget, for example, fell and cracks appeared on the glass, the sensor will never stop working, and the display will continue to transmit the image without any distortion. Therefore, the replacement of glass on the first generation iPad AIR does not require high costs, unlike the second and third. As for repair, the procedure will be like this:

change, glass, ipad

  • Remove damaged glass: during the execution of this procedure you need to be very neat so as not to damage the matrix.
  • Unscrew the display in order to access the touchscreen.
  • Disconnect the screen.
  • We clean the frame near the display to remove all residues of broken glass.

After all actions, the gadget is already prepared to install another touchscreen. Touchscreen is glued to a special sealant. This glue does not allow dust opportunities to settle on the device elements with further use. The sealant should dry at least a day, so in the service office of the glass replacement on the iPad Air is carried out within 1-2 days.

iPad Air 2 repair nuances

On this device, screen repairs will cause certain difficulties. Cause. in the structure of the tablet. The screen itself, protection and sensor are combined into the system. As a result. the iPad Air 2 generation glass replacement is somewhat different than in the previous case. Therefore, if you need to replace the glass without reinstalling the whole block, you need to contact the workshop only, since this procedure requires special skills and certain tools.

Replacement glass on iPad 2

On the Internet there are many questions about self-elimination of problems in the “Apple” tablets. We will give recommendations to those users who are interested in replacing glass on iPad 2 do it yourself.

This procedure can be done on your own, but for this it is necessary to have the following tools:

  • Hairdryer, which makes it possible to make a contactless soldering;
  • Special screwdrivers;
  • romerenery tape;
  • thin blade made of metal and scalpel;
  • Table with antistatic coating.

The whole process consists of certain actions that must be carried out in a clear sequence:

  • Warming up the glass with a hair dryer.
  • Make sure that the temperature does not exceed 200 degrees (otherwise the plastic frame is melted).
  • Very carefully shovel lifting touchscreen.
  • We continue to warm the hair dryer over the entire surface of the device.
  • Remove the display (not forgetting, if necessary, remove the residues of the glass on the housing).
  • Turn off the touchscreen from the system by disconnecting the loop.
  • Remove the display after unscrewing four bolts in the corners.
  • Disconnect the screen and screen.
  • Remove the train Tachskrina.
  • Remove the button (do not forget to warm it from the inside).
  • Remove the metal plate around the camera.
  • Install on the new touchscreen aforementioned plate, glue button.
  • We glue through the entire perimeter a special intact ribbon.
  • We build a device in reverse order.

Also on the Internet you can find many rollers on request “glass replacement on iPad 2, video” (Below is one of the most informative).

How to change the glass on iPad 2, 3, 4, mini?

Broken glass on the tablet. a fairly widespread trouble. The device is very fragile, so sufficiently any blow or fall on the asphalt, so that cracks appear, and the touch screen stopped responding to commands of the owner. Change the glass on the iPad. the work is not easy, as it requires almost jewelry and some experience. Step-by-step instructions on how to change the glass on iPad 2:

But if you still decided to independently change the glass on the iPad 2 (you can see the link http: // Apple-Grade.RU / POMENJAT_STEKLO_NA_IPAD_2_3.HTML), you have to do a specific sequence of actions:

Turn off the device. This will prevent various violations in the work. When only some small part of the touch panel is damaged, the repair is carried out with the device turned on, but only professionals can do so. With independent repair, the device must be turned off.

Tablet iPad 2, like many other gadgets from Apple, disassembled from the front. First you need to warm the frame with a hair dryer to melt the factory glue. Heating temperature should not exceed 140 degrees. Starting from one of the right corners, you need to gradually disconnect the protective glass. It is consistently disconnected to the bottom of the lower corner where the loops are. For this, any thin tool is introduced between it and the case, for example, a scalpel. You can do and a conventional thin mediator of plastic, which at the same time will reduce the risk of damage to the case.

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The loops are extremely tightly pressed to the body, the glass is disconnected to the end. At this stage, you need to be extremely careful, as the loops do not need to cut off, but carefully disconnect without damaging the smallest contacts.

After it becomes available to work with the display matrix and various internal details. In the corners of the framework of the display matrix there are several screws, they need to be carefully unscrew. At the bottom of the display there is a cable fastening latch. It is carefully revealed with the blade. The loop is released from the connector, after which the display can be removed. If the problem is in it, then you need to put a new display, attaching back all the loops.

The display in its place is attached by screws. The most difficult thing is to attach the glass to the place, as it is problematic to make the same neat layer of glue problematic. Some repairmen use special double-sided adhesive tape for this. In the lower left corner, a couple of drops of glue is additionally added. It is necessary in order to be securely attached a loop, which can be detached under the hot rays of the sun.

Decided to change the glass on the iPad 3 or another model? Change the glass on the iPad 3 (you can see the link http: // Apple-Grade.RU / POMENJAT_STEKLO_NA_IPAD_2_3.HTML) in the same way, since the external shell of Apple gadgets has a similar device. All work should be carried out on a spacious clean table, where it will be possible to freely decompose the details so that they do not receive additional damage.

Since changing the glass on the iPad 4 or other models of the tablet without special experience is very difficult, much easier and more profitable to immediately transfer this business to professionals. A non-specialist can very easily damage the finest loops, after which the repair will significantly delay, and it will be more expensive. Very rarely at home can be found suitable tool suitable for such fine work. Change the glass on the iPad mini is even more difficult, since the model has a reduced dimensions and even more complex device.

Where to change the glass on the iPad? If you do not know where to change the glass on the iPad, do not waste time on unsuccessful free repair, and better contact the proven service center, which exists for several years. It will cost quite inexpensively, and restoration work will be completed in extremely short time. Qualified specialists, by whose shoulders thousands of successful repairs guarantee high quality services.

Why need glass replacement

Most often, the owners of iPad tablets are referred to repair shops because the touchscreen is needed. In most cases, this happens after falling, mechanical damage, and so on.

Despite the fact that the glass on the “Apple” tablet is quite durable, it is still not able to protect it 100%. Even if small chips or scratches appear on the surface of the touchscreen, it can partially lose sensitivity, and therefore it will be necessary to replace the glass anyway.

So, if the iPad does not respond in any way to our touch, responds to them partially, or processes requests incorrectly, possibly damaged glass.

Is it worth doing amateur in the same time, or it’s better to turn to a specialist?

How to replace the glass on the iPad yourself?

iPad repair can be needed for a number of reasons. Most often, these devices are brought to workshops due to broken glass which is partially or completely stopped preventing normal operation with the gadget. In most cases, with similar damage, a damaged element is needed.

iPad repair is pretty expensive pleasure. For this reason, many are trying to perform the necessary work independently.

Self Replacing the Screen on the iPad is a difficult procedure. However, in the presence of all necessary tools and at least minimal experience with electronics, it is quite possible. For this you need:

  • New glass. When it is purchased, it is worth paying attention to the availability of documents confirming the originality.
  • Special heating machinery. It is used to heat the heat-sensitive tape, with which the glass is glued to the housing.
  • New ribbon installed instead of the old glass perimeter.
  • Slim knife or plastic card.
  • Small curly screwdrivers.

There are several tips that will undoubtedly help you perform work as much as possible:

  • In no case should not be used in the process of operation kitchen knives, as their thickness is too big. At the same time with a fairly high probability, you damage the display module.
  • When heated, it is necessary to monitor the temperature, since its exceeding can adversely affect the screen.
  • Heating and glass separation worth starting from the top left corner of the tablet and move down, because all contacts and loops come out on the right side.

The replacement of the iPad glass begins with the branch of the damaged element. To do this, we warm up the tablet around the perimeter and separate the old glass from the housing using a plastic card or thin iron knife. It is better to use plastic, as this reduces the likelihood of damage to the case or display.

After that, we remove the old ribbon and unscrew the display. It is worth paying special attention to shutdown screen cable and Home button.

We glue around the perimeter of the new glass of thermal blinds and set the display to place.

Cress the glass to the case and again warming up so that the glue change the consistency and activated its functions.

On this work is completed. Include the tablet, and you can check the screen performance immediately after fully gluing.

How much is it

A qualified specialist will always start repairs with diagnostics. The fact is that it is impossible to determine for sure that the glass requires a replacement if it is, for example, did not break, but simply there are problems with the image, “broken” pixels and so on.

Just make sure that the repair is really necessary, the Master will be able to call its value. Naturally, the price will include the cost of glass.

Minimum cost will also depend on the model and year of the tablet. For example, the replacement of glass on the iPad Air will cost more than on iPad 2.

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