How to check iPad Air when buying

How to check iPad when buying in the store?

The surest way to find out the original in front of you or not. this is a coup of the device. Only in the tablets of the first series there is no camera. On the original iPad speaker is located downstairs, and not on the rear surface. Look at the black plastic insert.

Be sure to pay attention to the geometry of the case. iPad must be smooth, without bends. Check the display of the display module throughout the perimeter. if you notice that the glass is repeated slightly, then you must necessarily ask the owner of the history of service.

Why check the tablet to authenticity

Sale of copies of goods under the guise of the original product is considered fraud and must be punished in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation. Based on this, the buyer who acquired a poor-quality fake may write a statement to the police on the seller.

Acquisition of fake iPad closes the user access to the maintenance of the device. Because of this, the owners of the “Apple” gadget can not use all Apple services.

However, to accurately make sure the authenticity of the tablet should be used by the common ways to establish the origin of the portable gadget.

How to set up used iPad

You need to configure used iPad just like a new one, just before you need to make sure that the previous owner has come out of all accounts and Apple ID, and also dropped the tablet to factory settings. Further everything is simple:

  • Turn on the device;
  • If you have another device on iOS 13 or newer, use Quick Start;
  • Activate your device;
  • Configure Face ID or Touch ID and create a password;
  • Restore or transfer your information and data;
  • Sign in using your Apple ID;
  • Configure Siri and other services.

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You set up your iPad. pleasant use! If you still have problems with the iPad or other Apple appliances. you can always contact our ILAB service center, our specially trained masters will help you. In addition, we always check the entire used Apple technique, which we sell, so you can be confident in the reliability and quality of the used device.

Likbez, where and how to find out IMEI and serial number (SN) Apple technicians:

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You want a new Apple tablet, and spend 30-50 thousand in the corporate store do not want. You can buy a used or even “new” device with hands. but as with such sale it is understood that this is not a Chinese fake? The fastest way to check the iPad to authenticity and possible blocking. explore its serial number and IMEI.

Instructions are relevant for all models and versions of iPad (1, 2, 3, 4, Air, Mini, Pro).

How to determine the fake

When buying iPad, it is possible to check the device for originality. Regardless of the way, when buying from hands or in a large store, it is recommended to take a number of measures to make sure the device is original.

First of all, it is necessary to inspect the box from the device and the device itself. Apple technician comes in cardboard boxes, plastic packaging. The box necessarily contains the model name, device information. IMEI, serial number and other specifications. If the box is in the factory film, then you should also make sure that the seals that hold the lid are not opened. Of course, not always the device falls into the hands of the buyer in the packaged form, as shops have to set the device on the showcase.

In this case, the iPad check begins with an examination of its appearance. Assembly at the Apple devices of the highest quality, if somewhere there are roughness, oblique connections or buttons of a strange form. then this is a fake.

The next point. Apple has always used its own charging and synchronization connectors. In older models, this is a wide variant, in modern models the so-called Lighting, a narrow connector similar to microUSB, but with the ability to insert the plug by any side. Apple has never been USB or MicroUSB, if there is something like this in the device, which is given for little money or simply sell from the hands, then this device is clearly not licensed.

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Important! You should pay attention to the SIM card connector. Apple supports only one SIM, and if the user finds a slot to two SIM cards or a memory card, then this is a clear sign of fake. In this case, you can continue to inspect the technique and not check it on IMEI. Device check guaranteed will not pass.

After visual inspection, log in. when buying in the store, the device should not be activated. Apple considers a guarantee since the activation of the tablet, and not from the moment of its sale, therefore there are a ban on their inclusion in stores, even to demonstration. Of course, if the device is not new, it will be included. In this case, carefully look at the OS. it should always be your own iOS, no Android or Windows does not provide for Apple. In addition, all menu items must have a quality translation without Chinese characters and strange characters.

If a visual inspection showed that everything is in order, it is not worth stopping on this. Ahead check iPad at the serial number or by imay, which gives 100% guarantee of its authenticity.

How to check on the authenticity of the iPad?

Starting with iOS 11.3 In the settings displays the basic information about the health of the battery. To view it, go to “Settings” → “Battery” and open the battery status item. Keep in mind that this item is only on the iPhone. there is no iPad settings.

How to check used iPad before buying?

Good day, dear readers. I hope you do not particularly freeze these cold autumn evenings, because we are trying to warm you up with interesting articles on MadeForipad.Ru. A couple of days ago, we discussed with you how to sell your old “iPad”, in order to buy a new generation device immediately after entering it into a free sale. Today we will talk about the action of the opposite, consider all the necessary moments that you need to consider and check during the purchase of Apple device from hand. Interested? Then arrange more comfortable, splash in a cup of boiling water (for “Sugrev”), we start!

Mobile Apple products are truly unique, but it is not related to its excellent appearance, high-quality materials of the case, ease of use or software, although all this also plays a last role. The reason for my choice in favor of “iPad” and “iPhone” has become a long service life of each device, which distinguishes them very beneficially against the background of a semi-year update release cycle for devices on Android. It is a huge useful life that allows the secondary market for devices from Cupertino to flourish. Yes, devices from “Apple” can be an excellent purchase from hand, but let’s deal with how not to get to see, giving your blood to an unfamiliar person for a piece of metal, glass and plastic? How to protect yourself from buying a faulty device? How to check the used device before purchasing?

one. Read the appearance of the new device

Funny, but the number of situations where unscrupulous sellers squeezed fakes instead of original devices, just huge. Advanced users at this moment can be grinning, but even they can be deceived by a good copy of the phone or tablet, believe me! In order not to get a finger into the sky, you need to know exactly how the present device looks like in the smallest details (for this it will be a little time to turn it in his hands in any store).

External inspection of device defects

After you have decided that the device in front of you is actually the one that you would like to buy, you need to spend it external inspection. Externally, the device from the new should differ only in wiping and minor scratches. Any abnormal dupile or dents must immediately push you.2.2. Take a look into the headphone jack by leaving a flashlight into it, determine the color of the point at its very day. Red is an indicator of moisture from entering, which is also unacceptable. Press the display surface, a large multi-colored divorce should not appear under the glass, they are evidence of the replacement of the screen on poor quality.3.2. Check for broken pixels on the screen. To do this, you can open any application with mainly a white background, any unknown dark dots are a bad sign. Use the device with such defects, of course, it is possible, but it can reduce the pleasure of this process.3.3. Check for screen artifacts. Among those that we met, funny stripes were fun on a dark background, as well as the memory effect. The latter manifests itself in the residual display of anything on the screen after changing the picture.

See also  How to check the application on the iPhone Run the camera application and take a picture of both front and rear cameras. If the camera modules work incorrectly, the application either will not start at all, or will issue any errors.4.2. Make a photo of a homogeneous surface if any fields of photography will be darker than others, then problems with sensors are possible, or dust under the chambers Windows. If the second case is treated with simple cleaning, the first will deliver a lot of hassle.

Everything is very simple here, you need to make sure that the tablet loses sounds both through the external speaker and through the headphones. Problems you can determine by ear. Check “Wi-Fi”. At this point it is desirable to have a device that is exactly normal working with wireless Internet networks. If the working device finds a network, and there is no test, then problems with the hardware.6.2. Verification of radio module. The same procedure should be held with a radio module (if you, of course, buy a device with this option). Will a SIM card in the tablet and check if the Internet works through operator networks.6.3. Verification “Bluetooth”. You can try to connect with any devices, be it a headset or wireless keyboard. Checking the lighting sensor. Install the screen brightness to the “Automatic” position and try using a tablet in different conditions, it should adequately change the brightness depending on the environment.7.2. Check magnets for Smart covers. Yes, there are problems with them, oddly enough. Take any Smart cover and test the tablet with it. If the case turns off the device screen adequately, then everything is great. (ATTENTION, Make sure the settings do not disable this feature!)

Experiment with the device in absolutely normal use of the maximum possible time. When working can identify themselves problems with the processor or something else. It also does not prevent the serial data of the device and the data on its box. The discrepancy should alert.

Fake iPad how to check the tablet.

So we take the device offered for sale after use. Not new, iPad has already been to use.

Here is the information about the device, the seller set a sticker on the box. You must also check the compliance with the sticker on the box and information in the device itself, information about the serial number, IMEI, P / N is recorded in the device in the manufacture.

So what we will check, we need information about the tablet. In iPad, you can get information about the following modules and assigned rooms.

  • Serial No. DMPLLDP4YF serial number
  • IMEI / Meid. mobile module identifier 358531058690365
  • Part Number. MD792ZP / A Party Party Number Unique phone number number.

We carry out a serial number analysis using Apple’s service to test serial numbers. https: // checkcoverage.Apple.COM / US / EN service is available in different languages. And what we see look below the screen. This serial number is assigned to the iPad Air Wi-Ficellular tablet. And we have on the iPad sticker, you can say that the check is completed, this is a fake. But we’ll tell you what else can be checked and how to use the information received after verification.

  • Valid Purchase Date. a confirmed purchase date, this device was sold and the sale information was received by Apple to enter the register.
  • Telephone Technical Support Expired. Support by phone has expired, Apple provides 90 day support for purchased products. This means that the tablet was officially purchased more than 90 days ago.
  • REPAIRS AND SERVICE Coverage: Expired. Service support for the product under warranty. Apple provides a guarantee for tablets 1 year. In some countries 2 years. What does this entry says, tablet sold over 1 year ago.

To make sure the check will continue using the HTTPS service: // / check / apple_warranty_sn / such services a lot.

What we look at the serial number check information. There is a coincidence of 32GB memory, number A model corresponds to A1475. What does not match Order, this is P / N Part Number Devices. By checking ME991CH / A on the MD792ZP / A box. What this means under this serial number in Apple was registered with the desktop number ME991CH / A according to the decryption P / N http: // TAB-TV.COM /?P = 20741, this device was produced for China ch, and on the box in the room ZP (Hong Kong, Macau). The second is not a correspondence.

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iPad Generation serial number: what generation of my iPad?

month monthly year 2010 20202011 20212012 20222013 20232014 20242015 20252016 20262017 20272018 20282019 2029
C / D F / G H / J K / L M / N P / Q R / S T / V W / X Y / Z
January one one C1 F1 H1 K1 M1 P1 R1 T1 W1 Y1
January 2 2 C2 F2 H2 K2 M2 P2 R2 T2 W2 Y2
January 3 3 C3 F3 H3 K3 M3 P3 R3 T3 W3 Y3
January 4 4 C4 F4 H4 K4 M4 P4 R4 T4 W4 Y4
February 5 5 C5 F5 H5 K5 M5 P5 R5 T5 W5 Y5
February 6 6 C6 F6 H6 K6 M6 P6 R6 T6 W6 Y6
February 7 7 C7 F7 H7 K7 M7 P7 R7 T7 W7 Y7
February eight eight C8 F8 H8 K8 M8 P8 R8 T8 W8 Y8
March nine nine C9 F9 H9 K9 M9 P9 R9 T9 W9 Y9
March D eleven CD FD HD KD MD PD Rd TD WD Yd
March F 12 CF FF HF Kf MF Pf Rf TF WF Yf
March G thirteen CG FG HG Kg MG Pg Rg TG WG Yg
April H fourteen Ch Fh HH KH MH PH Rh TH Wh Yh
April J fifteen CJ FJ Hj KJ MJ PJ RJ TJ WJ Yj
April K sixteen Ck FK Hk KK MK PK RK TK WK Yk
April M 17 Cm FM HM KM MM PM Rm TM WM Ym
May N eighteen CN FN Hn KN MN PN RN TN WN Yn
May L nineteen Cl FL Hl Kl ML PL RL TL WL Yl
May R 22 CR Fr Hr Kr Mr Pr RR Tr Wr Yr
June T 23 Ct Ft HT Kt Mt Pt RT TT Wt YT
June W 25 CW FW HW Kw MW Pw RW Tw WW Yw
July one 28 D1 G1 J1 L1 N1 Q1 S1 V1 X1 Z1
July 2 29 D2 G2 J2 L2 N2 Q2 S2 V2 X2 Z2
July 3 thirty D3 G3 J3 L3 N3 Q3 S3 V3 X3 Z3
July 4 31 D4 G4 J4 L4 N4 Q4 S4 V4 X4 Z4
August 5 32 D5 G5 J5 L5 N5 Q5 S5 V5 X5 Z5
August 6 33 D6 G6 J6 L6 N6 Q6 S6 V6 X6 Z6
August 7 34 D7 G7 J7 L7 N7 Q7 S7 V7 X7 Z7
August eight 35 D8 G8 J8 L8 N8 Q8 S8 V8 X8 Z8
September nine 36 D9 G9 J9 L9 N9 Q9 S9 V9 X9 Z9
September C 37 DC GC JC LC NC QC SC VC XC Zc
September D 38 DD GD Jd LD ND QD SD VD Xd Zd
September F 39 Df GF JF LF NF QF Sf VF XF Zf
September G 40 DG GG JG LG NG QG SG VG Xg ZG
October H 41 DH GH JH LH NH QH Sh VH Xh ZH
October J 42 DJ GJ JJ LJ NJ QJ SJ VJ XJ Zj
October K 43 Dk GK JK LK NK QK SK Vk Xk ZK
October M 44 DM GM Jm Lm Nm Qm SM Vm Xm Zm
October N 45 DN GN JN LN NN QN SN VN Xn Zn
november L 46 DL GL Jl LL NL QL SL VL XL Zl
november P 47 DP GP JP LP NP QP Sp VP Xp Zp
november Q 48 DQ GQ JQ LQ NQ QQ SQ VQ XQ Zq
november R 49 Dr GR Jr LR Nr QR Sr VR XR Zr
December T fifty Dt GT JT Lt Nt Qt St Vt Xt ZT
December W 52 DW GW JW LW NW QW SW VW Xw Zw
December X 53 DX GX Jx LX NX QX SX VX XX ZX
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