How to configure the LG Smart TV panel

“Not a remote unit” or “How to turn an Android-smartphone in the remote control for LG Smart TV

Greetings everyone! LG company produces very cool TVs, but on some of them heavily saves. Almost every modern screen supports the Universal Remote Control “Point” or more accurate LG Magic Remote. The problems are that when buying some TVs have this magic pointer, and others do not have.

Therefore, the question arises here. how the most convenient to control the LG TV. There are two options. First. buy this remote. The option is certainly not bad, but the consoles are so expensive. If anyone can wonder my review on all models here. There is also a list of televisions that support one or another remote.

The second option is more budget, because you do not need to buy anything and enough to have a smartphone with an Android or iOS operating system. LG TV Remote is a convenient application that has almost all the same functions. like the console.

What is a universal remote

If you have become a happy user of digital television, then a new device with a remote control appeared in your apartment. Receiver. And so as not to add another remote control to everyday life, let’s figure out how to use the universal remote control.

Despite all breakthroughs in technology, the instruments of the remote control did not change at all. They may have a different form, but the design of any console still consists of a housing, an electronic circuit, buttons, LEDs, as well as an autonomous power supply.

The universal console has an identical internal device, only you can configure it to control several devices at once. For example, having bought such a device, you can remove the television, seating and multimedia console into the closet, and all of their functions will register in the universal remote control.

Can any remote control be universal? Not. Although they look similar, but the internal electronic circuit is different. Only intended for this instruments can be configured to control multiple devices.

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Automatic setting

To configure LG TV to receive digital television, it is enough to have a connection to the most ordinary antenna. You will also need a T2 receiver, but modern techniques from this manufacturer are equipped with a built-in module. This means that it is not necessary to buy the console to be purchased.

configure, smart, panel

Autopoysk allows you to find both analog channels and digital. The main advantage is speed. You do not have to enter additional values, adjust the frequency and t.D. Just open the main menu, select “Automatic Channel Setup” and wait until the TV device will do everything for you.

In general, the whole process takes no more than 5 minutes. Of course, you need to select the connection source. cable or antenna. Now you know how to configure the channels in the LG TV automatically.

Primary pairing of models of TVs and remotes 2012

In order to connect the Magic Motion Remote CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL 2012: you need to press the Smart (or Home) and “back” buttons at the same time at least than 4 seconds, directing the remote control towards the TV. And wait for the message on the TV, about connecting.

The Magic Console for TVs 2010-2011 looks like this. For the primary connection, you must place the remote control near the TV, click OK or MUTE and hold for about 5 seconds. Before the console message on the TV appears on the TV. For visual information about what is paired, the backlight of the power button on the remote will flash during the conjugation process.

How to configure the remote to TV LG

If you lost the control panel from the LG television or he finally failed, and it does not work out exactly the same in the store, try using one of the universal devices of this category. The universal remote control requires accurate configuration and connection, it is these processes that we consider in this review.

Depending on the model of the console, the connection process to the TV may differ, but knowing the basics of settings, you can intuitively guess what exactly click. Setup is possible only when the TV is turned on, so activate it from the button on the case. Also check the availability of batteries in the remote control and preferably their performance, if there is such an opportunity.

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When both devices are active, press the SET button on the p / y, hold it down until the LED is highlighted, which is next to it. Next, you need to enter one of the codes that are designed for your TV model. These codes are supplied with a universal remote control.

When the code is entered, the LED, which I wrote above will burn without ceasing, while before it was just blinking. Now, without using numbers, check the operation of the remote control, for example, add the volume. If no result, enter the following digital combination from the code list. One of the codes will surely work as soon as this happens, press the SET button again, after that the setting is saved and the light will stop the burn, it will light only when you press one of the keys.

Similarly, you can configure the universal remote control for other LG technology, music centers, saubbars, acoustic systems, music players, and even air conditioners, Simply put any equipment that is managed from the console.

You can ask a question to masters from our service center by calling or writing your question about the feedback form.

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This is the very first model of Magic Remote, presented in 2011. From the functions there is only a cursor control, on / off TV, channel switching and sound control.

Advanced model presented in 2012. The console has become larger to make it easier to keep it in hand, and the scroll wheel is added, which is also a button, and the button to control the 3D function, if your TV supports it.

Connection and configuration

Nothing is difficult, you just take the remote in your hand and click on the control buttons. To enter the menu, you need to click on the gear. Also, when you take it, then just move them right, to the left. After that, on the screen you will see the cursor, which will move along the path trajectory. If you do not use PU long time. then the cursor control mode is turned off to reduce energy consumption.

  • If the remote control stops responding to your commands, then check the batteries first. You can try to approach the TV closer. If the problem is in nutrition, then simply change the batteries;
  • Another option to re-connect the bullets to the TV. Just come closer to the screen and housing the wheel until there are messages on the pairing of two devices;
  • Turn off the TV again;
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Connect the smartphone with a TV

So, we first need to be your phone and TV were connected to one network. Or we will use the technology “Wi-Fi Direct”. Let’s in order.

If you have a installed and configured Wi-Fi router, then it is very good. Your smartphone is probably connected to it by Wi-Fi. Then, it remains only to connect another TV to this network itself. You can do it on Wi-Fi (there is a detailed instruction of https: // F1comp.RU / TELEVIZORY-Smart-TV / KAK-PODKLYUCHIT-TELEVIZOR-SO-Smart-TV-K-INTERNETU-PO-Wi-Fi-NA-PRIMERE-LG-32LN575U /). or cable from the router.

So, the TV and the phone should be connected to the same network.

If you have no network at home (router)

In this case, you can connect the mobile device with TV using the “Direct” technology. This technology allows you to directly connect devices.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you are focused on feedback on thematic forums, then the following advice advantages can be distinguished:

  • Convenient interaction with Web OS Freespace (operating system installed on LG TVs). Print, view content, use third-party applications more convenient than when using traditional remote control.
  • Connection via Bluetooth. Range. up to 20 meters. At the same time, the device “direct” towards the TV. the signal will always be stable and clear.
  • Full wireless mouse replacement.
  • Support voice commands. Function Although not very popular, but for people with disabilities is extremely useful.

From the disadvantages you can allocate that it is possible to change batteries in a timely manner. Who has already been using Smart-consoles for a long time, recommends buying rechargeable batteries and charger for them.

Total Smart Remote for TV LG. A device that simplifies interaction with compatible TVs (as well as Smart consoles), replacing itself and traditional remote control, and a wireless mouse.

Now in all modern TV manufacturer adds such manipulators directly to the kit. Previously, they had to buy separately. Average of them (depending on the model).

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