How to connect Samsung to TV

How to synchronize the phone with Samsung, LG

View the image from the screen of our smartphone on the big screen opens a lot of useful features. We can share photo or video on our family holidays, conveniently hold a presentation at work, share with your friends with your creative developments and much more. Below will look how to synchronize a mobile phone with a TV using the example of Samsung and LG models. And what tools will help us in this.

Synchronize your smartphone with home TV conveniently using “Wi-Fi Direct”. This standard allows you to connect the middle of the phone and Smart TV without using the wireless access point.

The synchronization procedure is as follows:

    Activate the Wi-Fi Direct feature on your phone. Go to the settings of your gadget, select the “Wireless Connections” section, and then activate the Wi-Fi Direct feature there. On other models of phones, the activation of the specified function may be in the Wi-Fi section. There will be necessary to click on the button in the form of three vertical points and select the mentioned option;

As an alternative way to connect, open the desired photo or video on the smartphone, then click on Share (Share), and select “Wi-Fi Direct” in the menu that opens. Your TV will appear in the device list. Select it and then run the broadcast you need.

Connecting your phone to TV with OTGMHL

The easiest and most obvious option is a wired connection using the appropriate adapter.

On the one hand, yes, in the era of wireless technology, the connection on the wire is at all the last century and it is unclear why there are so many wires in the house. On the other hand, this method transmits the image directly from the phone without any delays, so in some situations he is the most appropriate. In addition, the use of an OTGMHL adapter allows you to connect the keyboard, mouse or joystick to the smartphone and turn the phone into a full-fledged game console or computer, and the smartphone itself is used as a system unit.

How to connect the phone to TV via Wi-Fi Direct

Wireless connection in which a mobile device and compatible TV are connected via Wi-Fi directly, without the participation of the router. TV in this case acts as a point of access to which the smartphone is connected. And you can transfer to a large screen media files using the standard menu “Send”.

What to do

  • Open the network settings on TV and turn on the Wi-Fi Direct feature.
  • On the smartphone, go to “Settings” → “Wireless Networks” → Wi-Fi → Wi-Fi Direct.
  • After scanning available devices, select your TV.
  • Use the “Send” menu on the smartphone to transfer photos, video and audio on TV.

Connection via HDMI

Mobile device can be connected using the Samsung HDMI Smart adapter. It provides standard HDMI connection. To connect the HDTV adapter to the device, you must perform the following steps:

  • Connect one end of a universal HDMI cable to HDTV adapter.
  • Connect the other end to the HDMI TV port. If the TV has several HDMI ports, you can use any of them. The correct HDMI port must be selected in the TV input settings.
  • Connect the charger to the HDTV adapter.
  • Connect the charger to the power source.
  • Connect the HDTV adapter connector to the power of the intees / accessories on the device. This is the same port that is usually used to connect a charger. On the TV screen instantly appears what is on the main screen of your device.

Most of the content protected by DRM cannot be displayed using the HDTV Smart adapter.

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Through Smart View

Smart VIEW is another technology developed by Samsung TV Creators. It is an alternative to Screen Mirroring, because in this case the connection is also carried out through Wi-Fi wireless network. But, unlike Screen Mirroring, Smart View works on any smartphone, thanks to the application of the same name. You can download it through Google Play.

By preparatory actions, projected to pairing two devices:

  • Configure Wi-Fi by connecting both instruments to one network.
  • Run the application.
  • Click the “Connect TV” button.
  • Choose your TV.

connect, samsung

Now the smartphone intersece will be displayed on the TV receiver screen, which can be managed at its discretion. If necessary, the user has the ability to launch the application, play, see photos or videos.

On Samsung smartphones, starting with Android 7, the Smart View function is available through the system panel, like Screen Mirroring.

Connecting your phone to a TV via USB

When using a USB cable, the TV recognizes the mobile device as a flash drive. Unlike HDMI, USB will not broadcast the phone screen on TV.

After connecting to the TV via a USB cable, in the signal source menu on the TV select USB. The system window will automatically open on the phone with a choice of phone reading format. Choose a USB drive.

A window will appear on the TV screen with the possibility of moving to folders. Choose a media file that needs to be launched.

The advantage of using a USB cable when connecting to a TV is its availability to all mobile devices. USB cable do not need to be purchased separately, it is sold complete with a phone. When using a USB cable, the phone automatically charging from the TV.

  • no access to the Internet;
  • There is no possibility to launch applications and games on the phone;
  • Only the media files that support the TV will be opened.

Connection options

Make friends the technique between yourself will help our tips, how to connect the phone to the TV. And it doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or smartphone based on Android. We offer detailed step-by-step instructions for connecting via USB cable, HDMI or using wireless networks and software pairing.

Connection using a USB cable

So, you returned from vacation, at the table with the best friends brought from traveling, and you would like to share your impressions and photos with them, and you need to show each one you need in the smallest details. Here are just a photo. in the phone, and a TV with a large screen. on the wall. The easiest option is to connect the phone to the TV using a USB cable. In this case, the smartphone will turn into a flash drive, that is, it will be possible to start the files only via USB intees of TV itself.

For such a connection, you will need: Mobile phone with Android operating system, cord (for example, from charging), well, the TV itself with the USB working entrance. it has most modern models.

Connect the TV Wire and Smartphone. Turn on TV.

Select on the screen of the smartphone in the alert window that appears “Use as a memory drive (as a USB)”.

From the TV panel in the source list, select. USB (most often do it allows the Source button).

Using the arrows on the console, select the desired folders and open the files. So you can view image files, as well as run in advance downloaded on USB flash drive.

What if the TV does not see the USB smartphone connected?

Check the power of the cable. Also wires that go with chargers can only be charged. Make sure you use a cable that came with the phone and is designed to connect the device to a computer.

If the worker cable, check that you selected the desired item on the smartphone screen. Try to disable it and attach it to the TV again by selecting the right item (not “only charging”).

What can I do?

Use a smartphone as a flash drive.

If these methods did not help, the telephone and TV are not compatible to connect via USB. Try the other options below.

Connection using HDMI cable

This method of connecting the phone to the TV allows you to turn the smartphone-TV bundle into a single computer and run on the big screen all files from the phone. In some gadgets, the Mini-HDMI connector is immediately present, but it is a big rarity. If there is no such smartphone, you need to buy an adapter: it can be a USB Type-C cable. HDMI for more expensive smartphones, adapter Lightning. HDMI for iPhone and iPad, as well as Micro-USB-HDMI (with MHL intees).

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Connect the phone to the TV is easy: connect the devices with a cable, select the port to which the smartphone is connected as a signal source. Enjoy the display of the phone screen on TV display.

Via USB Type connector. C

This adapter will help connect to TV new smartphones, flagship models with a modern jack for quick charging. It is best to choose a universal adapter that can be connected to a TV with HDMI, VGA, DVI or MINIDP.

Through Lightning

This adapter allows you to connect Apple devices to the TV (iPhone or iPad). The device can also be universal and approach to any TV. Cheaper to buy a simple adapter, it costs from 1500.

Through MHL

This is a way to connect to the TV older or cheaper device. If in the smartphone the microUSB connector, then the MHL adapter allows you to connect it to HDMI. Mobile High-Definition Link technology should at the same time maintain smartphone and TV. To check whether your smartphone supports this feature, download and run the MHL Checker application. The TV will also have the inscription MHL next to the HDMI connector.

Through Slim Port

This method is suitable if your smartphone does not support the previous method. It most often concerns older devices. They should also have a microUSB entrance.

What can I do?

Use TV as an external display for games and watching the movie. On the TV screen, the smartphone screen is displayed.

Connection using Wi-Fi

This method is suitable for TVs equipped with Wi-Fi module. Find out if it is possible on your TV, looking at the instruction or description on the Internet. It is also worth checking if you have a modern smartphone with you: nothing happens with the phones equipped with Android OS below the fourth version or iPhone below 4S. Everything will succeed, if in the smartphone in the “Wireless Networks” section there is a “Wi-Fi Direct” item. Usually, you can find it in subparagraph settings (in three points in the right corner). It needs to be done active.

Then in the TV to which you want to connect the phone via Wi-Fi, you need to find the “Network” section. Here we also choose Wi-Fi Direct. In the list of available devices that appears, choose your phone. most likely it will be here one. Connection request will fly to a smartphone. confirm it in the pop-up window that opens.

What can I do?

Look from smartphone image. Information information low speed.

Connection with DLNA

This method is suitable for smartphones with Android and televisions with DLNA support. To send files, you need to connect the phone and the TV to the home Internet (you can in different ways), then turn on the DLNA function on the TV in the settings. After that, select a movie, a picture or music, click on the name of the file and press the settings: “Menu. Select Player”. In the list find your TV.

What can I do?

View files from a smartphone. For advanced settings and viewing files, not only from the gallery will need to deliver any application for DLNA from Google Play.

What you need to connect the phone to the TV via USB

Connect the phone to the TV via USB cable as simple as possible. Since smartphones and TV are equipped with this inteeis. To synchronize devices you will need:

The wire is included in the basic package of smartphones, since it is a component charger. The main thing is that the connected mobile phone and TV are compatible. Mainly connection problems do not occur.

DLNA connection

Wireless Internet connection Allows you to play with iPhone media system in online mode. You will be able to watch popular videos with YouTube or listen to your favorite songs. In addition, synchronization will allow even playing video games. All files open on the smartphone, and then duplicate on the big screen.

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Without doubt, this method of playing video and audio files is one of the most accessible, since the user needs to press only a few buttons. However, to connect the smartphone, the TV must comply with certain parameters. For example, if your device is not equipped with a built-in wireless module, then you need to get a special Wi-Fi adapter and connect it to TV.

To create a home network in accordance with the rules of DLNA technology, two requirements should be implemented:

  • TV, the screen of which is displayed content, is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module or user connected a portable adapter.
  • TV-device and smartphone are connected to the home network, t.E. To one router.

If the requirements described above are taken into account, then you can install applications. Software download is carried out with Apple Store. Why establish any utilities? The fact is that it is they who will ensure the transmission of the signal from the smartphone on TV. Choose from what, most popular applications: Flipps, Belkin, MediaPlay and T.D. Lack of free versions. a huge amount of advertising, banners have to constantly close. However, if you take into account all the advantages, the use of this software will still be a rational solution.

If you plan to regularly synchronize the iPhone and TV for subsequent data transfer, then it makes sense to consider paid programs that completely exclude any inconvenience. Software for wireless synchronization enjoys colossal popularity, so in the Apple Store they are presented in a wide range. Be sure to explore the reviews of other users to select the optimal application that is suitable for smartphone and TV.

Immediately after installing software, you should make the most simple setting. Run the program and then in the corresponding window, select the menu with the devices connected to the Internet, check the TV in front of the TV. Typically, a model or series TV series is always displayed.

Many Utilities for iPhone Smartphones are characterized by support for various services: VK, YouTube, Foxnews, browsers and T.D. Therefore, you can play videos not only saved in the Cloud or on the phone, but also from various Web sites.

To ensure the synchronization of all devices, you should allow you to access the TV to the smartphone. After that, you can play the content on the iPhone for subsequent broadcast on the big screen. The software under consideration has a lot of useful additional features. For example, some options can make a remote control phone. In the TV assist and can be drawn directly on the TV screen.

Connecting through the Apple TV console

Before you, another version of the wireless connection between the iPhone and TV. In this method, you will need to use a multimedia player from Apple TV.

HDMI cable will also need. Please note that this method is suitable for smartphone models not older than 4 generation. Are there any requirements for the console? Two gadgets used must be updated to the latest version of iOS. Otherwise, during the connection process, you can encounter problems.

  • Activate the console. Then connect to the TV device. Use wireless connection.
  • Make the iPhone synchronization with Apple TV. Remember that if Wi-Fi is used, the TV and smartphone must function within one network.
  • On cellular click 2 times on the “Home” button. After that, click on “Volume Management, Brightness”.
  • Click on AirPlay.
  • In the list presented, choose the appropriate option
  • When you click on the prefix, the AirPlay Mirroring switch opens. Now activate it, then the picture of the table iPhone will start showing the TV screen.

An additional program for connecting the iPhone in this case is not required

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