How to connect Smart card to TV

What is a Ci Card card. How to Watch Paid Channels on TV With Smart Card

Moscow Internet provider, known under the OnLime brand, has been producing such a gadget for the third year as. This is a set of digital television, which allows you to watch digital channels and high-definition channels (HD) without additional equipment and unnecessary wires, and viewing control is carried out from one TV panel.

Onlime Telecard is a practical solution for connecting digital television as the main or additional to the already available digital or interactive. Use the device is easy, and the connection itself does not require a specialist help: it is enough to simply install it in the CI or Ci slot of the TV, after which you activate the digital TV service and watch more than 100 digital and HD channels.

What is a Smart TV prefix?

You can come up with a lot of different formulations, use some clever words and t. D. But in order to be simple and understandable, I answer this question like this: Smart TV Prefix (Media Player, Smart Boxing) is a separate device (something like a mini-computer, smartphone, tablet, but without a screen). where the operating system is installed, which is optimized to work on the TV screen and which makes it possible to install different applications, Internet access, online video viewing, TV channels via the Internet, IPTV and T. D.In fact, it is a small computer or tablet with the ability to connect to the Internet, which simply uses your TV as a screen. Well, so that all of this it is easy and pleasant to manage, installed on the Smart TV console, the operating system is developed (or finalized) specifically to control using the remote control. And inteeis and applications are optimized to display different information on the big TV screen.

Most importantly. Internet access. Smart console can be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or using a network cable (it depends on the model, Wi-Fi is always, but the LAN port may not be). After that, the system itself and installed applications get access to the Internet. We have the ability to install different applications and games (like the phone). Watch YouTube through a separate application. Watch TV channels, movies, TV series, cartoons through different online cinemas (Netflix, Amediyek, Megogo, Ivi and T. D.). You can use the browser (usually need to be installed manually) to view sites.

What are there?

They are in the form of boxing (separate box). or in the form of a poke (something like a big flash drive). For example, let’s look at the two very popular consoles from Xiaomi: Mi Box S and Mi TV Stick.The main difference is the poke from the box of course in the amount of. Box in Format Format is much more compact. It connects directly to the TV in HDMI-input. And the prefix in the form of a separate box connects to a TV using a cable. As a rule, consoles which in boxing format (in the photo on the right) are more productive and functional. For example, they may have a USB port (or even a few, to connect a flash drive, hard disk, mouse, keyboard). LAN-port (for connecting to the router by cable) and t. D. The size of their housing is it allows. Well, they are usually installed more productive iron.

Power is usually connected through a separate power adapter (which comes in the kit). And poems feed from the USB port of the TV (if necessary, you can connect through the power adapter from the power outlet).

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Principle of operation

To use a CAM module for broadcasting satellite or cable TV channels, the user will need to purchase the Smart card from the provider. This is a small map of plastic with microchip, determining the subscriber and allocating access to digital television and paid TV channels.

It needs to be inserted into the CAM module, and then set to the television receiver. Next, the user will need to configure the list of channels, after which it will be able to proceed to view.

What is self-registration

The principle of the self-registration procedure lies in the fact that the subscriber independently draws an agreement with the provider via the Internet. Online, wherever you are, without the standard procedure for signing a paper contract, you can conclude an agreement. This option is available only for modules and consoles. If you plan to use interactive equipment, then in online mode, enter into an agreement with the company will not work. Self-registration will be required during the purchase of equipment in the retail network or via the Internet. In this situation, the contract is not issued in writing, it is enough to perform the procedure yourself. You must fill out the form in the Personal Account and the service will be activated. After you enter all the necessary data, SMS should come to the number of your mobile phone. Message Text (Special Symbol Set) You need to enter in the field called “Code”. Upon completion of the self-registration, the subscriber will receive a notification with the personal account number.

Setting up the MTS module module in the TV is not required. It acts only if we say simply, the subscriber identifier and the key to decode the broadcast flow. Options with satellite need to register on TV. This includes in its settings. Here it is necessary to find a block of satellite television parameters. How exactly to do, depends on the TV model and is described in its operating instructions.

  • the correct time corresponding to the module used itself (hour belt under the contract with the provider);
  • the name of the ABS-2A satellite, 75 degrees of Eastern longitude;
  • The transponder indicates the frequency of 11920 MHz, modulation 8PSK, flow rate of 45000 per second;
  • The search type is set to the network value;
  • Settings save and turn off the TV.

connect, smart, card

To configure the CAM module MTS, the Smart card is inserted into it. It is important to do it right, so it is recommended to act carefully, strictly according to the instructions of the provider. After that, the device is placed in the Ci slot of the TV. TV include and conduct automatic search for satellite channels.

Features of Smart Cards of Russian Providers

Maps of each manufacturer have different encryption format. Therefore, it will not be possible to decline the signal of one provider using another decoder. In Russia, the most common cards from MTS, tricolor TV and NTV-Plus.

MTS digital cable television

To use the service provider, you must connect to the MTS digital network. You can buy a Smart card with a module in 2021 in 2021 in a 1,300 payment or for rent 85 per month (according to the information from the official website). Whereas the cost of equipment is many times more expensive (the estimated price is given in the table).

Device Rent, rubles per month Acquisition, rubles
HD prefix 110 2900
Interactive console 180 6500
Free when connecting the TRAIF “Internet TV”

Digital broadcasting from MTS is available in several hundred cities of Russia.

Satellite TV from Tricolor

This provider sells a basic television service package at a price of 1200 per year or 200 per month. “Tricolor” positions itself as a company that provides access to the most diverse number of programs, including packages for children, football lovers and others. However, the user will have to install a satellite antenna, since the broadcast is carried out exclusively from the satellite, and this requires fine equipment settings for high-quality image acceptance.

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On a note! To save the integrity of the Smart card, users are not recommended to remove it after the start of the broadcast. But replacing a damaged card by the company is provided.

connect, smart, card

Satellite TV from NTV-Plus

NTV-Plus for 3490 provides the subscriber agreement, the module itself and the Smart card with the prepaid right of viewing the package “Basic” within one year. Broadcasting is carried out using satellite, so you need a satellite antenna for reception. The TV module is installed in a Ci slot of a TV, which must support DVB-S / DVB-S2 standards. The quality level of the picture varies from MPEG-4 to HD and Ultra HD. Management is carried out by one TV console.

If there is an Internet, this service can be connected using an interactive console without satellite antenna, otherwise you need to use a digital receiver with satellite equipment. The estimated cost of the equipment for connecting the NTV-Plus television, taking into account the annual subscription to the “Basic” package and additional services reflected in the table.

Under the above-mentioned, additional services are meant: Automatic channel configuration, video access, parental control, telegead, deferred viewing and recording TV shows for devices that support such a function. NTV-Plus owns the greatest video panel of Runet.

On a note! Self-module and Smart card from NTV-Plus work incorrectly on Sony brand TVs.

Cable and mobile television in Russia

In addition to the above providers, digital television packages through the Smart card also provides Rostelecom through Rostelecom Onlime Telecard. To receive the service, you must be in the cable network zone of this operator and have a TV with DVB-C support. Connection costs 3000 excluding subscription fees.

It is also possible to take digital television provides MGTS. In this case, Smart cards are not used, the function is performed by TV-consoles. a month, renting a receiver. 99 per month.

connect, smart, card

To receive digital TV channels from Beeline also does not require TV cards. But this provider provides a wider range of services, relatively competitors: cable digital television, home television via the Internet and Beeline TV, which allows you to connect phone numbers through mobile communications.

Listed only some providers. Dozens of companies are provided in general Digital TV Service.

What is a Smart card

Smart Card on TV is an ordinary plastic card. It should have two mandatory elements, without which it is simply impossible to use:

The presence of the Smart card allows not only to watch different channels, but also to fully enjoy the excellent image and high-quality sound. With this small device, TV converts encrypted channels. The owner of the card can, contacting the company, install or disable any channels. If the monetary limit on the Smart card is over, it will not function before replenishing funds.

On a note! Most well-known providers for using Smart Cards: Tricolor TV,, NTV, MTS.

Smart Map allows you to most fully use television capabilities.

  • The consumer will be disconnected and connect, as well as select Channels.
  • Sound and image are characterized by higher quality.
  • In some devices, you can get a text version.

Smart card is installed in the module itself, and after that. to the TV.

Existing varieties

There are two main types of cam modules that have their own characteristics and advantages. The choice is based on the characteristics of each:

  • Single system. Supports one encoding system, that is, the device is already equipped with an access card of a specific provider. It can be independently updated and configured when connected to TV. But the disadvantage is that the module for the TV is incompatible with the maps of other providers. Therefore, if the subscriber wants to change the operator, he will have to acquire another equipment.
  • Universal. Thanks to the firmware works with many encodings. All the necessary programs that are needed to read the signal are built into it. Update and change signal settings modules can also independently. Use perhaps different Smart cards.

Top Online Services and Software Downloads from Rutube

Not to overpay twice, it is not recommended to buy cheap devices. With the advent of new technologies, they may not cope with the tasks.

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How to connect a Smart console to a TV?

Connecting the console should not cause difficulties even in inexperienced users. After all, just enough to connect the box to the TV cable. To do this, do the following:

  • Turn off the power of both devices. If the console has no own plug in the outlet, then turn off the TV only. The plug from the outlet is generally better to pull out. Inteeis HDMI, through which the prefix connects to the TV, often flashes, if you connect two devices, each of which has its own power source.
  • Take the HDMI cable attached to the console and insert it with one end to the appropriate connector on the console, and the other in the HDMI connector on the TV. If the prefix connects via USB, insert a USB cable.
  • What to do if the TV is old and he has no HDMI? You can purchase an HDMI-AV converter. It is worth such a box about 1.5 thousand, but even if you bought your box in the 90s, allows you to make Smart-TV from the TV. In this case, you first need to connect the converter to the TV with the help of “tulips”, and then. connect an HDMI cable console. The converter looks like this: look at Yulmart
  • Enable both devices.

After that, you can start setting up the console.

Answers to user questions by Smart maps

Often problems occur when using Smart, so many users ask questions in Support. Users receive answers to questions quickly and without delay.

What does Smart card mean not defined by the receiver

To correct the error, you need to perform such steps:

  • Paste the card correctly.
  • Make cleaning the surface of the plastic card.
  • Check for damage, scratches.
  • Receiver reload.

Resetting the settings in the case when the reboot does not help. When the settings are cut off to the factory level, you need to perform the firmware.

What to do if the Smart card is faulty

On the TV monitor screen, an entry appeared that the card was blocked. This means that the memory ended on the disk or there was a breakdown. It is not to solve the problem to users, it is necessary to apply to technical support. In the office can offer a new card, especially when the slot fails.

Smart map belongs to another broadcast region. what does

When such an inscription appears on the receiver, it means that the antenna was initially configured to accept the signal from another project. The module itself for digital television is set to activate. To do this, first open the menu:

  • Activate the “Settings” item;
  • click on the line “On the receiver”;
  • Then click the string “Reset to factory settings”.

The region of broadcasting and payment of training is checked.

For Smart cards need an antenna or not

The antenna is designed so that in one place there is a signal, and in the other no. To view the channels, you need to adjust the antenna to the place where the signal comes from. Works antenna from amplifier. The more powerful signal, the better the image on the screen.

What to do if the Smart card is not installed

If the Smart installation is not performed, then you need to check such ways:

  • whether TV is included;
  • explore the instructions to properly work with the card;
  • can be additionally installed device.

When the instruction manual is read carefully, problems with installing and activating a Smart card is not required.

Smart card is a convenient device to access digital broadcasting. Plastic device works without interference if you follow the instructions. It is inexpensive and size compact. Customize it can user independently.

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