How to disable ok google on Android

How to delete Google search string on your Android home screen

Many users noticed on the screen of their Android smartphone Google string. It partially replaces the usual browser and allows the use of voice search to enter a request. Most users do not like this format, so they are interested in how to remove the Google search string from the Android screen. It is just done, but it all depends on the phone model and the version of Android. In this article we will consider in detail each method.

This method is the easiest and allows you to remove Google search from Xiaomi screen, Samsung and many other devices. It features the principle of removal of applications from the desktop.

First of all, it is necessary to keep your finger on the Google panel.

Now look carefully in the top of the display. There must appear icon of the garbage tank or the “Delete” button.

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Holding the widget gently move it to the icon appeared. Usually the icon is painted in red.

After performing this action, the Google search string should disappear. You can return it from the menu with widgets.

There are also cases when instead of the basket icon appears a list with a choice of functions. Here are only 2 points: Delete and find out information about the application. We need to click on the first option.

As for the tablets, then the situation is similar. It is enough to keep your finger on the line, and move the block to the basket.

Disable Google Assistant through settings

Disable voice assistant (and remove from the phone screen) as simple as any other application. Just click on the icon and drag it to the basket. However, keep in mind: the utility is still listed in the list of system applications and can be active.

You can completely disable Google Assistant on Android through a system applet “Applications”. For this you need:

  • Open Settings menu.
  • Find the “Devices” section, and in it. item “Applications”.
  • A list of all available applications will appear on the screen, and a gear icon will be visible in the upper right corner.
  • Clicking on the icon will display a menu with additional settings. Among them, you should find the item “Assistant and Voice Enter”, and then at the top of the list select the “Assistant” tab.
  • A window will open with a proposal to select a program for controlling the device. To disable Google Assistant, you just need to click the “No” button.
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As a result of these actions, all voice commands are disabled and the assistant will stop working on the voice request “Okay, Google”.

Maxim Razorovsky

Chief author and editor on the site Gurudroid.Net. I am writing high-quality and structured instructions for setting up Android devices. We also lead a YouTube channel on which in video format I show the execution of certain steps to achieve the desired result.

Maxim Razorovsky

Chief author and editor on the site Gurudroid.Net. I am writing high-quality and structured instructions for setting up Android devices. We also lead a YouTube channel on which in video format I show the execution of certain steps to achieve the desired result.

How to remove voice set?

Exercise “Oka Google” on Android smartphones allowed. On the tablets and phones of this OS by default set Google application. It is required to open it and further to solve the issue, how to remove the voice input of Google on Android, act according to the instructions:

  • It is necessary to touch the icon with three lines, which are in the upper corner of the left screen;
  • The button with the control settings is activated. If an assistant is installed on the device, you can access the parameters through it;
  • Selected voice recognition team. Usually he is second in the list;
  • It is required to click on the switch, which is next to the inscription, making it deactivated.

After the next update, this feature can be active again. It is impossible to disable at all. This is a solution to developers who did not think over such an opportunity or purposefully renew its activity after the device updates.

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On this occasion, it is not necessary to despair, the fulfillment of the above information has already sharply reduce the number of false positives. Reasons for disabling the application a lot, but regardless of the base, the user will be able to solve the problem for several clicks in the settings.

Turning off the voice search Google on Android

Currently, the Google voice search on the Android platform works at the expense of the Google application through which it is also set to configure. At the same time, in some third-party applications, it is quite possible to have a similar search with the participation of the system under consideration, but they will be missed by us. In addition, if you judge in general, the instruction is fully identical for all supported versions of the Android operating system, regardless of the availability of an assistant.

  • On the screen with installed applications, tap the “Google” icon. Further through the main menu at the bottom of the page, go to the “” tab and use the Settings item.
  • Here you need to click on the “voice input” line and on the next page find the block “Okay, Google”. Go to parameters you can, tapping by section “Okay, Google Recognition”.
  • As completion, change the state of the submitted sliders at your discretion. The number of items available depends on the device used and the availability of additional applications.

After changing the parameters, it is enough to leave the “Settings” and the Google application in general. This instruction comes up to complete, as due to the disconnection of all previously mentioned sliders, the voice search google will be unavailable.

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Will this article helped you?

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Clear Yandex Browser in Android: Easy and easy

History is a place in which the addresses of all visited Internet sites are preserved (an exception is the time when the “incognito” mode is used). At the user who has not yet mastered the use of Android or the Yandex application itself, questions may appear on how it (history) clear. These recommendations can help and when removing the stories of other browsers and operating systems.

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If you do not want someone to know about the resources you have visited, you have to clean the history of the browser, and there are not only the names of sites, but also the subsections in which you passed. Cleansing history is not always the appropriate option.

If your device is configured from your device, the story of which you have been removed, visited the pages will still have a purple tint. And in the process of folding the request, the phrase on which you decided to search for information. With the “incognito” mode, anything like (no pages, no requests) search engine and the application itself do not remember.

Forget all the methods that have been used earlier!

After switching to a new version of the OS itself, I ran into a similar problem. how to remove the Google search string from the Android 9 screen on Xiaomi Mi A2 (Lite) and other models. Is it possible to turn it off?

Immediately decided to resort to the usual decision. but a long pressing of an inteeis was not led to the appearance of the inscription “Remove”. Instead, a pop-up button “Settings” appeared.

I was already delighted, but only one only option was on the parameter page:

Next began to search for answers on the Internet. Viewed a lot of sites that talk about ways working only in previous editions. But for “nine” they are absolutely unacceptable.

Next Stage. Forums. It turned out, dozens of similar topics have been created, and everywhere “Smart people” are responsible equally:

In Android 9 remove the Google search below is not possible!

This is such a Google‘s chip, which was specifically developed and implemented to simplify the life of mobile gadget owners. But it turned out the contrary!

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