How to enlarge keyboard on Samsung tablet

Ways to enlarge keyboard on Android devices. How to enlarge keyboard on the phone

And the first option allows you to compress the phone keypad through the usual settings. And if we are talking about the standard Google entry tool (GBOard), that is, a new option, the activation of which is described in the step-by-step instruction:

All manufacturers of smartphones try to equip their mobile devices with a virtual keyboard. However, it does not always meet the user requirements. If for some reason the owner of the smartphone does not like the keyboard, it can always download another version. But some owners of smartphones with the Android operating system do not quite understand how you can change the keyboard, for example, to increase it.

The default Android smartphones have a medium-sized keyboard. If desired, the SWIFTKEY keyboard size can be quickly changed. For this you need to act like this:

  • Open the SwiftKey application;
  • Find the “Assembly;
  • Select the option “Change keyboard size”, here set the suitable dimensions for you.

Please note that in SwiftKey Keyboard you can change the font size, which will also affect scaling.

If you have a mobile screen with a curved screen, the appearance of the keyboard may not fit your expectations.

Samsung smartphones allow you to control keyboard settings with one hand. It is very convenient if the phone is used on the road or when writing messages when the second hand is busy. To increase the size of the keyboard on the Samsung smartphone, you need to do this:

  • In the “Settings” menu. “General settings”. “Language and Enter” Go to the “Screen Keyboard” section. “Samsung keyboard”.
  • At the bottom of the “Setup” tab, go to the “Size and Laying of the Keyboard” section.
  • Next you need to move or expand the frame surrounding the keyboard to change its size.
  • Here you can also try to work with a new font size by entering individual words, numbers or characters, if the Samsung keyboard layout has been changed.

The set size will not change automatically in the admin or editor until you yourself change it in the settings.

Change the font on the phone Huawei

The design of the text is changing in the settings. Result. Phone with large font, standard or reduced. If you want to change not only the size of the letters, you will need to install the application to replace the font. Phones from the manufacturer Huawei support the FontFix program if the Android version is standing on the gadget not older than FontFix contains a menu of 4 thousand fonts, which, unfortunately, are not sorted by input language. To find a comfortable Cyrillic font will have to work.

Setting up the physical keyboard on Android

This element is an external clave that connects to the phone by performing simple actions. Select multiple ways to connect.

Via USB cable

Cable comes with a gadget. One end of the wire must be stuck in the smartphone, and the second in the physical keyboard. After completing this action, a notification of the new input device will appear on the display of the device.

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To operate such an aggregate, you will need to log in the device parameters menu, go to the “Physical Keyboard” tab, select the model of the connected device and activate it by transferring the slider to the active position. In this case, the virtual element of the symbol set will automatically turn off.


To implement this method, you will need a keyboard with a built-in Bluetooth module. As a rule, for such models above. The user needs to turn on the Bluetooth mode and on the keyboard, and on the phone, then the device synchronization will start. Upon completion, you can enter the smartphone settings and search for a connected keyboard. After the user clicks on its name, the window opens with adjustments. The ability to change the layout is also present.

Important information! Some phones are equipped with a physical keyboard. However, almost all smartphones operating on Android OC do not have such a supplement. Therefore, users have to connect an external device to solve certain tasks.

How to quickly change the layout and input method

You can change the input parameters not only through the “Settings” menu, but also in any other application. Instruction:

Run any application to enter text (for example, some messenger) and tap in the message input box to call the keyboard. Click on the icon in the form of a gear to quickly go to the “Settings” menu. It is convenient if you want to disable the correction of words or change the text entry method.

Press and hold on the “Space” keyboard to change the layout or linguistic settings.

If necessary, you can change the text input method at any time. To do this, it is enough to launch some messenger and go to the settings. It is convenient if you use different virtual keyboards.

Any virtual keyboard for a tablet or smartphone is the usual application. If the manufacturer has installed its own keyboard, then it is impossible to remove it without any special tricks. But this does not mean that it is impossible to change the keyboard displayed by default for each text set.


In this section there are several sections. In the “Keys” block, you can enable or disable a separate “number of numbers” above the layout.

The language switch key can be replaced by the emoji switch. In this case, the layout language will change long by pressing the “Space”.

There is an opportunity over keys with symbols Add a string of prompts with Empi, which were used recently.

In the “Layout” block, you can slightly change the position of the keyboard by fasten it on the screen on the right or left.

With the help of the side menu, then you can cancel the fixation, change the side or raise the jingrad field above within the limited zone.

The “keyboard height” option allows you to change keys.

There is a function, thanks to which when choosing an Emzi application will offer similar stickers.

In GBoard, you can turn on the sound of the keys or vibrootch, and then change the sound volume and vibration force.

When the appropriate option is activated during a long press, the field will be shown with additional characters. The duration of pressing can be changed.

In the section “Topics” there is an opportunity to change the design of the application. For example, change the color of the intees, as well as make the background photo or any picture from the smartphone gallery.

    Click on the sign plus in the “My Topics” block, we find a suitable image and tapam on it.

Correction of text

This includes the options recommended options for simplifying text entry. For example, you can enable or disable emoji, the prompt row during the set, prohibit the jealth offer obscene words, as well as allow to make tips based on previous words.

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In the “Correction” block, there are options that the GBoard will automatically correct the errors, mark words with typos, start new offers from the capital letter, and after a double tap on the “Space” key to automatically arrange after the point of the point with a space.

For the operating system Andoid you can download many keyboard applications. Consider how you can switch to the SwiftKey keyboard, but the transition process to any other keyboard is identical.

How to set up a virtual keyboard

If the keyboard installed on the smartphone is tired, then you can easily put a new, more comfortable or attractive. Make it very simple, especially if you know how to do it right.

Android operating system is noteworthy that it is possible to configure everything in your own taste. Installing a virtual keyboard will not take much time. It’s not even a novice user. The range of such keyboards is constantly expanding, you can easily download and install any.

Consider the installation process on the example of installing the popular SWIFTKEY application.

  • Download and install a new keyboard with the usual method;
  • Go to the phone settings;
  • Click “Language and input”. “Current keyboard” (in the section “Keyboard and Input Methods”). “Choose”;
  • After that, we find the installed SWIFTKEY application;
  • Carefully read the warning system that appears on the screen, and then click OK;
  • Next you need to turn on the keyboard itself. To do this, the toggle switch is translated into an active position;
  • Returned to the Language and Enter menu;
  • Click on the section Current keyboard;
  • Select SWIFTTKEY, after which the change is saved automatically.

After all settings, it remains to check the keyboard in operation. You should write a few words or suggestions to understand how convenient the updated layout is convenient.

How to change the keyboard on Android Xiaomi

Before you choose a keyboard for models from Xiaomi, it is important to know what many more varied options have been created. Everyone has its own characteristics, features, functionality. For smartphones, the most popular Redmi 4X and Mi. What else can you see?

SwiftKey Keyboard

Provides quick input of text thanks to memorizing previously entered words. There is a function of fixing errors. At the same time, it is possible to enter phrases, which facilitates the input process.

Swiftkey Keyboard with lots of Emodi


The default utility is installed on most gadgets operating on Android OS. Functions are similar to the previous program.

Smart Keyboard

Advantages in compact templates, T9 mode in Russian, ability to change the design, choosing the most frequently used phrases, voice input. A lot of Emodi, the composition of which is constantly added by new.


The difference of the application in alternative keyboard design. You can enter the text, and in parallel to search for information, download files and send them in the correspondence. There is a personalized dictionary that complement new phrases, words to speed up the printing process.


Another representative of the “Smart” clave. He just has a huge functionality. There are even modern dictionaries in which there are definitions of slang words.

Adaptxt is distinguished by the presence of a dictionary with Slang

The process itself is simpler. The Xiaomi user sufficiently perform the following steps:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Select “System and Management” and make a transition to advanced settings.
  • Click on the section “Languages ​​of input” and set the command on input methods.
  • Activate the folding used.
  • Update standard to another option.

Increase the size of the touch keyboard on the Android smartphone

We will explain what method to use depending on the keyboard you use. Typically, the two most commonly used keyboards: Swift key “, the native Android keyboard and” GBOOD “, Google keyboard.Select an option that matches your installed keyboard:

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This keyboard is set by default on your Android phone. If you didn’t touch anything, it is quite possible that it is.

There are two different methods to change the SWIFT KEY keyboard size on your smartphone. The first is running directly from the input menu when the messaging application is started:

Increase keyboard size directly from the keyboard

Here is the manipulation to increase the size of the keys on the SWIFT KEY keyboard. There is a second way to do this in the settings of your Android phone:

How to change the keyboard on Samsung

Despite the fact that the keyboard is always present in the list of pre-installed programs of any Android-smartphone, sometimes you want something more familiar and convenient than the standard application. So, for example, the Samsung “keyboard” is installed on Samsunga, although it is far from ideal and developers still have something to work in terms of convenience and the necessary functional. How to change the keyboard on Samsung by setting more comfortable for the application?

As an example, take the GBoard keyboard (the developer of which is Google), as it is absolutely free, supports the skins and is much more convenient than the analogue of Samsung.

First of all, you must go to Google Play and install the GBOard application.

By installing, run it and click on the “Enable in the settings” button.

The Keyboards Management window will open, where you want to activate the switch near the keyboard name (in our case it is a GBoard) and confirm your intentions by pressing the “OK” button when you request that the keyboard can collect data about the text you recruit.

The next step is pressed the “Select Input Method” button and switched to the desired keyboard.

And finally, the third stage is the issuance of permits. Click on the “Set Permissions” button and select “Allow” item. The GBoard application requires access to the contacts to speed up their writing in the text (it pulls into your local dictionary names of your contacts and suggests you correctly writing.

After the permissions are issued, click on the “Finish” button and can use the keyboard.

How to change the keyboard on Samsung if it is already installed in the phone?

In the event that the keyboard is already installed in the system or does not have its own setup wizard, you can activate it manually through the system settings.

To do this, go into the settings and in the category “General Settings” Select the section “Language and input”.

Click on the default keyboard and select one of the keyboards installed in the phone.

How to change the keyboard on Android in the settings

If the built-in you does not suit you, you can download for free with Play Market Other. there are a lot of them, the choice is big.

Then you need to change the built-in one that you downloaded, otherwise it will always be to run that the developer integrates.

To do this, in the “Language and Enter” section, click on the second keyboard keyboard and place the “Bird” opposite the you want to configure.

ATTENTION: If you called the keyboard and do not know how to remove it, then the easiest way to click on the “Back” button (at the bottom with the arrow icon with a turn). Success.

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