How to install WhatsApp on iPad tablet

How to install whatsapp on iPad

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers for mobile platforms and computers. Everyone has at least 2 acquaintances using this messenger. And the iPad users appear a fair desire to install and use WhatsApp on your tablet. Most likely, with such an idea, you stumbled on the lack of application in the App Store. In this article we will talk about how to install and use WhatsApp on the iPad, and tell about the most popular problems with the application.

iPad is a tablet from Apple. Variations of one version of the tablet 2. Pro and the usual version. The first version of the iPad is aimed for professionals working with design, music, etc. The usual version is aimed at the massive buyer.

But what the Pro version is that the usual is used to view video, movies, news in social networks. That is, the tablet is more than 50% of the total time is used for entertainment. So why, together with the version for the smartphone, use and version for tablets? Whatsapp synchronizes messages 2 applications with a single account. With this option you will be less distracted. Yes, and the set on the big screen of the tablet is much more convenient.

How to install whatsapp on iPad?

Surely, the first problem that occurs from iPad users when installing WhatsaApp on the iPad is the lack of version of the program for the tablet in the App Store. over, in contrast to other programs available for the iPhone, the application cannot be found and when you turn on the program display only iPhone.When you try to install the program from a computer iTunes will also give an error.

To bypass all these obstacles, we will have to fulfill several simple actions:

  • Open the iTunes program on your Windows or Mac computer and fighter in the iTunes Store section.
  • In it, find the Whatsapp program itself and download it to your computer

After that, you will need to resort to the help of the iFunBox third-party program (you can download here), which is available for both Windows and Mac. This program is essentially a manager for iOS devices by analogy with iTunes.

  • Connect the iPad to the computer and make sure it is defined in iFunBox.
  • Press the Install application key and find the installation file using the search.IPA WhatsApp program that has been downloaded from iTunes Store.
  • After successfully executing the procedure, the WhatsApp program will appear on the iPad screen.

However, it is still impossible to use the program on the iPad, since it will report that it will not be designed to work on the tablet:

Now you need an iPhone on which either not installed, or the WhatsApp program has been deleted. Note that after removing whatsapp with the iPhone, when you cannot restore a copy of the correspondence data from iCloud. The phone must appear on the phone to register numbers.

After the application confirms your phone number and send a message with confirmation code in SMS, complete the setting and connect the iPhone to a computer with a running iFunBox program.

Now connect the iPad to the computer again and run the iFunBox program. Similarly, go to the WhatsApp folder and download folders copied with iPhone to it.

It remains only to restart the program on the iPad and start using it.

Please note that WhatsApp will not work on both devices in parallel, messages will only come to the device on which the WhatsApp program has been used last.

How to install whatsapp on iPad

You can join WhatsApp testing through TestFlight

IMPORTANT: At the time of publication publishing, the staff of the test holders for the current beta version of whatsapp is already equipped. So do not be surprised if you will be denied on the joining page to the prior access program. This is a completely standard practice. Therefore, it is recommended to check from time to time if there were no free spaces. Perhaps someone will come from the test program, and you will have access to Bethe.

It is difficult to say when whatsapp is released for iPad. Practice shows that developers can test iconic innovations for quite a long time. So the tests can delay both for a month and two, and even for six months. And, given the scale of cross-device support, as such, it can be assumed that it will appear at best, only this fall, and it will stay down until the end of the year. Therefore, do not wait for the update in either August, neither, most likely, in September.

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Download and install the application

Officially download whatsapp for iPad is not possible, you can not install a SIM card, because there is no application in the store. Therefore, to install, you need to use a browser or informal jump methods.


With the help of TweakBox, Apple’s tablet owners can carry out a jump, installing various mods, services that cannot be run through the official store. The program works on the basis of jailbreak, applies its work tools. It should be indicated that thanks to the service, the participant will become an informal client. For this reason, confidentiality, the safety of the messenger is not guaranteed.

First you need to download, correctly put on the operating system and configure the program without SIM, and then install WhatsApp through it. To do this, you need to follow a clear step-by-step instruction:

  • Open Safari browser, go to tweakbox;
  • Click download application, resolve action with a profile setting;
  • Next click on the “Install” button, enter the password;
  • Press “ready”, go to “Settings”;
  • In the “Main” section, choose an affordable corporate program and click “Trust”.

Thus, the TWEAKBOX system will be installed. To download and start using WhatsApp, you need to go to the program, take a security policy, go to “Applications”, select a third category from above, scroll through the list and find the first Watusi tab with a wrapper. Then it will remain download the application and activate it.


To install via BIGBOSS Mini you need to download, deal with a personal computer to the Utility in the expansion of IPA. Then download the program, connect the tablet to the computer. Move the folder with the program to the tablet and perform the standard setup procedures. Mandatory in the “Basic” section click on the “Trust” utility button. Upon completion of the procedure, you may need to restart the device, updating the program. After these actions, you can easily use the messenger.

Web version

Almost all popular messengers work on the web version. The main functionality is available on devices. There is access to dialogs, files, documents and other media. However, there are no pop-up notifications. To open the WhatsApp Web Messenger Web version, you must comply with the following instructions:

  • Open Safari browser, go to whatsapp website;
  • Click “Share”, press the “full version of the site”;
  • In the next window, scan code through the installed wrapper with an active profile.

Ultimately, the installation will be successfully completed. The user will be able to actively start using the messenger, update the application, as needed.

note! You can scan code through the “Settings” section, “Web” and “” button “.

Cydia Impactor

Cydia Impactor works in the same way as TWEAKBOX. Utility uses Sideload technology. First, you need to put the program on the PC, download it in the IPA extension. Then to generate a password. To generate numbers, you need to go to the official website of Apple, enter account data ID. In the tab of the “Application Password” tab, click on “Create Password” and in the fistive field to enter any word. The system will then generate a unique password.

After generating a password, it will stay to open the utility, connect the tablet to the computer. Download the application by entering your Apple ID login. Next to enter a generated password and wait until the download is terminated. Before opening the application, you should enable the confidence feature through the settings. After that, the WhatsApp icon will appear on the desktop.


Jailbreak. utility with which you can access files, quickly download any file from a third-party source. note! Hacking the product operating system fraught with unstable equipment and loss of safety of its use. In order to download whatsapp through the jailbreak, you need to find the program on the computer and install it in the system.

Next, the right file must be unpacked through the archive. Then it will be left to connect the tablet to the computer, run the file, click on the “Jailbreak” and upon completion of the process to agree with the requirements of unlocking the device. After the label appears on the desktop, you must restart the gadget, then update the service.

install, whatsapp, ipad, tablet

To order a messenger, you need to install the iPhone Configuration Utility. In the Utility panel, choose Applications, Install and WhatsApp. At the end of the process, run Cydia on the iPad, from the Bigboss tab find WhatsApp.

How to add whatsapp icon on iPad home screen

Unfortunately to take advantage of whatsapp on the iPad, you will have to open the Safari browser every time. To make this process faster, you can add the site icon right on the home screen.

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Open Web site.Whatsapp.COM in Safari on iPad.

install, whatsapp, ipad, tablet

Press the menu in the form of three points near the address string.

Select “Add home”, and the WhatsApp icon will appear on the iPad home screen.

Before adding icons, you have the opportunity to rename it. Check the name and web address, and only then add the icon to the home screen.

Now you can open the website whatsapp touch icons on the home screen.

Note that the WhatsApp icon will not be displayed in the application library, and the WhatsApp widgets will not be able to use. It’s just a quick way to go to the site.

Whatsapp limits on iPad

WhatsApp on the iPad. so far just a web inteeis. For him, the same limitations are relevant as for the usual WhatsApp web version.

  • Average productivity. Sometimes the site can hide. The application works a little better.
  • Voice and video calls are not available.
  • The site uses the contacts saved on the iPhone, and not on the iPad.

That’s all! Now you know how to install whatsapp on iPad. Although the web inerta has some restrictions, Whatsapp in Safari is good enough for correspondence.

Installation via iFunBox

iFunBox is a special converting program with system control elements. To implement such installation you will need iPhone, iPad and stationary computer.

Installation steps How to install WhatsApp on iPad is free and will include the following steps:

Install WhatsApp on iPhone:

Installing ifunbox.

Unloading data to the tablet:

  • Next, you need to connect iPad to a computer (better via USB).
  • In iFunBox Open the “App Installation” folder (right above).
  • Download executed.
  • Do not be afraid if iPad will show a compatibility error.
  • Disable the device from the computer.

Reinstalling the messenger on the iPhone:

  • Run program manager.
  • Agree to complete software removal.
  • Initiate re-installation (I do not agree on a copy of the reserve or clouds).
  • Connect the iPhone to the computer.
  • Go to iFunBox, select the section “Applied Programs”.
  • Allocate and copy with iPhone Library folders, Documents (Select the storage place so that they are easy to find).
  • Disable PC Gadget.

Transfer data to iPad:

  • Connect to PC iPod.
  • In iFunBox Open the “App Installation” folder (right above).
  • Copy the “Documents” and Libraries “folders downloaded from iPhone.
  • Unload whatsapp on an iPod.
  • Launch messenger.

For a similar option, such tablet PC as iPad mini and iPad Air will be suitable.

Loading and installing WhatsApp on iPad using WhatSpad

Download the iPA WhatSpad file on this link to the computer.

Cydia Impactor will need to install. Load it from here.

Connect the iPad to a computer via a USB connector and run Cydia Impactor.

Capture the iPA WhatSpad file and drag it to the Cydia Impactor window.

A message appears asking to enter Apple ID and password. it is necessary to generate a certificate. If you do not want to provide Apple this data, use alternative Apple ID.

Immediately after entering an Apple ID, the Cydia Impactor program will start setting the WhatSpad application on the iPad. At the end of the installation, the application icon will appear on the device home screen.

Before starting the application, visit the Settings section = Basic = profiles. Sometimes this menu item may be called “Device Management” or “Profiles and Device Management”.

Open the profile corresponding to your Apple ID, and click on the “Trust” button.

Return to Home Screen and Open WhatsApp.

Congratulations on a successful installation! Now you can use iPad to exchange via WhatsApp. Since the application in the original is not intended for the iPad, there may be some difficulties. for example, delays in receiving messages or no notifications.

Remember: after the 7-day term, the application will be accompanied, and you will need to reinstall the installation using Cydia Impactor.

Proven methods

Each of the options described below will not require the Jailbreak installation and will not make a clock in the settings, the main thing is to repeat a small algorithm of actions:

Developers from. which belongs to whatsapp, have long ceased to pay due attention to the audience, and therefore independent studios from all over the world. So, for example, Alejandro Perea Navarrete offers to try out a bold novelty. Whatspad Web. The version is sharpened exclusively under the tablets and offers standard inteeis, complete contact synchronization and already familiar settings, emoticons and voice calls.

Of the shortcomings. technical errors, but notifications are available, the optimization is excellent, and problems with the fulfillment of the following actions will not even have newbies.

WatchApp installation methods on iPad

Consider the main ways to install WhatsApp on the iPad tablet, from legal up to the conflict with Apple policies.

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Web version

It is the easiest, legal, but definitely not the most comfortable in terms of using the messenger method. In principle, many desktop users use such a way, but it is impossible to call it the most successful.

Run the WhatsApp really simply using a system browser, but on comparison with an independent product, it has many shortcomings that will make it difficult to use the communicator. So, in the web version, double touch leads to the triggering of the zoom, and there are quite a few such trifles. But but you will not have to use the jailbreak. True, just to turn on the messenger will not work, even this method requires a smartphone with a registered account.

So, how to start the Whatsapp web version:

  • We go to the messenger on the iPhone;
  • Open the last tab (it is at the bottom right);
  • Tada on the button in the form of a QR code, located at the top of the right;
  • A QR codes scanner will appear on the screen;
  • On the tablet in the browser, we open the Website WhatsApp and click on the button input to the account;
  • QR codes scanner will open;
  • Use a smartphone to read the QR code issued, after which synchronize both devices.

This will allow you to enter the account and legally use the messenger on the iPad. The functionality will be almost the same as on a full-fledged application, and still trimmed. It is necessary to immediately include notifications, because without this, new messages will remain unnoticed.

ATTENTION. Some options regarding the account settings will be unavailable in the WhatsApp browser version. You will also not be able to control the messenger gestures, will be inoperable for some of the programs of the program, including you cannot call with iPad by WhatsApp. In short, the existing restrictions will not allow you to use this option as a full-fledged application.


Many Apple technicians have repeatedly used this informal store to download games / applications inaccessible in the official. He will help you and this time, allowing you to install WhatsApp on the iPad without a phone and access to the tablet file system.

  • After downloading TweakBox from the official site, click the “Install” button;
  • We enter the password, click the “Finish” button;
  • Open on the tablet “Settings”, go to the item “Main” and looking for a string “Shenzhen Span Logistiks Limited IEAP”;
  • Tada on it, click the “Trust” button;
  • We run TWEAKBOX, agree with the terms of the User Agreement;
  • We select the “Apps” tab at the top of the screen, in the submenu taping at the TWEAKED Apps paragraph;
  • A list appears in which we are looking for a string “Watusi for WhatsApp”, install this application in Russian;
  • It remains only to go to launch the messenger and go through the registration procedure. iPhone for this is not needed, but get a separate SIM card for the tablet will have to.

Cydia Impactor

Assigning this utility is similar. the ability to install applications on devices running under iOS, in case of the impossibility of installing them through the AppStore.

Although the smartphone can not be needed here, but without a computer, install WhatsApp on the iPad will not work. Another mandatory condition is the presence of iTunes installed on PC, and be sure to the latest version of the program. You can download it directly from the developer’s website. Now you need to find and download the WhatsApp installer on the tablet (the file with the IPA extension), as well as the Cydia Impactor installer. The last program immediately install.

  • Go to Apple.COM, we enter the account. We go into the settings, go to the “Security” tab, select the “Application Passwords” section and taping on the “Create Password” button;
  • We enter the name for the password, and after clicking on the “Create” button, it will be automatically generated by the program;
  • Run Cydia Impactor, after which you connect the tablet to PC. The Cydia application will appear a small menu, select the “Just Connected Device” item;
  • Open the directory with the WhatsApp installer, transfer it to Cydia Impactor, click the “Start” button;
  • In the window that opens, enter your Apple ID and password generated by the site.

Before you start using the application, you need to activate the confidence feature on the tablet. This is done as follows:

  • We go to the “Settings”, choose subparagraph “main”;
  • Go to the “Profiles, Device Management” tab;
  • We are looking for a subsection “by developer”, in which your Apple ID will be displayed, tadam on it;
  • Click on the “Trust” button twice.
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