How to make a computer from the phone

How to use your smartphone as a computer replacement

The debut function of Continuum from Microsoft promised to make a coup in the daily use of smartphones based on the mobile version of the Windows 10 operating system. Nevertheless, still widespread the possibility of using the computing power of the smartphone as a full-fledged working computer did not receive, and that is a number of reasons. In addition, not everyone is ready to go to a new operating system for the sake of one “chips”. Fortunately, there have been accessories for a long time on the market, which in one way or another allow us to reward the usual Android smartphone with the capabilities of a full-fledged computer.

The easiest way to expand the capabilities of your smartphone. Connect it through a special USB OTG-adapter keyboard or mouse. The range of such adapters is quite large and everyone can choose the desired color and length, but most often there are standard black shoelaces with a length of about 10 cm. These are five-pin adapters that are compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0. Their commissioning is also not difficult. Just connect it to your smartphone and start using for destination. The transfer rate is up to 480 Mbps and allows you to connect GPS receivers, digital cameras, keyboards and much more.

There are also more advanced models with different connection intees, as well as models with support for USB 3 standard.0. Due to this, the data transfer rate up to 5 Gb / s is achieved.

Active users of this feature quite quickly come to the need to connect several peripheral accessories at once, so USB- “Tees” come to the rescue. At the same time, they serve as extension cords, because 45-50 cm lengths, which greatly simplifies the connection.

For the most rye users there are hubs with four ports. Note that when the external power is connected through such hubs, you can recharge devices, however, you have to manually switch the mode.

An even more functional hub includes cartriders of different formats with the ability to read and write data. Modern standard for such devices. This is support for OTG, the presence of a USB hub and a cartride. As a rule, supported support for TF, SD, SDXC, SDHC, MicroSD, MicroSDHC, MicroSDXC (Class 10/4). You can also connect the external keyboards to the smartphone or tablet, USB drives, mouse and digital cameras. Most often, similar solutions use photographers for quick shipping files from the camera to another device.

It is noteworthy that similar hubs can be connected not only to devices with a microUSB port, but also to the computer. To do this, the hub must have a special adapter for a full-fledged USB connector.

Not bypass manufacturers and iOS devices, releaseing a hub for iPad and iPhone. Performing similar functions, such hubs will greatly facilitate the use of i-device, however, it is usually done without Apple official permission. To overcome system limitations, more or less full operation is guaranteed only on old iOS versions, and the most desired iOS 6 on which you can perform a jailbreak procedure and installing special utilities, such as ifile. Other than the work of the hub is not guaranteed.

Continuing the topic of cartriders can not be not mentioned compact, but very multifunctional Connection Kit, which can serve both to read and write memory cards and to connect the periphery through the built-in USB. The dimensions of the gadget are so modest that it can be worn everywhere with him, connecting to the phone as needed.

The most compact hub in this category became a universal adapter for Android, which in size is barely superior to the standard USB flash drive. He knows how to work with all the common formats of memory cards, and thanks to the two-sided location of MicroUSB and USB it is equally easy to connect both to the smartphone and the tablet.

Note that this is not all options for expanding the functionality of your mobile device. Share with us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, what ways to increase the standard features of smartphones and tablets you know and use you.


SpaceDesk is a free solution for the use of Android and iOS devices as a second monitor in Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 with a Wi-Fi connection (a computer can be connected to the cable, but must be on the same network). Almost all modern and not very versions of Android are supported.

  • Download and install a free SpaceDesk application available in Play Market. https: // / Store / Apps / Details?ID = Ph.SpaceDesk.Beta (currently an application in beta, but everything works)
  • From the official site of the program, download the virtual monitor driver for Windows and install it on your computer or laptop. https: // www.SpaceDesk.NET / (section Download. DRIVER Software).
  • Run the application on the Android device connected to the same network as the computer. The list will display computers on which the SPACEDESK display driver is installed. Click the link “Connection” with the local IP address. On the computer it may be necessary to resolve the driver SpaceDesk access to the network.
  • Finish: Windows screen is displayed on the tablet or phone screen in the screen duplication mode (provided that you did not configure the desktop extension mode or display only on one screen).
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You can start work: I have worked surprisingly. Touch input from the Android screen is supported and works fine. If necessary, opening the Windows screen settings, you can configure how the second screen will be used: for duplication or to expand the desktop (about it. in the instructions of the two monitors mentioned at the beginning of the connection, everything is the same). For example, in Windows 10, this option is in the screen parameters below.

Additionally, in the SpaceDesk application on Android in the “Settings” section (you can go there before connecting) You can configure the following parameters:

make, computer, phone

  • Quality / Performance. Here you can set the image quality (the better than the slower), the color depth (the smaller. the faster) and the desired frame rate.
  • Resolution. Monitor Resolution on Android. Ideally, establish a real permission used on the screen, if it does not lead to significant display delays. Also, in my test, the default resolution was set to the smaller than the device supports.
  • Touchscreen. Here you can enable or disable control using the Android touch screen, as well as change the sensor operation mode: Absolute Touch means that pressing will be able to work in that place of the screen where you are pressed, TouchPad. clicks will work as if the device screen was Touchpad.
  • Rotation. setting up whether the screen will be rotated on the computer as well as rotated on the mobile device. I did not affect this function for anything, the turn did not happen in any case.
  • Connection. Connection Parameters. For example, an automatic connection when the server is detected (T.E. computer) in the application.

On the computer, the SpaceDesk driver shows the icon in the notification area by clicking on which you can open a list of Android devices connected, change the resolution, and also disable the ability to connect.

In general, my impression of SpaceDesk is extremely positive. By the way, using this utility can be turned into a second monitor not only Android or iOS device, but also, for example, another computer with Windows.

Unfortunately, SpaceDesk is the only fully free method for connecting Android as a monitor, the remaining 3 require payment for use (with the exception of Splashtop Wired X Display Free, which can be used for 10 minutes for free).

How from the tablet with Android make the second monitor

The second monitor may be very useful for working on a personal computer, as it allows not only to increase the user’s workplace, but also to save funds in case you need to expand the review or field of activity on PC. How to use the tablet on Android OS as a second monitor we will tell you in this article.

The popular application for connecting a tablet with Android as in the second PC monitor with Windows OS is SpaceDesk.

SpaceDesk works on the local network SpaceDesk and is simply installed on the gadget.

First you need to install the necessary drivers to the Windows operating system. After the application is open, all devices are defined with SPACEDESK connected over the local network. Opening the program on the tablet, it can be synchronized with your PC.


SPLASHTOP WIRED XDISPlay program for pairing with PC will not need Internet. only USB will be required. wire. The application works with all versions of Windows, provides high and interesting features. For example, it provides a function of saving the battery of the smartphone by reducing the quality of the image or frame frequency.

Idisplay initial was created for MacOS and iOS, but, nevertheless, supports Android and Windows. Thanks to this, IDISPLAY consider one of the best solutions on the market today. The program supports the operation of devices in a pairing mode with a frequency of up to 60 frames per second. The only minus program consider the absence of a free version.

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Connecting through Google Remote Desktop

Through Google Remote Desktop, you can easily install devices between Android and PC Windows. The program is free and allows you to additionally manage the PC desktop from the smartphone.

In the chrome browser, you need to open the store page and install the desired expansion. After that, the new module in the browser will start, through which the tablet to the PC is available in the “Remote Support” block.

Splashtop Wired XDisplay

Application Splashtop Wired XDisplay can be obtained as free. So in paid versions for installation on Windows 7-10, Mac OS, Android and iOS.

After installing Splashtop Wired XDisplay on PC, you need to attach a USB cable tablet to a computer. Through a running application Allow debugging with PC.

After connecting via Android, the labels of the main computer screen will appear on the groove. The tablet will be a projection of the monitor in Windows on which you can work in the usual mode.

Through the program you can configure the monitor resolution. Frame rate and image quality.

TwoMon USB is an application that allows you to connect the device with Android as a monitor. It connects through the cable and only works for Windows 10 and Android.

Idisplay. everything is fine, but without a shortage

Idisplay was initially a program exclusively for MacOS and iOS. And she would not get into this list if she did not receive support for Android and Windows. Thanks to this, IDISPLAY is one of the best solutions on the market today. It supports working in pairing mode with a frequency of up to 60 frames per second and even recognizes multitouch gestures. The only minus that can push a number of users, the application does not have a free version. And you knew that your device can easily be used as a second screen? Tell about it in our telegram chat.

How to make a microphone from a smartphone for PC

To make a microphone from a smartphone for PC, you will not need almost no additional tools. All you need. Download Wo Mic app on your phone. The application has 4 connection methods. via USB cable, by Bluetooth, as well as Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct (when the phone is a PC access point).

I will show everything on an example of connecting via USB, as it is easier to do it. It is best to use a native cable from a smartphone, it has each. If you do not have. you can look at Ali, there are many of them. Remember that the program can work incorrectly with cheap cords.

Before proceeding with the instructions, I draw your attention to what pre-download the program to the computer and download a special driver. Without it, you can not configure the microphone. Plus, taking into account the program only works with Windows 7, 8, 10 computers.

I immediately want to say that you will not manage to adjust the volume of the microphone. Initially, the developers were offered on the subscription, but taking into account that in Russia the payment in Google Play does not work, it is unlikely to work out. From additional subscription buns. fast shutdown button micro and lack of advertising.

Connection setup

It was noted above that most keyboards work immediately after connection, but in some cases you need to implement the following steps:

  • Go to “Settings” of your phone.
  • Select the “Advanced Settings” section and find the “Language and Enter” subsection.
  • Click on “Keyboard”. In the presence of a physical keyboard, an appropriate string will appear.
  • In the properties of the connected keyboard, you can select the necessary language layouts, as well as disable or leave a conventional on-screen keyboard.

After performing these actions, you can start working with the text.

How to set up a smartphone as a second monitor

  • Download the SpaceDesk app on your smartphone or tablet;
  • Install the driver for Windows from the official site SpaceDesk;
  • Open the application on the smartphone. As soon as SpaceDesk detects a computer with a driver installed, click on the “Connection” button with your IP address;

To configure the work in the extended screen mode and use the Android device as the continuation of your desktop, press the WINP key combination and on the side panel, select “Expand”.

For a finest setting of the operation mode of the displays (permissions, orientation and scale), as well as if the desktop expands “not to the other side”, and you need to change the screens in places, open the menu “Parameters”.

To quickly access the parameters in Windows 10, you can use the Wini key combination, or opening the notifications window on the taskbar. After that, go to the “System” parameter.

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Here you can change the mode of displaying multiple displays, change the order of their location from left to right, and also choose which of the screens will be the main thing, and which one will be the continuation of another.

Full Android-smartphone on your PC!

Already looked at how to run their favorite PC games on the smartphone? Not yet? Then look at first, and after sure to come back! Meanwhile, for you there is a reverse version! We get a full Android smartphone on your PC.

This time we will assist the program called BlueStacks. It is she who allows you to launch any game with a smartphone at your PC.

Why is it all needed? Then to test, any powerful game in powerful gland (by the standards of smartphones) or to use various messengers who work and look much better than on PC.

The causes of use may be mass: from launching for easy interest before full commercial use. If you are the developer of mobile games, it is easier and more convenient to test initially with the help of this software.

Hyde Installation and Start BlueStacks:

  • Download and install a utility from the official site.
  • After logging in to the program, you must enter the Google account, as well as to the BlueStack account (the same Google Account).
  • After installing the application with PlayMarket Or with help .APK File.
  • Profit!

By the way, this program has a number of advantages compared to similar software. For example, the weight of Bluestacks is less, it has graphic support for Windows, and there is also the possibility of installation .APK files from the desktop than other programs do not possess. details you can read on a special page.

Games are managed using the keyboard, that is, walk you will be with the help of WASD, but the situation with the mouse is slightly complicated. To move the mouse, you need to clamp the left mouse button and drive. Control flexible and configured, but you can not adjust the feature with the mouse. The rest is quite transferred to various keys. All text is also entered from the desktop keyboard.

The inteeis himself looks at first heavily and complicated. A bunch of tiles in which it is quite difficult to find something, the benefit of the search, which will find everything you need. As they say, this is a matter of habit, with time you will get used to.

make, computer, phone

Alas, this utility is free only conditionally. For the premium version will have to be given 2 per month or 25 per year. In return, you get higher productivity and therefore more powerful iron, The program does not use your PC resources directly, and emulates a specific smartphone. In addition, all advertising will disappear.

There is an alternative use of the application, but already free. downloading various applications with advertising. That is, you download, run, you are displayed advertising and then allow you to use your PC smartphone. As a result, we have a powerful and useful utility that gives many opportunities. Is it useful? yes than no. After all, it can be installed simply to hurt, but you can carry out full tests and use in work.

What to do?

As in the case of the MS Office package (and its followers), which was initially developed under the screen of the monitor, the company that wants to claim the laurels of the creator of the ideal “mobile office” should start from scratch. She will have to create his own business ecosystem, develop new principles for visualizing information and intees, hire an army of designers and philosophers, engineers and programmers. By the same time, all the manufacturers of smartphones go in a kilvater stream of ancient ideas will not change anything, the good old “BB” (“BB” or “Big Brother” is a folk term, which is used in the IT community to designate a stationary PC) will stand In each office and the office will stand in it.

make, computer, phone

Dr. Richter (Tilo Prucner) demonstrates the connection of the iPhone 3G to the management systems of the Nazi Space Cruiser “Twilight of the Gods” in the film “Iron Sky” 2012. Indeed, the smartphone can control the spacecraft, but cannot replace the working person.

Camrads that you think about trying big brands to present a smartphone as a full PC replacement? Whether with successful cases of such a replacement, or such attempts ended with a plud of dust with a PC / laptop?

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