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Again, the Apple iPhone phone was released last year with an updated iOS system. Update added plenty of functions for iPhone, including multitasking, Bluetooth keyboard and more multiple digital zoom for your iPhone camera. Updating iOS operating system is available for free download via iTunes. Scaling the camera is simply in use and allows you to do digital photos from a larger distance using your iPhone.

Instructions How to make a camera approach on the iPhone (zoom function)

Most people use their multimedia phones as a camera to create a photo or video frame. Such a camera is always at hand. Although telephone cameras have improved significantly over the past few years, they still have some technical features.

So, now you will learn how to increase the iPhone camera and decide some of your tasks when photographing:

Touch the iPhone screen. This automatically activates the setting of the camera approximation function (zoom) “. It doesn’t matter what part of the iPhone screen you touch.

Move in one finger on the zoom scale “” to enlarge the image.

Click the camera icon to take a picture.

As you can see, an increase in objects in the iPhone. This is a very simple and useful photo technique to create perfect photo image.

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Very soon there may be a new phone 5G from Google. Mobile Gadget Google Pixel 5 is undergoing FCC certification along with the Pixel 4A 5G model.

Reason for increasing the screen iPhone and huge icons

When the iPhone screen is increased, it is almost always the result of the fact that someone accidentally turned on the iPhone scaling function. This is a feature of availability designed to help people with problems of view to increase the items on the screen so that they can see them better. When it is included by mistake for someone who has no problems with their vision, it causes problems.

To unlock the device and return the icons in a normal size, keep three fingers together and twice tap the screen with three fingers at the same time. It will return you to the normal size icons that you used to view.

How to remove the screen increase on the iPhone

Remove the enlarged screen is simple enough, but, as stated earlier, it should be found for starting to know the reason for the appearance and enable this option.

If the reason is that this is a system failure, then the user is best attributed to the device for the diagnosis to the verified expert, so that he revealed the reason for the program failure and began to do something with the phone.

The longer to delay the reason for the program failure, the faster the phone can fail. At the first signs that something is wrong with the phone, you need to contact the expert or simply to a proven person, so that he began to do something with the phone, disassembled him, looked at the “stuffing”. Because the user may simply not notice that something is wrong in his device. This, as a rule, can lead to a rapid failure.

If the reason in the software fails, but there is no possibility to refer to the expert, it is better to make a full restart. cleaning the phone, that is, return it to the factory settings. You can see more detail about this in this video

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But this option is only suitable for deathal cases, those when the user has no other option, except for such that even a specialist could not identify the cause and problem.

If the reason is that the user has acurately addressed the phone and accidentally called this function, then you need to take the following measures to the iPhone screen be the same:

  • To begin with, you just need to touch two times at the same time three fingers to the phone screen. In this case, the image will automatically become normal. It could increase such actions, since pressing three fingers causes a function by activating it.
  • If the user does three touch immediately, a special screen will appear with such options, how to “decrease”, “zoom in the window”, “Select a filter”, “Show controller” and slider itself. The user can easily and easily configure the screen, separation or approximation to it. To ensure that the user can remove the screen and return it to the previous position, you just need to hold the controller to the very end to the left. After that, the screen will automatically move up to the desired size to the user. To remove this window, you must click on any free part of the screen.

Also, the user can make another way. use the settings in which you can just install this function and disconnect including. It is in the settings in special features.

In order to do everything using the settings, the user needs to do the following:

  • First you need to go to the settings. As a rule, the user does not have access to the settings, as the screen is enlarged strong enough. To do this, you can move the screen with your finger. You also need to find settings, namely. icon. Settings icon looks like a gear on a gray background. Under the settings themselves written a similar name;
  • After switching to the settings, we must go to the main partition, after which it is necessary to find the feature and list of options “Universal Access”;
  • Going to this section, the user needs to go to the “Increase” option;
  • After the transition opens a description of the option, as well as activation or deactivation. You can also adjust the following focus. To remove the user to remove the increase, you just need to translate the slider into an inactive state, from to make it gray.

If the user for some reasons did not make it possible to make the screen as it was before, then he should be used by a special iTunes installed on a computer, with which you can fully control the device.

How to optimize sound in conversational dynamics

All Apple Mobile Devices are equipped not only by speakers, but also a microphone transmitting speech in high quality. But sometimes during a telephone conversation or call in Facetime mode, the interlocutor complains that the sound is unclear and extraneous noises, crackles, clicks, clicks. You can assume a microphone malfunction for the following reasons:

  • moisture hit the corps, which led to a short circuit of contacts;
  • mechanical damage to the module due to hitting or falling the gadget from height;
  • Connector breakdown connecting spoken speaker with motherboard.

Detailed faults to fulfill the most problematic, so you will need the help of the service center specialists. After high-quality diagnostics, the problem can be eliminated in accordance with the following algorithm:

  • restores the performance of the motherboard;
  • A new loop is embedded;
  • The effects of exposure to moisture are eliminated;
  • Replacing individual defective blocks, device modules.
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Before contacting the service center, it is worth dealing with problems yourself. If the interlocutor does not hear a voice during the call, optimize the sound in conversational dynamics in several ways.

  • Clean the grid that protects the membrane from damage, from garbage and dust. For this, a brush is suitable with a soft bristle, a hairdryer, a sphaw air can. To remove the particles inside the microphone need a paper clip.
  • Reboot the device. Algorithm Next: “Settings” → “General” → “Completion”. Shifting the slider to the right, to achieve a shutdown of the screen (it will become black). Wait 10 seconds, then press the “Power” key. After loading the microphone must earn normal.
  • Write a voice mark, and then listen to the audio file. This is necessary when the microphone stops working in a specific application due to the conflict with the smartphone.
  • Roll back the system to factory settings by creating a pre-backup. This can be done as follows: “Settings” → “General” → “Reset” → “Delete all settings and data”. When the process is completed, the gadget will be ready for work (including the microphone). Sometimes the microphone performance can be checked by connecting headphones.

Use Pinch gestures to increase and decrease

To enlarge the image or web page, simply press the screen by the index finger and thumb, leaving only a small distance between them. Keep your finger and thumb on the screen, replicate them from each other, expanding the space between them. When you expand your fingers, the screen is approaching.reduce, make the opposite. Move with big and index fingers to each other while holding them down on the screen.

In some cases, the “pinch to increase” function does not work. The application may not support the gesture, or the code or parameter of the style table can be launched on the web page, which prevents the page expansion. The availability of iPad includes scaling that always works regardless of whether you are in the application, on a web page or view photos. This feature is not activated by default; You must activate this feature in the “Setup” application before you can use it. Here’s how:

Tap Settings icon to Home Screen.

Click the slider next to Zoom Move it on position.

After activating the availability scaling function:

Double tap the screen with three fingers to enlarge. May take several attempts to improve, but as soon as you master the gesture, it’s easy.

To move around the screen during an increase, click these three fingers down on the display and move them as if you capture the screen and move it.

Double tap the screen with three fingers to reduce the scale.

How to Enlarge Text Size on iPhone or iPad

To resize text in mail, contacts, calendars, telephone and notes, as well as in third-party applications with dynamic font support, do the following:

1) Open the settings.

2) Go to the screen and brightness section.

3) Select text size.

Pull the slider to the left to reduce the size of the text, or to the right to enlarge it.

To return the default size, place the slider in the center.

The description of the function states: “In programs that support” dynamic font “, the font changes according to the size selected below”. Here are what applications look like with the maximum text size:

Full dynamic font support is only in Apple standard applications. In the news and the App Store, for example, only the most important text elements are greatly increasing, while others as the name of the category and price are not stretched on the full screen.

In third-party applications with dynamic font support, like RIFIC, text size increases without intees violations. Instagram needs more work, since the function looks strange on some pages of the application.

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Dynamic font is designed not only for standard applications, the function is supported even by HTML pages. However, not all sites add function support.

To make the text even more, you need to go to the settings of universal access.

How to change the scale of the page in Safari

If you need to change the page size in Safari on iOS, you will need:

Changing the scale of the page. not very convenient. But someone is probably needed

Despite the fact that the Safari settings allow you to change the scale of the page, it is still not a change in the size of the font. In this case, the dimensions of the visual elements of the site are simply changing, as if you simply ignited it with a pinch-to-zoom gesture. By itself, it is not very convenient to use this. But there is an opportunity to simply resize the font size on the site.

This setting allows you to change only a font without knocking down

  • Press the letters “A” or “A” on both sides from the “100%” icon (it changes the size of the font itself);
  • Watch out how the font changes, and select the desired size.

In this case, the font itself will really change without knocking down. And the settings will take effect only for a particular site. Suppose if I changed the font size in Safari on Appleinsider.RU, all the rest will still remain in old. That is, configure each site will have to be separate. This is done in order not to knock off the brass at once all the web pages, if something goes wrong.

How to remove the enlarged screen on the iPhone or iPad

If that, reduce the iPhone screen fails with a double touch or reduction of two fingers.

You need to touch the screen with three fingers twice, and then click the “Reduce” button.

The screen of your iPhone will immediately return to normal. After that you can completely disable the function using the instructions below.

Answers to frequent questions about iPhone screen

Screen iPhone black. how to fix?

This may be associated with a dark mode or inversion of colors. To make the screen ordinary, go to “Settings” “Screen and Brightness” and select Light theme. If the screen remains dark, go to “Settings” “Universal Access” “Display and Text Size” and disconnect the “Smart Inversion” function.

iPhone screen gives orange what to do?

This is due to the TRUE TONE or NIGHT SHIFT function. Go to “Settings” “Screen and Brightness” and disconnect them.

iPhone screen black and white what that means?

Light filters could make the screen black and white or give it a color shade. You can disable them via the “settings” “Universal Access” “Display and Text Size” “Light Uphille”.

All colors on the screen darker than should be. How to fix it?

Perhaps you have enabled contrast. Some people are so easier to disassemble the contents of the screen. You can disable the function via “Settings” “Universal Access” “Display and Text Size” “Increase Contrast”.

iPhone screen darkens in the sun. what to do?

On the bright sun disassemble the contents of the screen, it is difficult. Just set the screen brightness to the maximum, and you will see everything. New iPhone models have a higher brightness and display quality, so it is worth considering if you have an old iPhone.

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