How to make remote access to the computer

Remote access to all occasions

Programs for organizing remote access are quite a lot. There are paid and free programs, there are programs for different operating systems. It is clear that in this article we will not be able to consider everything at once, but let’s talk about the most interesting of them, and most importantly. we will understand what is more efficient for a particular task.

Ten years ago, the most popular program for remote access was Radmin, and now there is (www.Radmin.RU). She did not go anywhere during this time. From her and start an overview.

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The program consists of two parts: Server and Viewer. The first starts on a remote computer (or remote computers), and the second is on your computer and is used to connect to remote machines that you are going to configure. On the developers website you can download both a complete set and individual components. There is also a portable version of the Viewer, working without installation, and the version of Radmin Server 3.5 NTI is a special version without an pictogram in the tray, that is, the user of the remote computer and does not know that it is installed Radmin, until you start to manage it with a computer.

I will note the key features: Supports Windows 8 32/64 Bit, support for switching user sessions in Windows XP / Vista / 7/8, Wine compatibility (RADMIN can arrange remote access to PC running Linux via Wine), Telnet support, remote PC shutdown. Radmin servers scanner (allows you to find all PCs you can manage in your network), file transfer between Server and Viewer.


  • Program functionality: here and own authentication, and voice chat support, and the ability to transfer files. Everything is very convenient.
  • Due to the fact that on the remote PC installed Server, the user’s presence is not necessary, as in other similar programs. For example, you can administer remote PC your colleagues when they went for lunch. In other similar programs, it is necessary or to allow the user to enable the connection, or that the user provides you with a password that is automatically generated at each communication session.
  • Low system requirements, the program does not ship the processor at all, which is particularly relevant for my old laptop with a prospect of AMD, which is heated as an iron. he acted as a “remote” computer.
  • Just run Server not enough, you need to configure it.
  • Many users love TeamViewer for its functionality, and because it does not require any special ports (by default it uses the 80th port) and does not require a firewall configuration. Radmin Server uses port 4899, and start it without setting up the firewall will fail.
  • No mobile customers.
  • Does not support other OS.


One of the most popular programs for remote access, you can quickly download and install it or immediately run, without installation, it will not even be able to cope with this not very experienced user. When starting, the program displays the ID window and password to access this computer, as well as TeamViewer allows you to connect to another computer by setting its ID and password.

Advantages: The program has several main modes of operation. This is remote control, file transfer, chat, demonstrating your desktop. The program allows you to configure round-the-clock access to the computer, it will be convenient for system administration. The speed of work is quite worthy, there are versions for all mobile platforms, for various operating systems, which is very pleased. Simple and fully understandable inteeis plus a number of additional utilities for expanding the program functionality will be useful for remote support services.

Disadvantages: Although the program is free, but only for not commercial use, as well as when working with it, more than 5 minutes there are a number of difficulties, such as TV can block a remote connection session, recognizing it as commercial use. For round-the-clock remote access or administering multiple computers, computer network, you will have to pay for additional program modules. The cost of the program is high.

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Total: This program is ideal for a one-time remote connection or use of its short periods of time. It is convenient to use from mobile platforms, but do not administer a large number of computers. For additional modules will have to pay extra.

Open remote access and put the password

Now on the same PC (to which we want to connect) in the AnyDesk program open the settings section. Cm. Screen below.

In the Safety tab, click on the “Unlock Security Settings” button. (prescription administrative rights may be needed)

Unlock Security Settings / AnyDesk

After, we put a tick opposite the “Allow uncontrollable access” item and asked the password.

Note: This option allows us to connect to this PC without user permission!

That is, if your grandmother calls you and asks to see what is happening with her PC. you will not have to explain to her so that she launches AnyDesk and gave permission to connect to its device. Just tell her: “turn on the PC, and then I will do everything myself. “.

This password needs to be remembered / write (along with the ID, which was in the 1st step). it will be needed for remotely connected to this PC.

Everything, in fact, on this all setting on this computer is completed.


This program allows you to access the remote control function to other PC. The functionality is very similar to the Team Viewer described above.

Available operation modes include the ability to view and remotely manage another personal computer or user laptop.

Appearance of the program and the connection diagram of two PC

Using the program is possible without installing it on two devices. Enough to open on computers portable version. The utility is not intended for use in commercial organizations and enterprises.

You can download AMMY ADMIN on the official developer website by http: // WWW.AMMYY.COM / RU /.

To get started, run AMMY Admin on both computers. Then enter the computer-server computer identifier on your computer client. Press the “Connect” key. The connection scheme is also depicted in Figure 8.

This application is more suitable for organizing a one-time connection than for long-term and regular work. Among the advantages over other things, a simplified connection process can be noted, intuitive inteeis and high speed of work.

Among the shortcomings of the application, it can be noted that it is not available on mobile devices and tablet PC. There is also no mode of transfer of folders and files.

The use of the program is limited to fifteen hours per month. This feature is organized to eliminate the possibility of commercial use.

How to solve an error with connecting to Windows XP

Sometimes, if the user with the PC on which the WinXP is installed is trying to access the machine with a more modern software version, can pop up an error indicating that a remote computer cannot pass authentication at the network level. To solve this problem, you need:

  • Go to the “Control Panel”, the “System” section and further “Setting the remote access”;
  • Remove the checkbox in front of the “Allow connections only from computers on which a remote desktop is running with authentication at the network level (recommended)”.

When all manipulations are completed, we recommend returning this parameter to the place to ensure better protection against penetration into the system of third parties.

Connect to the RDP Server from Ubuntu

RDP is a closed Microsoft protocol, it also does not produce RDP clients for Linux operating systems. However, there are still various working versions from certain manufacturers. We recommend using the Remmina client

Ubuntu users have a special repository with various packages app, including Remmina and RDP. Installation is made in 3 simple commands that are introduced in turn in the terminal:

To install the REMMINA package Install updates Install the RDP protocol plugin If you have already installed or launched an existing version of Remmina, it must be restarted. You can make it an overhaul of the computer, or the following command in the same terminal: If the process has not been running, then an error message will appear: the process is not found that it suits us too.

Open the search menu and find a freshly installed Remmina package there

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Click on adding a new connection and fill in the fields of data to connect and authorize to your server (where the data for connecting to your server is described above):

After saving your server will always be available in the list of connectivity for quick access. To connect to it, double click on the line of your server.

When you first connect to the server, you can see information about an incredulous security certificate. The reason for this is described above. Just click “OK” and you will see your server’s desktop.

MSTSC options

Although MSTSC is a utility with graphic inteeis, you can run a program on the command line with options. The following are considered these options.

  • “Connection File”. the name of the RDP file for connecting.
  • / V:.Aded computer to which you need to connect.
  • / G:. Deleted Desktop Gateway Server to Connect. This parameter is read only if the remote computer of the endpoint is specified using / V.
  • / admin. connects you to a remote computer administration session.
  • / F. Runs a remote desktop in full screen mode.
  • / w:. Remote Desktop Window Width.
  • / H:. Remote Desktop Window Height.
  • / Public. Runs a remote desktop in general mode.
  • / SPAN. Mapping the width and height of the remote desktop with the corresponding characteristics of the local virtual desktop and deploys the image into several monitors if necessary. For this, all monitors must be placed so that a rectangle formed.
  • / Multimon. Sets the location of the elements on the monitors used for the session of the remote desktop services, so that it corresponds to the current configuration on the client side.
  • / Edit. opens the specified RDP file connection so that it can be changed.
  • / RESTRICTEDDMIN. connects you to a remote computer in limited administration mode. In this mode, credentials are not sent to the remote computer, which provides protection when connecting to a compromised computer. But connections from a remote computer may not undergo authentication from other computers, and this can affect the functionality and compatibility of applications. This parameter implies the presence of the / Admin parameter.
  • / RemoteGuard. connects the current device to a remote device using Remote Guard. Remote Guard prevents sending credentials to a remote computer, providing protection when connecting to a compromised remote computer. Unlike limited administration mode, Remote Guard also supports connections from a remote device, redirecting all requests back to your device.
  • / PROMPT. requests user credentials when connected to a remote computer.
  • / Shadow: a session identifier for which shadow control is required.
  • / Control. Allows the control of the session when the shadow control.
  • / NOCONSENTPROMPT. Allows shadow management without user consent.

Quite libez

This is a computer that works somewhere far away in the Internet. You can connect to it from any other computer, phone or tablet and work as usual on a computer with Windows.

It looks like about the connection of two computers here’s such a plan:

Only in the data center there is a server that does not have a screen, no mouse, no keyboard:

You connect to it, and your mouse, keyboard and screen become like it. Everything is a little more difficult, but the general idea is exactly. In case of connecting from the phone, a touch screen is used instead of a mouse. With tablets everything looks almost natural.

Yes. You only need an Internet connection, you can connect from anything, even enough old computers.

Yes, most often 1C unfolds on a remote computer with Windows. Everything is simple: accounting should be where business controls it. If something happens, the business will rise. Therefore, most often used by VPS with backups daily.

In fact, it’s still a little more complicated: this computer does not exist. In fact, it’s just part of a large server. Therefore, it is called VPS. Virtual Personal Server. “Parental” server is physically in one of the data centers at that point in the world in which you choose (about it will be lower in the instructions). Date center, or data center, is a special place where hundreds and thousands of such servers cost. It is usually protected well and is provided with backup power, components in case of replacement of spare parts and so on.

Yes. The whole Internet would be such if there is not a single corporation evil. But thanks to her, you still have personal computers, and not just a tablet to connect to remote servers.

Remote access using IP Address

Everything is more complicated here. The fact is that the IP address of an ordinary user is dynamic, that is, it changes regularly, and, if you need to constantly connect via IP, it will be very uncomfortable to configure the program again. Therefore, to fully use remote access via IP, you must connect the static IP service. This is done at the provider and costs about 200 per month (depending on the provider can change).

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After connecting the service, you will be given a static (unchangeable) IP, and you can use a remote connection. However, the service is worth using at your own risk: the usual user PC static address, due to its less security, is able to bring problems.

Alternatively, you can use the DYNDNS service, which for a certain fee gives the user a virtual server. through it and will be connected. However, such a service is more expensive than static IP.

When the static IP is obtained, you need to open the required port to work.

    First find out the internal IP address of the network. To do this, go along the path “Start. Control Panel. Network Management Center and Common Access Information”. The “IPv4 address” row is your internal IP address. Remember it, he is still useful.

In the properties of the network connection, you can find the value of the internal IP address

Router for access will require a login and password (usually admin / admin)

The right place in the router may look like this (and maybe. quite differently)

Now that the settings are applied, it’s time to go to the program itself.


Radmin program for a long time (before the appearance of TeamViewer and other systems that use ID) was the leader among remote access systems. It is very lighting, undemanding to systemic restrictions (therefore, “goes well” on old computers), and also provides high connection speed. However, this program only works through the IP address.

Radmin consists of client and server parts, and after installation, a specific setting will be required.

    In “Radmin Server Settings” you need to find the item “Access Rights”. First, the program will propose to choose a security system: you need to select RADMIN if the connection will be performed on the Internet, or Windows NT. if the local network is used. After that you need to click on the “Access Rights”.

When the security system is selected, select Radmin when connecting via the Internet or Windows NT when connecting via the local network

To access the program, you need to create at least one user and indicate it for it

In the Radmin client, you need to specify the name, IP address of the host and the port by which it will connect

Radmin is a paid program, however, a free 30-day trial version can be downloaded on the official website.

Remote Desktop

This is not a program from third-party developers. This is a built-in tool for remote administration from Microsoft, which, as a rule, only works on the local network. To work with it, the static IP address and configuration of the port will be written above. Port, True, you need to point the other: 3389.

To Remote Desktop worked, you need to give it permission. To do this, go along the path “Start. Control Panel. System. Setting the Remote Access” and mark “Allow connection” checkboxes wherever possible.

To the built-in Windows Remote Desktop service worked, she needs to set permissions

Remote Desktop is through the search for the “Start” menu as “Connecting a Remote Desktop”. It looks in this way: the window in which the computer-host computer is entered (IP address and username).

To connect through the classic Windows application, you need to enter the computer-host computer

If everything is fine, it will be enough to connect.

So, we found out how to use programs for remote access and what they can help both the simple user and the network administrator. Now the main thing is to apply the knowledge in time!

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