How to make selfie palm on Samsung

Android SNAPI app will teach you to do selfie in a new way

How to make selfie? Yes very simple! Send the camera to yourself, choose a good angle, speeding a funny or Smart face, and then click on the descent button. That everyone knows. But the creators of the SNAPI program for Android came up with their own way of creating self-portraits. And it is really convenient.

The usual way of shooting Selfie requires you from the flexibility of the hands and accuracy of clicks, because you need to be aimed at the same time and press the camera button at the same time. If you want to make the photo of the main chamber of the device, which, as a rule, allows you to make much better pictures, then it will more complicate your task. And it becomes completely impossible, if you came up with put a smartphone on any support and step by a couple of steps.

Snapi is a camera for mobile Android mobile devices that has a function of the remote shutter of your smartphone or tablet chamber. It works with the built-in movement detector.

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As it is clear from the above roller, you just just run this app and send the camera on yourself. After that, you must first show the open palm, then squeeze it into the fist and open again. After 2 seconds the program will take a picture. Everything is simple and convenient.

In the Snapi settings you can find a short tutorial to use the program, as well as change some options. Among them, we see the delay time before the shutter time, sound support of various events and changing the reading frequency of the image, which can be useful when problems occur on some devices.

The developers guarantee confident operation of the program at a distance of 4 meters from the Faument Object, and our tests confirm this. Thus, thanks to the use of SNAPI, you can shoot much more high-quality and interesting self-portraits, diversify the surveillance viewing and easy to create group pictures with your participation.

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Install special applications

Those whose smartphone does not have the aforementioned mode, third-party applications can help.

One of them. REACHABILITY CURSOR. After installing it, swipe your finger on the right or left edge of the screen, and a round cursor will appear. It will reach the buttons and icons at the top, not putting the finger to them. You move and taper your finger at the bottom of the display, and the cursor is activated at the top. Pretty convenient.

You still come in handy Bottom Quick Settings. This program creates downstairs the curtain with the settings, thanks to which you do not have to reach up to translate your smartphone in silent mode or switch brightness.

Finally, if you have root rights or you can enter a pair of commands to the terminal, try the One-Handed Mode application. It adds the support of the “one-handed” mode to smartphones that do not have it. When starting, give it root access or follow this instruction from developers. You will need a USB cable and computer. The application costs 99 cents.

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Selfie that causes interest

Back plan picture matters. Here are some ideas.

Beautiful places

In any terrain there will be shocked views. Sunset sky, spreading trees, colorful flowers. all this fascinates. Nature. endless bedroom backgrounds for selfie.

Well, if you are traveling, there will be no problems with the backgrounds at all. ranging from shots on the train and plane, ending with the beach and ancient architecture.

Photo with celebrities

If you are near the famous person, the best opportunity for successful selfie does not find.

Even Pope agreed to take a picture with teenagers. What to talk about the stars who are not alien to enjoyed their fame. But, of course, do not forget about personal boundaries. Celebrities are also people.

Unusual situations

Danger Blard. If during the exhibition of extreme sports or the element is raging, you will come to mind to make selfie, success is secured. Especially if it turns out not to break the smartphone and do not kill yourself.

By the way, the first time the word Selfie mentioned Australian who broke his lip. He took it off, laid out and signed: “Sorry for Focus, it was a selfie”.

Pictures with animals

Our smaller brothers exceptionally photogenic. So selfie with dogs, cats, parrots and other shaggy and not very guys. a great idea.

Best photo of the contest “Selfie with animals”

Prohibited techniques

Selfie on serious ceremonies, such as funeral or religious rituals, is a bad tone. Probably, many have heard about Epic Fail Barack Obama, David Cameron and Hella Torning Schmidt, who made a fun picture on the memorial service of President South Africa Nelson Mandela.

Although you are not obliged to carefully follow your image, you still don’t need to do so.

make, selfie, palm, samsung

How to configure the camera on Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy

Hey! Today I will show you how to configure the camera on the phone Samsung Galaxy. You can very simply and quickly change the camera settings on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Any model A, S, J, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10, x. See the instructions further and write Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you have questions. Go!)

On the main screen, locate the camera icon and click on it.

Next, you will have a camera. At the bottom of the left, click on the Settings icon. Here you can also include:

  • Image size. Resolution and megapixels;
  • Video size. FHD;
  • Enable timer. For example, 2, 5 or 10 seconds before shooting;
  • The size of the photo of the front camera;
  • Video size of the front camera;
  • Timer Front.,
  • Vertical display. Save all images as shown in the preview area, and not in the turned form;
  • Method of shooting. Silf shooting while touching screen., Automatic photographing when showing palms on camera.
  • Change camera mode. Rear camera: HDR, Night, Panorama, Pro, Beauty, Auto, Stickers, Serial shooting. Front Camera: Self-Focus, Selfie, Stickers, Wide Selfie;
  • Net;
  • Geotety. Saving location data in pictures and video;
  • Imaging images. View photos immediately after shooting;
  • Quick Start. To open the camera, quickly press the home key twice;
  • Floating camera button on the screen;
  • Press the volume key to make a photo;
  • Reset camera settings.

There were questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

How to enable continuous shooting on Samsung Galaxy a20??

You just looked at the camera settings? There must be a parameter change the camera modes, or something like that, you have another model. Look carefully once again all the parameters, there must be a serial shooting function.

Good evening, I updated the version and changed everything and the camera including! How to return everything back so that the version would stand what is originally?G

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Kind, in the Settings Archiving and Recovery. Data Recovery, you can restore the data.

How to remove selfie modi mode on Samsung Galaxy J6

How to make a Samsung A50 to remove the effect of smoothing the skin or face (I do not know how it is correctly called) and the squeezes of the redhead when you eat on the front camera?

What is your problem? Tell us in more detail.

Please tell me why the camera does not work on the Galaxy A6: click photo as usual, I shoot a video, but nothing is reproduced: a gray square appears and in the middle a circle with an exclamation mark “!” ?

Ilya, good evening! I bought the phone was very glad! But I use the camera, disappointing more and more Snapshots are not clear and not sharp compare with Xiomi pictures and see that my pictures are much worse (((may hands grow from there or in the settings you need to do? Help, begging, and then son will grumble at all?

Good afternoon! What is your smartphone which model? In the settings, you can resolve. Maybe you have no maximum resolution.

Memory is enough: Used 21 out of 64, rebooted, the fact that I removed yesterday. photos and videos were preserved and reproduced. But what removed from June 30 to July 7, do not reproduce, I see the photo in the gallery, click on it, and it addresses an empty gray square with an exclamation mark in the middle, and the video is just a gray square with this exclamation mark and playback button. I click on the button-goes open with: and select 4 applications to each application. the one-indicated “Unable to play video. An unknown error occurred, “other applications do not react at all.

And if I do not have a stitch with the signature change of camera modes? can update the camera? Or, on the contrary, after the update is gone?

Is it possible on the tablet galahu Samsung, before photographing the object, zoom in closer ?

Of course you can. With fingers, dilute or reduce. On some, using the volume buttons, down, add. But, at the expense of the tablets I do not know exactly, I think, just like on smartphones.

Hello, please tell me how Samsung A 50 customize face smoothing?

You need to look carefully in the settings if there is no, it means that the smartphone does not support such a function. Are you confident that there is no such function in the settings? Everything carefully viewed?

Where the display button vertically in Samsung geleksi a 30?

Spend your finger across the screen from the top edge down. In the window that opens, find the auto-rotation function, turn it on if it is disabled. Now just turn the smartphone vertically or horizontally, the image itself adapts.

How to ON the vertical loading button on Samsung geleksi a 30?

What does it mean vertical image loading?

Good afternoon. How can I enlarge the front camera on Samsung a50? On the usual easily it turns out. And when you switch to yourself, they write that in this mode it is not possible to increase!

Good afternoon. Why increase it? That’s right, in my opinion, no smartphone has such a function. You can take a photo, but only then increase it on the phone.

Good day, pictures from the camera are turned out to be turned on s.G. A8, I can not find in the settings to change as it was, on the screen at the time of photographing the image is right, but after shooting the photo turns over, tell me?

How to include portrait mode on Samsung?

How to set up the back and front camera on Samsung A51 and now start the camera and click on the “gear icon”. Then find and select “Video Size (Main Camera)”. After that, you can change the default permission to a higher. Choose UHD 3840 × 2160.

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Activate 48 MP

Recently, Samsung phones have implemented some serious features for working with images. This phone is equipped with an impressive 48 megapixel camera. Nevertheless, it is not active by default.

So to turn on 48MP mode. Open the camera application, click on the side ratio option at the top and select 3: 4H. This means high resolution, and this is exactly what we need to activate 48 MP.

How to take a picture without pressing any buttons on Xiaomi mobile phone

We know that Xiaomi phones hide dozens of very useful functions that can be detected by digging in the settings and device applications. One of the most popular applications is the camera application, which allows you to take pictures using anterior and rear camera and offers several useful tools.

Today we will tell about the function “Ladon descent”, which, as follows from the title, allows you to activate the shooting of selfie using the gesture of the palm. You must keep in mind that this tool is only available for the front camera, that is, you can use it when shooting Selfie. So you do not need to press any buttons on your mobile phone, just show the palm in front of the camera.

Next, we will explain step by step, how to activate the “palm descent” so that you can use this function whenever you do Selfie.

  • Open the camera application on your Xiaomi mobile phone.
  • Translate the application to Selfie mode by pressing the button in the lower right corner.
  • Press the button with three vertical lines in the upper right corner.
  • In the menu that appears, click on the “Palm Descent” option to activate it.
  • After activation, you just need to return to the main camera screen. Then find the perfect space for a snapshot and show your palm in front of the camera to run a 3-second timer that will warn you that the photo will soon be done.

That’s how simple and quickly you can activate the function that can significantly simplify the task when shooting Selfie. No longer need to leave someone outside the group photo to create a photo. With this tool, you just need to show the palm so that the photo is made automatically with all friends or relatives.

How to update the emoji keyboard on Samsung?

For Android: Go to Setup menu Language Keyboard and methods for entering Google keyboard Advanced parameters and enable Emphase parameter for physical keyboard.

To access the new “Emoji panel”, you just need to click together the “Windows” keys (Windows “key) or” Windows; ” (key “Windows” “point with a comma”), and “Emoji panel” will be open.

Applications for screenshotov

If you are not satisfied with the features and functionality of your smartphone, you can always find a solution from third-party developers in the Google Play application store. Screenshots have a lot of applications, we selected the most popular applications that can recommend you below.


A fairly simple and convenient program for creating screenshots. Additional application features: add text, mosaic, painting, the ability to immediately share a screen shot. Showed itself as a fast and simple program.

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