How to make sound on a computer louder

Programs for enhancing sound on a computer, laptop

Many users face a problem when the volume in headphones or speakers is missing. Why headphones play quietly? How to increase or add sound? This is usually associated with several reasons.

  • Fault of the device itself. In this situation, the problem is in the inability of the audio order to provide a sufficient level of sound due to working capacity. It may be damaged as a speaker that is responsible for playback or cable, which is responsible for transmitting information from the computer to the speakers. In this case, the volume of the sound will not be increased, since the problem is hardware, and the device requires repair.
  • Certificate Audio Dispenser on Computer or Smartphone. This problem also carries hardware and is to violate the performance of the port for audio devices. Usually for connecting the MINI Jack 3.5 mm connector. In the event that contacts inside the socket are damaged, the sound can be not only quieter, but also the quality of playback will decrease. Correct this problem is possible only in special service centers.
  • Software settings. Sound level restriction data settings are set by the PC itself. Below will be described several ways to make the sound of devices louder using software settings.

Audio service

Next reason why the PC may be quiet sound. because the computer installed an invalid device, playback that is set by default.

In the Control Panel. Open the Equipment and Sound tab, and you need to select the desired device, the name of which matches your sound card.

If previous tips were not crowned with success. see whether your PC is connected to Windows Audio.

Open this service, in the “Startup Type” submenu, select Automatic. Click Apply. Run. OK.

Sometimes this service does not start automatically.

Sometimes, for incomprehensible reasons, this service does not want to start automatically.

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How to improve sound on a computer: Using service software

Special utilities. an interesting alternative to additional acoustics. They should take advantage if you do not like the sound when changing or listening to the audio file. Similar disadvantages are characteristic of audio and video content downloaded from torrents.

But before contacting such tools, make sure to configure the sound using the standard Windows OS capabilities, it is impossible. After all, the utility will increase the sound only if there are no serious problems with the gland or peripheral devices. And be sure to try to open the file in another player. Among program video devices, experts often distinguish VLC.

Tip 3. Once the VLC will start playback, move the corresponding player slider. Note that its maximum volume is 200, which is much larger than in many similar devices.

How to make sound on a louder computer if everything is at the maximum

In this record we will analyze how to make sound on a computer or laptop louder if everything is at the maximum. Sometimes in the file, the level of audio is low and the volume may be insufficient for a comfortable listening. Maybe a small volume only in headphones or only when playing through speakers. However, if there is a need to raise the volume level to a comfortable level, then how can this be done? In all cases, it is assumed to complete the health of the audio equipment PC or laptop.

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The first thing to be done to increase the volume on the laptop is to check the volume level through the icon in the tray. Through this icon, you can open additional items of the “Audio” section, if you click on the picture at the top, and check all the settings, especially in the Levels paragraph.

Second. Through the control panel, find the “Sound” section, there we find the properties of our playback device. In the “Additional Features” section in the Volume Alignment item, check the volume and check the volume level on the desired file.

Third. Connect external columns with built-in amplifier (computer).

Fourth. Put an audio codec from the K-Lite-Codec package, such a package is easy to download from the developer’s website and just run the EXE file. MEDIA PLAYER CLASSIC MEDIA Player will be installed with codecs. Run the file with a quiet sound on Media Player Class sex and see the Play Filter FFDShow Audio Decoder section. And here we find the item (left) of Volume and you need to click on it with the left mouse button. Then the window with the volume knob will open, adjust the volume as you need.

How to configure sound in a laptop with a player. In Media Player Class sex, you can click on the video played video and select AUDIO (AUDIO). There will be an Options item (options), and move the “Boost” knob to the desired level.

Fifth. You can try to open the mixer in the volume settings from the tray. There choose the dynamics of improvement equalizer and when the equalizer opens, the sliders to translate up and save this position as a setting. But sometimes in the equalizer menu fails to adjust the frequencies and you can only select already preset settings.

Sixth. How in paragraph five go to the improvement settings and put the check box at the points of the equalizer, virtual sound and thin administration. It can add sound.

Seventh. As in paragraph five, we go to improving the sound of the speakers and put a dawn only at the point of thinpensation (the rest of empty), and we mark the “disabling all sound effects” from above. Then click “Apply” and “OK”.

Eighth. Try to put the VLC player and enable the desired file on it and increase the volume via the settings.

Ninth. Use the program to increase the volume on the laptop. Install Letasoft Sound Booster, which will increase volume 5 times on any applications, including players. Unlike VLC and Media Player Class sex, which control the volume of only files played on them.

It must be remembered that too much volume can damage the built-in speakers. First, there will be no interference in the form of a rat, and then the built-in speakers will completely stop working.

I hope you will help recommendations from this material and you can make the sound louder, even if you believed that everything is at the maximum. There must be something missed and there is an option that allows you to make the sound even louder.

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I also want to note that the sound may be quieter due to audio drivers. I have an Asus P5Q SE / R motherboard if you do not cost firewood for sound, including the equalizer settings panel, then sound is much louder. If you put firewood, then the sound is quieter and you have to unscrew the sliders to the maximum.

When it is better to contact the master?

If all of the above methods did not help, the problem lies in the technical part: sound card malfunction or speakers.

The laptop is so designed that it is more complicated to repair it than a stationary computer. In the equipment hid many brittle loops and clamps. With an independent attempt to open the housing they can be very damaged.

Disadvantages of sound are eliminated on their own in cases where they are associated with the program part, or external equipment (headphones, acoustics) has a loose, easy-to-use contact with the audio entrance. The considered methods will help to quickly and effectively solve such a task. Other situations will require a challenge of a specialist or access to the service center.

Programs to increase the volume of the sound of PC

To help us increase the maximum volume and sound quality on our computer, we can use some third-party programs designed for this purpose. With their help, we can achieve a volume that exceeds the maximum that Windows 10 includes by default.

Equalizerapo, Install the company’s equalizer

This free open source program will allow us to fully monitor our PC equalizer settings. for example increase maximum volume. To do this, you will only need to download it from this link and install it on your computer. After installation, the Configuration window will appear in which we must select the devices that we would like to use with APO. Choose speakers and click OK.

As soon as it is done, we must go to the Equalizerapo installation directory:


Then we must open the config file.TXT using notepad and change the preamp number to a maximum of 10 dB and delete the rest of the text from the file. Keep and reboot PC to change the changes.

FX Sound, increase the maximum volume up to 200%

Now we are talking about a program that will allow us to increase the volume of the sound that Windows 10 offers us by default. To do this, we will have the ability to increase the volume level up to 200% in addition to a large number of pre-installed modes to improve sound quality. It includes a 20-band equalizer system with which you can adjust the sound to your liking, as well as an audiovisualizer and various effects, among which the game mode is allocated.

FX Sound has a free version that we can download directly with its honest sign website.

BOOM 3D, increase the maximum volume by 150%

With this software, we will be able to strengthen the sound of a maximum of 150% compared to what was in Windows 10. It also has parameters that will allow us to significantly improve the sound. It also has a surround sound system that allows us to enjoy our films even more, as well as get more powerful bass when playing music. In addition, it includes a 31-equalizer which thanks to its amplifier also benefits from the advantages of surround sound and allows us to apply a certain volume for each application.

We can download the free trial boom 3D on the site here. and buy a license for 7.34 Euro.

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Subwoofer plays very poorly.

And so, hello respected Dromovtsy) I recently bought myself music into the car, it was not possible to paint in detail what I will I think it does not matter much. So this is: installed the amplifier, the buffer, all the wires connected correctly, but instead of the plus from the radio which goes on sat down, I closed and this entrance. Veuschil is all the case, everything plays, playing well, started and began to collect cabin plastic, Abel car, and here I notice that the sub stopped working. Just no Basov. I tried to climb in the settings, in the amplifier settings, do not care. But when you add everything to the maximum on the amplifier, you can hear how the buffer is slightly trying to give out bass, but once in 20 worse than it was. Amplifier worker belonged to radio equipment. Question: Well, what about garbage with them?(((

Approximately half of the software problems depends on the drivers, they fly out that they are obsolete and they need to be reinstalled or updated.

You also need to pay the moment on the incorrectly selected versions of the drivers, which also plays an important role.

There are even conflicts of drivers because of which and the volume can suffer and the sound on the computer can be lost.

Problem with audio tracks

In cases where, after opening an audio or video file in the media player, the sound volume is too low, it can be connected both with a sound track and with the player.

To start, you can try to update the version of the program to play music and video. Also, earlier, quite often had time to update codecs. However, recently, the need for it rarely.

Very often the problem occurs when playing RIP video. The fact is that those who make them purposefully reduce the volume of sound to avoid discovery by search robots and possible locks and claims from the right holders after posting on the network. You can try to reproduce the media file in different players (Windows Media Player, Cinema and TV and T.D.). If the volume is low anywhere, then the problem lies in the sound track itself.

PC hardware replacement

Silent sound can be invoked no failures in the settings or work of outdated drivers, but by physical breakdown of sound card, speakers, speakers, headphones, or even audio parts. If no ways to correct the situation do not help you, perhaps the reason exactly in the hardware. In this case, the device must be attributed to the service center, where experts will diagnose and eliminate malfunctions: replace either the components will be replaced depending on the degree of damage.

The problem of quiet sound is mainly solved by updating outdated drivers and changing the settings in the system. Special utilities are also coming to the rescue, which increase the volume of sound both for the entire system as a whole and for individual too quiet files. If nothing helps, it is recommended to attribute the device to the service center, where exactly determines the cause of the problem and, if necessary, will replace certain parts.

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