How to pay iPhone without a card

How to use Apple drink to iPhone

Apple Pay on the iPhone The system of contactless payments, which Apple itself calls a safe and confidential way to carry out a transaction. Apple Pay functions at the NFC protocol, which is not present in all iPhone and iPad. On some iPhone models, it can be used exclusively with Apple Watch.

NFC is a contactless data technology at a distance between devices of 20 cm or less. It works with the Secure Element chip, where the card data is. No applications and systems can have access to it, data from it is not transmitted. Runs the transaction another component. Secure Enclave. He also authenticates a fingerprint user or “cast”.

To use the Apple Pay, the terminal must have an appropriate label with an “Apple”, t.E. Take contactless plates. Thanks to this iPhone system replaces a plastic card.

The principle of operation of Apple Pay is the same as the Google Pay or Samsung Pay. When the iPhone is applied to the terminal (or the transaction is carried out via the Internet), it transmits not data cards, but token. a special key generated for a specific operation. For the next it will be created again and have completely different parameters. This is all happening thanks to the NFC protocol, however how stable the system will work, as far as it is safe, it is already depends on the developers of a particular company.

All ingenious. just

To bypass the blocking of Apple, you will need a branded application of the same company, the default is built in iOS. We are talking about “Locator” that allows you to find your devices Apple on the map.

First you need to start the service and pass authorization with your own Apple ID. Then you should click on the “Devices” button and select your iPhone in the menu that appears. After that, you need to translate the mobile phone in the “Disposable Mode”. An important point. the phone number for communication can not be indicated.

After this iPhone procedure goes into blocking mode. It must be removed by entering the password from Apple ID. If two-factor authorization is activated in the profile settings, it will be necessary to pass it.

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After all these procedures, the smartphone will return to work and notify the owner that all the cards attached to the profile are accessible to use.

What bank card is suitable for Apple Pay

Attention. So far. only a map MasterCard from Sberbank. Map type, service scheme and tariff. any.

Visa cards from Sberbank and all maps of other banks are not supported (as of October 4). The situation will be better every month. we promise to add support for more than five banks. Anyway, in the foreseeable future, only MasterCard will work with Apple Pay. Keep it in mind.

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If you have and configured all of the above, we go further.

How to tie a map to Apple Pay on iPhone or iPad?

Binding cards is carried out through the Wallet program. To do this, run the application and select the option “Add payment card”. At the next step, add the details of manually maps or scan it using the camera, and then confirm that the information is entered correctly.

On the iPhone 5 / 5C / 5S binding process occurs as follows: After connecting the Apple Watch to the smartphone, open the Watch program. Wallet. Apple Pay. Adding a card is carried out in the same way as in the process described above.

How to tie a map

In order to start paying Apple Pay The owner of the mobile device will be needed to first add a payment card to the standard Wallet application. We describe the card binding procedure on different devices.

  • If purchases on this map previously performed through iTunes, it will only be necessary to enter the security code from its back side.
  • In case there are no details in the list, you can add them by photographing a card to a smartphone camera or manual payment data entry.
  • After adding, click on the “Next” button. Information will be checked by an issuer by an issuer who can request additional information about the payer.
  • After receiving confirmation from the bank, click the “Next” button. On this binding cards completed. The corresponding notification will appear on the phone screen.

Note. It is possible to use Apple Pei on the fifth iPhone model. But you need to make purchases in this case by the Smart clock Apple Watch. To do this, the card binding is not executed in the Wallet application, and in the Watch program on the iPhone (step-by-step instruction for the Watch program is shown below). After the bundle of two devices via Apple Pay, the function of contactless payment will be available.

  • Go to “Settings” on the device.
  • Go to the “Wallet Apple Pay” settings section.
  • Press the link add payment card.
  • If there is no information about the card, make it a photo or to make information manually.
  • Click on the continuation button to start checking the bank introduced requisites.
  • In case of confirmation of these by the bank, the “Next” button will complete the connection of “Apple Pey” on the iPad.
  • Start the Watch program from the main menu on the iPhone.
  • Select the “Wallet and Apple Pay” submenu.
  • If there are details in the list, click the Add button located next to them.
  • In the absence of a map to touch the inscription “Add a payment card“.
  • If the card was paid, it is enough to confirm the security code if not. it is also necessary to scan the card using the camera or to make information yourself.
  • By clicking “Next”, send information to check in the bank.
  • With a successful answer from the bank, press the continuation button again. Adding a card finished.
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Note. View video on the binding of bank cards to Apple Pey on Apple Watch and other devices can be on the pages of our site.

Mac computer (starting in 2012 release)

  • Open “System Settings” from the Computer menu.
  • Go to “Wallet Apple Pay”.
  • Press the Add Card button.
  • Make payment details in one of the two mentioned methods, if the user has not previously paid the card. Otherwise, simply specify a 3-digit security code from the card.
  • Click “Next” to send information to the bank.
  • After approval of details from the bank, press the continuation button again to complete the card binding.

Adding a map through the Wallet application

If you could not bind a map through your personal account, you can do it through the Wallet application.

often it does not have to download, It is already installed on the iPhone and enters the software kit of your smartphone. If simply, Wallet is your electronic wallet in which information about all added cards is stored. Follow this algorithm:

  • Open Wallet and click on the Main Menu of Applications on Plus.
  • If you previously performed a transaction in iTunes through a bank card, the system will offer you to preserve its details. To do this, enter the security code or select “Add another payment card
  • If you have not made the bank card transactions, you need to attach it manually. To do this, enter its details and their personal data in the appropriate fields and click on the “Next” button.
  • Next to the specified number will be sent SMS with confirmation code. Enter a combination to the appropriate field in Wallet and click on the “Next” button.
  • The application will require some time to check the entered information (takes a few minutes). Immediately after confirmation, the added card will appear in your electronic wallet. If the request is rejected, you need to contact an application support or bank organization.

If you own Apple Watch any series, then tie a card and to your clock to simplify payment. Make it simple:

  • In the smartphone, go to the Apple Watch app, located on the main screen.
  • Click on the button “Wallet Apple and Pay”.
  • On the page that opens, click on “Add a payment card“.
  • After that, enter the details of the card (including security code) in the field on the screen. If there is no desire to enter data manually, simply scan the card using the rear camera.
  • After confirming the action on the phone display, an inscription of adding a card will appear.

How to buy game, app or pay Apple Music on iPhone, iPad or Mac without a card binding

Go to the Gift Code Shopping page for the App Store, iTunes or Apple Music on the YuMoney website and log in;

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If the wallet has not yet been created, then you should register it;

Explore the wallet one of any proposed ways: from the card, from the phone, cash or through the bank.

After creating a wallet and replenishment, return to the gift code shopping page for the App Store, iTunes or Apple Music.

In the “App Store iTunes” section, you should specify the Russian phone number and the amount on which Apple ID is planned to be replenished (500. 15,000). If you don’t have the Russian number, you can specify, for example, the number of friends from Russia (just warn it in advance). Personally, I, at my own fear and risk, indicate a non-existent number with the existing code of the Russian mobile operator.

Check the information entered and click on the “Pay” button. The code information will appear on the screen.

Payment from the balance of mobile phone

As part of the restrictions, Apple gadget users should first consider payment by payments on a mobile phone number.

To do this, on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you need to open “Settings”, go to the Apple ID section, where the device name will be specified. Then click on the profile icon in the upper right corner, choose the item “Payment and delivery”. Inside the menu opens in which you need to click on “Add payment method” and select “Mobile Phone”.

On the iPhone, pressing “Use this mobile phone number” will automatically confirm the payment, and if you click “Use another mobile phone number”, then you will need to confirm after receiving the SMS message with one-time code.

This method still works and is available to customers of Russian telecom operators Beeline, MegaFon, MTS and Yota. This method is working to pay online purchases inside the App Store and iTunes.

This is a joke?

No, I’m serious. I managed to pay for the purchase through Apple Pay and the world map in the usual grocery store.

Sorry for the quality of the video. I filmed on an Android-smartphone from the second hand:

Please: distribute this article or our post in Telegram so that we can find out with what cards (and what banks) it works.

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This is not the first of April, no joke. Until the latter was not sure that everything would work out. But then I went to a regular store and bought a “Snickers” through Apple Pay, from the world map, April 11 at 19:35. Now I will tell you how to unlock payment through Apple Pay in Russia. No, it’s not a fake. I warn you: I do not know if it works with others.

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