How to put a purchased song on the iPhone

How to put your ringtone on the call (ringtone) in the iPhone?

I would never have thought that in the iPhone it is impossible to just take and put your own ringtone. In Android, this is done for a couple of clicks. Yes, Apple offers to buy many ringtones in iTunes, but, first, everything is paid there, and secondly, there will certainly do not have your favorite melodies.

I would never have thought that in the iPhone it is impossible to just take and put your own ringtone. In Android, this is done for a couple of clicks. Yes, Apple offers to buy many ringtones in iTunes, but, first, everything is paid there, and secondly, there will certainly do not have your favorite melodies.

Nothing is impossible! There is a way that allows you to call everything that your soul. And today I will tell you it. In order to carry out the cherished, we will need, actually, iPhone and computer (PC or Mac) with iTunes on board. Go!

In general, we just need to make a format file.M4R and download it to the iPhone. But suppose that we have only iTunes on hand and iPhone itself.

  • Open iTunes. Click file. Add file to library. Choose there the desired song and add it. Alas, ringtone can only be made of your music from a computer, with a bought through iTunes it will not work.

Let’s listen to the selected song and find a piece of 38 seconds that we want to call. Yes, alas, Ringtone in the iPhone may not be longer than 38 seconds. We listen to the song and remember the time of the beginning and end of the segment.

Now click on the song Right-click and choose the item “Information”. There find the “Parameters” tab. Here you need to set the start and end time of the ringtone, which we chose in paragraph 2. Do not worry, the song will not do, it is necessary only for the ringtone of the call, then the “Start” tick and “stop time” can be simply removed. By the way, here you can specify the time to Miliseconda, choosing the exact period.

After setting the time interval, click OK.

  • Right-click on the newly “shortened” song and select “Create a version in AAC format”. After that, the second track will immediately appear, the already cut to the sizes installed in paragraph 3.
  • Before you continue, if you have Windows, then go to the start. Control Panel. Folder properties (folder parameters), go to the View tab and remove the checkbox at the “Hide extensions for registered files” item.

Now click on the Created Song excerpt the right-click song and select “Show in Windows Explorer” (or simply drag the track from the iTunes window to any folder).

purchased, song, iphone

You will see a file that will be the extension “M4A”. We also need to simply change the expansion to the “M4R” (this is the format of ringtones in the iPhone).

Now delete the shortened version of the song from iTunes and remove the checkboxes in the settings of the source song.

Now it is enough to synchronize the iPhone with a computer and the ringtone will appear on the smartphone. If you have not synchronized your phone for a long time, the operation may be long, do not be afraid.

This is how easy it is possible to create your own ringtones for iOS. Want to know about other utilities? Subscribe to the “Workshop” blog and you will always know a little more than your friends.

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P.S. Some people ask, but how to put several ringtones on the iPhone? Yes, the same! Just repeat the steps above for multiple songs, and then all download them into the phone using synchronization.

What format uses ringtones for iPhone

Despite the fact that the iOS itself reads music files to MP3, FLAC, AAC, for ringtones can be used exclusively M4R. It is relevant not only for the iPhone, but also for iPod, iPad. The quality of M4R does not differ from MP3 or AAC, which causes outrage from the users of “Apple” gadgets.

There are several reasons for choosing a different format from Apple:

  • Economic benefit. Here there is a maximum chance that the ringtones in the iPhone will only be used licensed, and this is a profit and their creators, and Apple itself.
  • The ability to stand out. Another way to become “not like everything”, which is natural for all “Apple” products. While the remaining smartphones take any music, iPhones require exclusively M4R.

Just edit MP3 in M4R will not work. the format will not change. It is necessary to make conversion through a converter or other software. The most reliable way from the first years of iPhone release is the iTunes, but this program is installed only on the computer and requires synchronization. Another minus is an unstable work on Windows.

Important nuance: iTunes converts mp3 in M4A. After that, the file must be additionally renamed by making the desired format. M4R. Otherwise put the melody on the call will not work.

How to Assign Ringtone Contact in iPhone

Open the contacts application on the iPhone and select the contact for which you want to install your ringtone and / or notification sound. Click edit / Change in the upper right corner of the screen.

Similarly, you can find the right contact in the list of recent.

Find the Ringtone option, next to which will be “by default”. Click it and select one of the downloaded or purchased ringtones.

You can also go to the ringtone store and buy a new one, and then install it on contact.

On the same page, you can enable the option forcing when PE, with which calls and messages from this contact will be able to bypass “Do not disturb” mode.

When finished, click Finish in the upper right corner of the screen.

You can set different sounds of notifications to contacts. To do this, instead of the ringtone you need to select the message sound option.

Having installed different melodies on the contacts iPhone, you can know in advance who calls you, even before you take a smartphone in hand. The function is not so significant, but is actually very useful in everyday life.

How to add ringtones on iPhone through iTunes 12.7

If you updated to iTunes 12.7, I probably noticed the changes that Apple introduced to the new version of the program. The App Store section was removed, as well as the ability to synchronize ringtones with iPhone.

Fortunately, ringtones can still be added via iTunes 12.7, but now it is done a little differently. First, users can get confused, but in fact the process is not so complicated, and over time you can easily put ringtones on your phone.

Next we will show how to add ringtones from a computer to iPhone using iTunes 12.7. Check that the ringtone is in format.M4R, otherwise you will not succeed.

Connect your iPhone or iPad to a computer and open iTunes.

Click on the device icon in the upper left corner of iTunes. If there are no icons, iTunes could not detect your device. Check that the USB cable is well connected.

If you do not display the sidebar, you need to enable it by clicking on the menu view from above, and then selecting Show Side Menu. If the panel is displayed, just skip this step.

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In the side menu iTunes click on the sounds. Now just drain the file.M4R in the audible section that opens.

purchased, song, iphone

  • If you do not have a section of the sounds, pull the ringtone into the clogging section. The Sound Section will appear, and all your ringtones will be displayed in it.

When Ringtone appears in iTunes, it will also be added to the iPhone.

That’s so easy to add ringtones on the iPhone or iPad using iTunes 12.7.

As you can see, manage ringtones through iTunes 12.7 Pretty easy. Fortunately, this function Apple has not yet cleaned, and we hope that this will not happen in the future.

If you still prefer the previous version of iTunes, read the article on how to roll back iTunes 12.7 to iTunes 12.6.

ITOOLS app from Chinese developers

Nothing surprising that chinese developers tried to create a product that will be no worse than iTunes. So the ITools application appeared, which is not inferior by the original functionality. In addition, some users claim that this program is more understandable for use.

Use the program for creating ringtones and downloads to the iPhone is very simple: Download the desired audio file to the “Music” category. “System Sounds” with a connected gadget. Synchronization occurs automatically and after minutes, the track will be on your device.

How to install a song as your ringtone on the iPhone

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From this article you will learn how to create a ringtone (ringtone) and install it on iPhone. If you use Macos Catalina or later, you can do this using Apple Music application on Mac computer. Ringtone can easily create from a music file of any type, including M4A and MP3, saved on your computer. When you copy the melody on the iPhone, you can make a call melody for all calls or for calls from a certain contact.

Check the boxes from “Start” and “End”. Both options are in the middle tabs. Now you can set the start time and end of the fragment of the song.

Enter the start time and end of the song fragment. In the “Start” option, enter the start time of the song fragment, and in the “End” option. the end time of this fragment.

Click OK. This button at the bottom of the window. The changes made will be saved, and the window with the song parameters will close.

  • For example, if the duration of the selected fragment is 36 seconds, “0:36” will be displayed near the new audio file.
  • If the “Create AAS version” option is not displayed, activate it. To do this, click Edit (Windows) or “iTunes” (Mac), click on “Settings”, click “Import Settings”, open the “Importer” menu and select “AAC Encoder”.

Open the folder with the AAC file. To do this, select the AAC version of the song, click “File” and select “Show in Explorer” (Windows) or “Show in Finder” (Mac).

How to install ringtone on iPhone via iTunes Store

Use your mobile version of iTunes to install ringtone on the iPhone. This is one of the easiest solutions that Apple offers.

Each user is available to a rich catalog of sounds and melodies that can be listening at any time from the smartphone. However, there are some nuances of the proposed way:

  • melodies paid;
  • There is no possibility of editing ringtones;
  • You can not install your own media files from other applications.
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If the listed flaws are not frightened, then follow these actions:

  • Run iTunes Store.
  • Go to application settings.
  • Open the category “Sounds”.
  • Enter the Rington menu, and then open the store with all the sounds.
  • Listen and choose the melody you like.
  • Purchase.
  • As soon as you pay the ringtone, the system will propose to make it default. Confirm the action.

Sound support calls is stored in a special list, which will find in the section responsible for the sounds of the phone. At this point there is a useful button with which you download all purchased ringtones after reinstalling the OS or replace the device.

How to create ringtone for iPhone with your own hands?

Since the acquisition of each owner of the iPhone I want to make your gadget unique, unique, set up it “for yourself” and, of course, have it right. The only thing you need to know what and how can be done so that the device becomes unique in its own way. Today we will talk about how to create ringtone for iPhone with your own hands.

No matter how surprisingly did not sound, but not all owners of mobile phones and smartphones know what Ringtone is. And, first, let’s and forever we denote the meaning of the word “ringtone”. Wikipedia gives a very clear and simple definition of ringtones.

Ringtone (eng. Ring. Call, Tone. Musical Ache). Sound, Melody played on a cell phone for alerts about an incoming call or an incoming text message.

Thus, the ringtone calls and ringtone are, in fact, the same as for the iPhone, that for any other smartphone.

As part of today’s instructions, we will learn how to create ringtones for iPhone at once 2 ways.

Rington installation via iTunes Store

If the user has the opportunity to purchase the following track, you can do it through the iTunes store. The functionality of the application allows the owners of the iPhone to listen and buy a short passage of a song or a whole album of the artist.

Right to listen and download purchased tracks are fixed for the user forever using Apple ID. So, downloaded by the melody you like, you can install it on Ringtone. For this:

  • Purchase the desired track in any of the sections of the application. foreign or Russian.
  • Click on the track and select the “Sound” section at the bottom of the screen and set the song as a ringtone by clicking OK.

This is the fastest way to change and download the necessary melody to the phone, but it will be suitable for those who are willing to pay for music.

Russian-speaking songs are much cheaper than overseas. On average, the track can cost 19 or 12, if there is a discount.

To put or swap ringtone on the iPhone, you can use both “native” applications and third parties. But since the Apple brand phones require audio recordings with a defined format. M4R, it is necessary not only to convert the file, but also to trim it in a timekeeping up to 30 seconds. Otherwise, the smartphone does not recognize the track and put it on the call melody will not work. The rest of the process is enough easy. The user can go the simplest way and purchase a track through the iTunes Store to put it on the ringtone right on the phone. But since not all iPhone owners are ready to pay for music, this option will be left for finit, if for some reason nor “native” nor third-party applications helped transfer music to the phone.

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