How to unlock the phone without resetting settings

Top 4 programs for unlocking Android

In our age of information technologies, the safety of personal data is above all, and our life is literally “polished” by various passwords. from Wi-Fi networks, bank cards, accounts, social networks, applications, screens of smartphones. It is not surprising that constantly keeping all passwords in the head is quite difficult, and from time to time we have to restore access to one or another service due to the forgotten password. This article is intended for those who want to find out how to unlock the Android smartphone if you forgot the password or screen lock pattern. We will look at the top 4 programs that allow you quickly and efficiently cope with the problem of a locked phone.

This program is a combination of work efficiency and qualitative results. The utility itself offers you step-by-step actions for execution and removes the screen lock for a few minutes. Download free or full version of the program from the official developer site.

Connect your smartphone to your PC and run the 4UKey for Android program.

In the menu that opens, click “Delete”.

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After checking the data, unlock screen lock. The program will inform you about the need to erase all the device data. to continue the work, click “OK”.

Wait until the end of the lock is completed, and then transfer your smartphone to the recovery mode according to the prompts on the computer screen.

Click the “Next” button, after which you perform the steps recommended by the program to restore the factory settings of the device and its reboot. After starting the smartphone, the screen lock will be disabled.

Unlock PIN / graphic key / Android password if you have forgotten

If you forget the Android pattern or password, then get around the blocking is not so difficult. You can easily get your Android phone if you follow the methods specified below:

The system has passed a long way, and to unlock your Android devices blocked by a PIN code or password, a variety of options were introduced. You must have heard about Google Assistant, who performs all that users say.

You just have to keep Google Assistant on to use it accordingly. Remember that it depends on your voice, which means that no one else except you can Unlock password lock .

Google Assistant instantly unlocks your Android device as soon as you say “Okay, Google”, turning facing the phone.

If you use the latest version of Android, simply by pressing the “Home” button, you will open Google Assistant.

Just go to the “Explore” option and click on the Profile icon.

From there you will find the “Settings” parameter and the Assistant tab, on which your phone is located.

Just click on this and enable two options: “Access using Voice Match” and “Unlock using Voice Match”.

After completing the setting, you no longer need to worry about the forgotten template or password Android.

How to unlock the screen via input to safe mode

If you use a third-party application to lock the screen, offering additional features (for example, a front camera snapshot with an incorrect password input 3 times or using your own text in a slider and t.D.), then disable the screen lock pattern can be input to the device in a safe mode.

Activate the shutdown menu on the smartphone screen. Click on the “Turn off Power” button and hold it for a short time.

A notification of phone translation to a safe mode will be displayed. Select “OK”.

After loading the device in safe mode, go to the settings, then select the application that locks your phone, and delete it or simply clear the data.

After starting the smartphone in the usual mode, the graphic key will be disabled.

How to protect yourself from hacking your phone

To date, the most relevant issue of information security is methods of protecting personal data, passwords and any other confidential information. Basic Hacking Protection Recommendations:

  • Do not put the phone display up:
  • Do not connect to the public access points of the Wireless Network;
  • carry out regular operating system updates;
  • use complex passwords taking into account the register and numbers;
  • cover your hand phone when entering a graphics key or password;
  • Do not install suspicious software.

You must also in a timely manner of a backup of data, use the built-in device protection methods, beware of spam and competently manage the permissions of the installed software.

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Special programs

In order to unlock the device, there are also special programs. If the user found that none of the above methods work incorrectly, then it can easily turn to utilities.

Samsung Find My Mobile

This is the official app from Samsung. It will help unblock the phone without resetting the settings or reflashing a person will not receive any risks when using this utility.

However, this option will be suitable not to all users, but only those who were registered in advance and authorized in the company’s system. To take advantage of the program, you need:

  • Open an official page;
  • Specify the email address to which the user is tied to Samsung;
  • Now you need to select your device from the search;
  • Click to the item “”;
  • Select a section with unlocking device and confirmation.

As can be seen, you can even open access with special utilities. Good when they are official.

Dr. Fone

Another very popular application that will help the user easily unlock Samsung. this is a doctor background. It is intended for phones on the Android system, as well as available in official stores, on the site.

After the user downloaded it to his computer, it needs:

  • Connect the smartphone to the computer;
  • Open a program;
  • Find an item with Android Lock;
  • Now tap to the item that is responsible for data recovery;
  • Specify the type of recovery that needs. In this case, password.

If the user made all actions correctly, the files from the device are not deleted. If you treat it inattentively, the user may accidentally click on the reset to factory settings or something like that.

ways how to reset the Android password without losing data: step by step instructions

  • Reset settings to the factory is one of the global ways that affects all data in the device’s memory (not counting the SD card). Its function is reflected in the title: With a special key combination when you turn on the phone, you can go to the RESET system menu that deletes all files, settings and presets from your device. Almost for each Android model, the key combination is different, but in most ways it requires simultaneously pressing the volume keys and the HOME key, if any. Use this method only if you do not keep anything important in the phone’s memory and do not lose anything with full reset.
  • Firmware update.In the second way, which will partially look like first, there will be an update of the firmware on your smartphone. It works on the principle of what new system data is loaded on your phone, while deleting old presets and settings. Personal data in the form of photos, music and other things in this method are not affected. Update can be made using a specialized program on a computer using a USB cable or by placing a file with a new firmware into the device, subsequently by selecting it from the special menu “Recovery”.
  • ADB and Command Line.If you are particularly interested in how to reset the Android password via PC, you can use the command line of your computer. This is done only with the installed ADB program (Android debug bridge) on your smartphone. Download the archive with the program distribution and place in any place on your device. To make a password reset in this way, you need to connect the device to your computer using a USB wire and among the pretty modes to select “USB debug mode”.

Next, by unzipping, place all the necessary files of this utility to any folder of your smartphone. The program you need will be located on the way SDK / Platform-Tools. Start the command line on your computer by entering the CMD in the command execution field, which is called by pressing the Win R keys, and write the following in the Console window that opens:

If you need to reset not the graphical key, namely the password, then replace gesture.Key on Password.Key, then you can reboot your Android device, and it will not require you to password.

Discharged battery. There are also more cunning ways to reset the password on Android. They are in some kind of deception of the device and bypass the screen with the input of the password. One of these ways is a discharged battery. Here everything is quite simple: wait until your battery resources reach low charge, and while the device will not give you a warning about it. When a low charge alert appears on the screen, click on it and go to your battery status menu. Press the back arrow to get into the previous directory, enter the security settings of your device and simply disconnect the password request.

Similar cunning with a deception device is an incoming or outgoing call on the smartphone. The essence of this method is that when canceling or completing a call, your desktop appears on the screen, where you can have time to click in any place. Using this, call your phone, reset and gradually pressing the desired locations of the screen, go to the menu with security settings and disable password request safely.

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Google Account. The following way to disconnect the password on your Android smartphone will be tied to Google Account. How to use it right? Enter a couple times incorrectly your password from the device (usually it is five to six times), then at the bottom of the screen you will see the item “Forgot the Graphic Wrench / Password?”. Press and the system will offer you to enter a password with a login from your Google Account, after which the phone will be unlocked. This method can also help those who think about how to reset the password without losing data.

Service “Find Device”. The following way is quite unusual. You need to reappear to Google’s services to save our phone from blocking. It is called “Finding a device”, which does not only perform a function reflected in the title, but also allows you to complete the complete reset of the device. In order for them to use, you need to be connected to the Internet. After access appeared on your device, go through your computer to Google’s service page by https: // / Android / find and pass the authorization process. The location of your device will be displayed on the map and will correspond to the time when the smartphone last went to the network. Open the list of available options and select “Erase Data”.

In the next window, re-click on “Erase the data” and then “Clear”.

Similar services and programs are for most phone manufacturers like Sony or Samsung. You can enjoy both their services and contact Google’s services.

Smart Lock feature. One of the final discussed methods will be a wonderful thing called SmartLock, which appeared for the first time with Android version 5.0. The essence of it is very simple: instead of various passwords, code phrases, graphic keys and other things, it can unlock your fingerprint phone, a picture of a person, or voting recognition. Therefore, if you use SmartLock’a to indicate any additional block removal options on your device, try unlock your phone with their help. But be careful when using this technology: any negligence when configuring can lead to the presence of your personal data by intruders. In case you are not sure that this option is safe for you. it is better to refuse it right away.

How to reset the password on the Android phone using the “Find My Device” service from Google

Google offers its users a convenient service “Find My Device” (“Find My Device”). With it you can find a lost or stolen smartphone, as well as unlock the phone remotely than we now use.

On any device, go to the Equipment Management Service page. Enter the login to your account.

From the list of devices, select the necessary (in case you have several). Then select “Block”.

Set the new screen lock password. Enter it repeated to confirm. Re-select “Block”.

This password enter on your Android smartphone. The phone will be successfully unlocked. After that you can leave this password or change it in the phone settings on another blocking type.

How to reset the graphic key

There are several common ways to roll back the key. For a complete understanding of the topic, each method will be considered in detail in the following sections of the article.

Entrance to your Google Personal Account

This is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to reset the graphic key, which involves compliance with the following algorithm:

  • Turn on the phone by clicking on the power button. After that, a window will be displayed for entering the key.
  • Press the button “Forgot the graphic key?»At the bottom of the window.
  • The Google Account menu appears. Here you will need to enter an email address and password, and then click on the word “log in”.

Additional Information! If the data for logging in Google is forgotten, it will be possible to restore access to the profile through the computer.

Simple password reset

This method suggests that the user knows the graphic key and can log in. In this case, the algorithm will be as follows:

  • Go to the “Settings” of the device by clicking on the gear icon on the desktop.
  • Go to Safety section.
  • Scroll through the list of parameters and select the option “Graphic key”.
  • In the next window, click on the “Reset” button.
  • Next, the system will ask to enter the operating key, after which the protection will be reset.

Call to phone

This method of reset does not work on modern versions of Android. It will be operational on Android 2.2 and lower. To implement it, you will need to make some simple steps on the algorithm:

  • Take another smartphone and call it to one that cannot be unlocked, and then accept the incoming call.
  • On the bottom of the gadget, click on the “Home” button to minimize the call window.
  • After completing the previous manipulations, a person will be able to use the device in normal mode.
  • Upon the scheme discussed above, lose the graphical key through the “Settings” of the mobile phone. Android version 2.2 will not require a reset to reset.
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The reviewed loophole with the call was closed by Android developers in the following versions of the operating system. However, on modern OS, in this way you can reset the preset timer settings.

Discharged battery

When the phone charge drops below 15%, the appropriate notification appears on its screen. To reset the graphics key, this method will require:

  • Wait until the phone is discharged to 15%. To speed up this procedure, the device must be influenced by the low temperature, for example, put it in the refrigerator for several minutes.
  • Wait for the low battery notification window appeared. Here you need to perform actions quickly, After 15 seconds, the window will disappear, and the user will have to charge the smartphone, and then re-wait for his discharge.
  • On the Notifications menu, click on the button “Battery Status”.

Launch connection with the Internet

Collection can be done after synchronizing the phone to the Internet, for example, to Wi-Fi. To establish an Internet connection on Android when it is blocked, you must act according to the algorithm:

  • On the lock screen, click on the emergency call button at the bottom.
  • Drive the command to the appropriate field that will run the engineering menu. Here much depends on the specific model of the smartphone. Therefore, before entering the command, it is recommended to find it on the Internet for this model using another device.
  • After entering the command, click on the call button, and the menu will open.
  • In the menu that opens, switch to the “SERVICE TEST” section, and then click on the “WLAN” line.
  • Select Wi-Fi Access Point and connect to it by entering a synchronization password.
  • When the user succeeds in entering the Internet from a blocked gadget, it will be able to apply other reset methods.

Connecting a wireless network, the user will be able to download Special Software and Delete Key.

Manual Deleting Options in Recovery Mode

The RECOVERY menu is a special smartphone management environment in which you can perform actions for setting up the device. In this mode, you can delete the graphics key manually. The main thing for the successful task is to act as follows:

  • Turn off the phone.
  • When you repeatedly turn on the smartphone at the same time, clamp the power button and increasing the volume of the device. After that, when the device boots, the Recovery menu should open.
  • Open the “SYSTEM” tab.
  • Go to the subsection responsible for security and password installation. It is called differently depending on the phone model.
  • Delete all the files at the end of the names of which is the designation “.Key ».
  • Restart the device and check the result. The graphic key must be reset, if all actions have been properly done.

Instant OS Recovery Utility

This method involves using the DB RUN utility, which must be installed on a Windows computer. The essence of the method is to perform the following steps:

  • Download the application from the manufacturer’s official website and install it on your landline computer or laptop.
  • Connect the smartphone to the PC via USB cable, which is included, and turn on USB debugging.
  • Move the gadget connected to the computer, to FastBoot mode. To do this, simultaneously press the power button and reduce the phone volume and hold for 20 seconds.
  • Now run the ADB Run program on the PC and switch to the “Manual Command” section.
  • In the opened command line, enter the “SQLITE3” command from the keyboard, and then start the “settings.DB “.

USB debugging

The following way will work if a USB debugging was turned on on the device. Download the PC program AdB Run Install it.

  • Connect your device to PC. Inteeis Program is simple and understandable.
  • You will need only one command, click on the keyboard number 6. Unlock Gesture Key.
  • The device will restart and will need to enter a new password on the lock screen.

The method is also triggered not with all smartphones.

Service center

If you have tried all the ways to unlock the phone screen, if you forgot your password, but I did not help anything after buying a gadget, you have a warranty card and a check, then you can attribute your phone to the service center and will help you there. This pleasure will cost some amount, but you save the data on the smartphone. Another disadvantage. it may take some time.

This, of course, not all ways, here we described, probably the most simple. But for most devices there will be quite enough. And remember. remember passwords, and better write them to a notebook or somewhere in a reliable place so that in such situations do not break your head and not risk precious photos, hundreds of SMS contacts and other data stored on the phone.

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