Install the clock on the Samsung lock screen

How to install on Samsung A12 clock on the main screen or blocked and disabled

The clock in the phone Samsung A12, like others play now almost a paramount role, as you know the time you need almost constantly, and people with clock almost do not meet.

Phones advanced and now we can find out the time not only the main or blocked, but also on the off.

Only if you have Samsung a12, then the clock needs not only to set up for yourself for maximum convenience, but also to install.

Let’s look at stages how to do it all and even how to increase the clock, although the size is limited.

How to put a clock on the screensaver in sleep mode?

Open the Settings application. Select Security and Privacy Screen Lock and Passwords Lock Screen Style, then select Lock Screen Style.

Clock on the desktop “Android”. how to put

There are built-in and third-party solutions: standard clock widgets from the Android system (the choice is very small) and applications from other developers that can be downloaded from “Play Market”.

Classic widgets from the system itself

How to add a built-in widget with a clock:

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Choose one of two types of widgets for watches

Move the clock to a closer desktop

Third-party watch widgets in the form of programs

If you are not satisfied with what “Android” offers, look for more interesting solutions in the Play Market (Official Application Store for the Android system):

Enter a search query with a magnifying glass

Allow the application to use the calendar, multimedia files on your phone

How to put a clock on the phone screen using applications

If the user is not standard widgets, it can download third-party utilities. Download them better in the official store PlayMarket, because you can install the application with a malicious code. And in this case you have to reflash the smartphone. There are free and paid versions that do not differ significantly. Only in paid utilities is missing promotional content. Below is a rating of popular applications for installing clock on Android.

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Onca Clock Widget

The peculiarity of this program is the voice voicing of time. This is useful because the owner of the smartphone does not have to constantly get the phone to find out what time. In the ONCA CLOCK WIDGET settings, you can independently select a voice for voice and configure the sound frequency.

After installation, the user will be able to independently select the size of the widget and its location on the display. Two hours of hours are available. digital and analog.

How to change and configure the clock on the lock screen in Android

Watch can not only add or delete, but also fully edit them, changing the position and reducing or increasing the size of the widget. On some models of phones, it is impossible to do this, and even more functions can be configured on others.

How to move the clock on the lock screen

How to set the clock on the screen Android phone

Sometimes the movement can be carried out due to the same action on the main window of the gadget. It works like this: the widget moves in the menu and changes its position on the lock display. Often it does not work, then you need:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Find the Safety section.
  • Select a “Screen Lock” subsection.
  • Click on “Lock Screen Styles”.
  • Select the desired style and apply it.

After that there will be another blocking screen and the location of the clock.

Reduce or increase the size of the clock

On most devices, change the size of the clocks of the same format is impossible. This is due to the fact that the widget is initially done on a certain number of units. For one unit, the size of one side of the standard square icon takes.

note! There are cases that the program and its display is worked out, then it is quite possible to choose a sized widget, but it happens rarely.

Much more often under the change in dimensions, mean a change in not only the size of the watch, but also style or theme. To do this, click and hold the selected application until it starts moving after your finger. Next, you are removing it, and a new widget is installed in its place.

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Onca Clock Widget. an application that helps set the clock on the screen

“ONCA CLOCK WIDGET”. an application with time sounding function. Thanks to this option, you will not need to be constantly distracted by your phone screen. A pleasant voice of the assistant will report current time with a given frequency.

To work the widget there is no need to produce any settings after installation. But you can personalize the widget by choosing its size, design and location. Choose between digital and analog clock, install them on the main screen and on blocking.

How to put a clock on the locked screen

To make a clock on the Samsung A51 or A50, go to the settings and looking for the category “Lock Screen”.

We enter there. Scroll down until I see the “Style of Hours”. Found? Open. Select the “Lock Screen” item.

Now the icons below scroll to the right until we find the most optimal view that will suit us.

Click on it and below confirm the click on the “Finish” option. If this appearance does not suit the same way, you can choose another.

Method Second. extraneous applications

It all depends on the desire. are interested only in transparent hours, then the installation of the programs does not have no meaning, but such simple many may not be enough for waiting for breakdowns on time zones or accurate indication of time.

For this purpose, you can install the application “ClockSync”, which allows you to test the time readings relative to atomic or synchronize.

In the parameters you can specify a time zone detection and updating it through a specified interval.

Another application of a retro widget is the imitation of old hours in which the numbers were printed on two-component plates and fell on top of each other with each minute and shift hours.

Here, although there is no impressive transition between numbers, but the clock themselves look neatly, withdrawing except time and date.

Interesting Also Developments Displays the current time MINIMALISTIC TEXT, SIMPLE CLOCK WIDGET and DIGI CLOCK.

Digi Clock is just an electronic watch. Simple Clock Widget option is a bit more unusual. It displays the current time and date in an interesting form (with different sizes of fonts and incorrect markup) on a transparent background.

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Minimalistic Text, conquered the heart with its originality. no digits, no dial. everything is presented in text form.

The ability to establish a font is the advantages of the application that has already downloaded at least a million people.

If neither one watches do not meet our desires, then you have the opportunity to make your widget.

The application “Make Your Clock” was created specifically for this purpose. Time, weather, battery information and memory, font, color, shades and transparency, everything can be easily with the help of sliders and selectors.

Thanks to this, you can be sure that the widget available in eight sizes will perfectly fit into your Samsung A50.

Third-party applications

The advantages of individual applications are that they can be flexibly configured. Consider the most interesting of them.

Minimal Clock

This widget is popular among users, and also has many settings.

  • Download the application from the Play Market.[Appbox GooglePlay COM.JMT.clockwidget]
  • Hold your empty screen area until the menu appears → Click “Widgets”.
  • time format;
  • Battery charge display;
  • date format;
  • font style;
  • color background and battery;
  • and much more.


Simple application with minimalistic design and simple settings.

  • Download the application from Play Market.[Appbox GooglePlay COM.Sunspock.Miclock]
  • Hold the empty area before the menu appears → Click “Widgets”.

Always ON

Analogue program function that is present on Samsung devices with OLED displays. The essence of the application is that it displays the time on the locked screen.

Important! Application Designed for AMOLED Screen. When used on the IPS matrix, power consumption will increase.

  • Rules of work (use of the battery, shutdown period and t.D.);
  • gestures (actions after swipes and t.D.);
  • Dial settings (appearance);
  • Energy Saving Mode (Battery Overheating Protection).

note! This mode works if you have root. The article “Getting Root Rights on Android” is described how to do it.

The application will start after locking the screen and will work in energy efficient mode.

Analog Clock Live

The feature of the application is that it sets the live wallpaper clock on the screen of your device.

  • Download and run the application.[Appbox GooglePlay COM.AnalogClocklivewallpaper.AnalogClock]
  • Press “SETTING” → Set the clock, specifying:
  • clock face;
  • Colour;
  • Display date, second arrows.
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