Install the melody on the iPhone call

How to put ringtone on the iPhone

Apple holds a clear position in the fight against the spread of pirate music on its gadgets, so installing the ringtone “Officially” can only create it from the purchased track in the iTunes store. But change the ringtone on the iPhone, you can use and third-party programs and additional features. Consider several ways to change the musical accompaniment of the call.

Create a ringtone, and also put a song on the iPhone call the easiest way to use iTunes. For this software must be installed in advance on your computer or laptop. Depending on the iTunes version, the process of creating and installing the Rington gadget will differ. Consider both options for obsolete and new on:

  • Install the program on your computer device. In the iTunes 12 version before the start of creating a ringtone on the iPhone, you first need to make sure that the check mark is set opposite the string “handle music and video manually”. You can find this field by opening the program and choosing the “Overview” category.
  • Drag the media file or media files from which you will “cut” ringtone in the library. To do this, go to the “File” tab, and then in the category “Add file to the library”.
  • Now you need to choose the right mouse button a specific musical composition for use on the call.
  • Select “Information” or “Details” in iTunes 10.
  • In the window that appears, and more specifically in the top panel, click the “Parameters” category.
  • Now the window should appear on your screen with the ability to select a time segment of the playback composition. Ringtone on the iPhone should not exceed a temporary size of more than 30-40 seconds, so you must decide in advance with a piece of musical composition and choose the best location site during call. But he, as written above, should not be longer than 30-40 seconds.
  • Now in the window with the ability to choose a temporary segment, you need to check the box next to the word “start” and write the time of the composition. The same to do with the category “Stop”. check the tick and write the end time of the musical segment.
  • Save the changes made.
  • After that, you need to press again with the right mouse button on the selected song and select the “Convert to AAS format” string. In newer versions of iTunes you need to first select the string to convert, another small menu will open, where you already need to choose “convert to AAS format”
  • After this action on the list of media files your 30 second music passage will appear. You also need to click on the right mouse button and select Show to “Finder” or “Windows Explorer”. A window will open where the file you need is, but in another format. M4A, and you need M4Ar format. In the new version of iTunes you will be offered the opportunity to show the track to “Finder” for MacOS or to show through Windows Explorer.
  • To change the file format, you need to go to the “Control Panel” in Windows using the “Start” menu. Next, locate the “folder parameters” string, and in the top panel of the window that has opened, select the category “View”. Closer to the bottom Find the string to “hide extensions for registered file types” and remove the checkbox from it. Next save changes.
  • Now you can proceed to renaming the type of M4A file in M4Ar. To do this, right-click on the file, select the “Rename” string and the desired file format.
  • Drag the M4AR media file with the future ringtone at any convenient place for you on your computer.
  • Finally, come to solving the issue, how to install ringtone on the iPhone via iTunes. This process depends on the installed iTunes version:
  • For version 10 and below. Connect the iPhone to the computer. Now drag your ringtone to the iTunes folder called “Ringtone”, which is in the “Sounds” section. Now check the box next to “Synchronize Ringtones”, confirm your actions using the active button “Apply”. After the synchronization process, in the gadget itself, go to the category of sounds / ringtones and install the track you created instead of the standard sound sound.
  • In iTunes versions from 10 to 12.6 “sounds” folder is hidden, so you have to dig a little. There are several ways to make a folder visible. For example, right-click on the iTunes menu and select the category “edit the menu”, and then check the box opposite the “sounds” item, and transfer your media file to the folder.
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You can also open the hidden folder “Sounds”, if you go to iTunes on the “Edit Setup-Basic” directory and put a tick opposite the “sounds”. If the folder cannot be standardly dragging the track in the folder, and copying through the mouse, then try copying and paste a music file using keyboard shortcuts: “CTRV” / “CTRC”. Now connect the iPhone, perform synchronization and transfer the file to the gadget.

  • In iTunes 12 versions.7 You must first connect the iPhone as soon as the synchronization process starts, drag the file with the track to the device section and the iPhone subcategory or copy the “CTRV” / “CTRC” key combination into the same category. Now take your gadget, go to the Sound-Rington settings section and make your track ringtone track on the iPhone.

How to make any ringtone on the iPhone without a computer and iTunes through GarageBand

Download or import a song (save to listen to offline in the music application) you want to use as a ringtone in your music library. If you miss this step, you will not find this song in GarageBand.

Open GarageBand. If you do not have a GarageBand, you can download it in the App Store.

How to install ringtone on iPhone

Step 1: Open the settings on the iPhone.

Go to sounds.

In the Sounds and Vibration Pictures section, select the type of notification to which Ringtone Want to Put.

A list will appear with all available ringtones. Created by you should be at the very top of the list. Click on it to set on the call.

How to put ringtone on the iPhone

Whatever way you do not get the ringtone in M4R format at the end it still needs to download it in the iPhone memory. In the latest versions of iTunes it is quite simple. To do this, run iTunes, connect the iPhone to a computer and click on the device icon, which will appear in the upper left corner of the iTunes program.

After that, you need to go to the “Sounds” section and simply drag the ringtone in M4R format.

Rington boot will start automatically immediately after dragging. After the download is complete, you will only put this ringtone on the iPhone Call. To do this, open the settings and go to the section “Sounds”.

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Then you need to open the Rington subsection and select one of the available ringtones.

If everything was done correctly, the composition that was downloaded through iTunes will appear in the list of Ringtals.

How to make your melody on the iPhone call using iTunes

There was a time when everyone wanted to install their melody on the iPhone call. Of course, these melodies were very rapidly bored. Nevertheless, the creation and assignment of the melody for various contacts is still in great demand. There is a rather simple way to turn any song in Ringtone, and I will show you how to do it.

Open iTunes on your computer and find the song you want to make Ringtone. We are going to make a ringtone for 30 seconds (30 seconds it is the maximum possible length for rington).

install, melody, iphone, call

Right-click on the song and select “Details” then “Parameters”. On the Options tab, you will see the start and end buttons. Here you will enter the start time and end of your ringtone.

After entering the start and end of the ringtone, click OK.

Create an AAC version of the song by right-clicking and selecting “Create a version in AAC format”. You will have the original and AAC version in the library.

Now we have the original and AAC version, you can return to the original kind of your song, having done the same operation, just this time removing the check mark with the “beginning” and “end”.

Right-click on your new AAC melody and select Show in Windows Explorer. Next, rename this file by right-clicking on the file and clicking Rename.

Change the expansion with M4A on.M4R and save changes.

If you do not appear when renaming you do not appear, make the following. (concerns only Windows users). Go to the Control Panel. Folder Parameters and in the View tab, uncheck the checkbox from “Hide extensions for registered file types” and click OK.

After saving, drag the file from the folder to the desktop.

Connect the iPhone to the computer and open iTunes. Select three points next to your phone and in the drop-down menu, select Sounds.

Drag the melody from the desktop in the Sounds section.

Click on the iPhone icon and go to sounds. synchronize sounds. Selected sounds. and select the melody and synchronize the device.

Take the iPhone, go to the settings. Sounds. Sounds and drawings of vibrations and select a new ringtone from the list (it should be at the very top).

Using this instruction you can install your melody on the iPhone Call.

How to install a song as your ringtone on the iPhone

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From this article you will learn how to create a ringtone (ringtone) and install it on iPhone. If you use Macos Catalina or later, you can do this using Apple Music application on Mac computer. Ringtone can easily create from a music file of any type, including M4A and MP3, saved on your computer. When you copy the melody on the iPhone, you can make a call melody for all calls or for calls from a certain contact.

install, melody, iphone, call

Check the boxes from “Start” and “End”. Both options are in the middle tabs. Now you can set the start time and end of the fragment of the song.

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Enter the start time and end of the song fragment. In the “Start” option, enter the start time of the song fragment, and in the “End” option. the end time of this fragment.

Click OK. This button at the bottom of the window. The changes made will be saved, and the window with the song parameters will close.

  • For example, if the duration of the selected fragment is 36 seconds, “0:36” will be displayed near the new audio file.
  • If the “Create AAS version” option is not displayed, activate it. To do this, click Edit (Windows) or “iTunes” (Mac), click on “Settings”, click “Import Settings”, open the “Importer” menu and select “AAC Encoder”.

Open the folder with the AAC file. To do this, select the AAC version of the song, click “File” and select “Show in Explorer” (Windows) or “Show in Finder” (Mac).

We use itools

Itools is an alternative version of iTunes, but it is not created by Apple developers, but by third-party experts. In some sense, the program creates ringtones by faster due to the fact that you do not have to fool your head with the file format. However, the use of software that is not intended for the iPhone operating system can cause a conflict with “native” phone applications, so you should be careful.

To set a ringtone to a call using itools, follow such instructions:

  • Find the created ringtone and simply drag it from the folder in the program window. it will be added automatically.
  • Connect the device to the computer and select “Import to Device” to transfer music to the iPhone.

The program is not Russified, so the user is available only English-speaking inteeis.

How to install an individual melody on the iPhone without using a computer?

Those who like to diversify their list of tunes for incoming calls, SMS and notifications, it is better to choose the installation of the melodies on the iPhone device without using computers. This will require you to be connected to the Internet.

To carry out such a setup, you will need to download from the App Store service of two applications and install them on the iPhone device:

  • Installing a browser that has the ability to manage downloads. An example of such a browser. ALOHA BROWSER used on iPhone devices.
  • Apple Developer Apple For Music Compositions GarageBand.
  • After the applications listed are installed, you can search and download ringtones. To download, you need to find and use any Internet resource on which it is possible to download ringtones and compositions using browsers.

Upon completion of downloading the necessary melodies, you will need to do several actions:

install, melody, iphone, call

  • Open menu item with downloads and select “Edit” (right upper angle).
  • Select the item to change, then the required downloaded file and click the “Share” button.
  • The window will open, you need to select “Save Files”, then open the folder with the documents and click the item “Add”.
  • To convert the downloaded song in Ringtone, you will need a GarageBand program.
  • After conversion, the ringtone will be in the overall list and it can be.

Knowing how to correctly change the melody on the iPhone, you can use your favorite ringtones for each contact separately.

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