iPhone error attached device does not work

Fix the device is unattainable in “Settings” iPhone

You need to make photo photos from the iPhone to a computer, but it fails and the message “Device is unattainable” appears? In this way, we will describe how to fix this error. the device is unattainable when copying with iPhone.

This error appears due to the fact that the iPhone creates images in HEIC format. Compared to JPEG format photos in HEIC are preserved in better quality and have a smaller size.

To transfer the photo heic from the iPhone to the computer, use the “Settings” app.

Then at the bottom of the menu item “Transfer to Mac or PC” Put a tick next to “tolerate the originals”;

If you want your images to be saved in JPEG format, you must perform the following steps:

After that, everything is ready. You can connect the iPhone again and copy photos and videos, and without errors. If this method does not yet help you, you can try the following method.

Causes of error

Typically, an error 0x80070141 “The Device IS Unreachable” occurs when copying or moving files from the phone to a computer or laptop, more often on the iPhone, less often on Android. The reason for this can be:

It is noted that when copying items on a computer, files are created with the same name, but with zero values ​​and size. As a result. files are not played, not shown and not reproduced. However, if you switch these files to various clouds, discs and mail, then everything is normal reproduced.

The most common version, because of what this problem occurs, this is updating the iOS system

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The only output is not to update the system. Of course, it is not a fact that after updating the version and throw off the settings to the factory, the contents of the phone will turn onto the computer without errors.

  • Curve version of iOS or Android;
  • Incorrect selection in the smartphone data transfer functions;
  • various drivers, including installed on Windows;
  • Incompatible or damaged USB cable.

The cause of desynchronization can be in:

If an Apple device synchronization problem and laptop / PC is not solved by rebooting both gadgets and re-connected, then we try to identify the reason.

What to do to correct the error “device is unattainable

So, we have dealt with the above for a similar phenomenon. Next, we present to your attention 2 ways to fix.

Method 1. Disable automatic conversion when copying

The problem can be easily solved due to simple actions in the “settings” iPhone.

  • First of all, you need to disable the mobile device from the computer.
  • Next in the “settings” of the iPhone, open the “Photo” section.
  • Scroll down the page down and find the “Transfer to Mac or PC” item.
  • Switch from the “Automatically” option to “tolerate the originals”.

Connect the iPhone to the PC and start copying the desired photos and video. Note that with such a scenario files will be copied to PC in HEVC and Heic formats. If the video player you use or the photo editor does not support work with them, you will have to install special programs or codecs for Windows. Also in order to avoid this error in the future, you can change the format of the photo in the iPhone on JPG.

Method 2. Slowing File Copy Speed

Based on the above reason for the problem of “device is unattainable”, another way its solution provides for a decrease in the speed of copying files.

To do this, connect the iPhone to PC using the USB version 2 connector.0, instead of speed 3.0. Thus, now when copying files, the smartphone has already had to keep converting into supported Windows formats.

Install or update device drivers

The error under consideration may occur in a situation where the drivers to the device are outdated or work incorrectly. Update the drivers by downloading the latest items from the device developer’s website, or use the functionality of the specialized program “Driver Pak Solyushn”.

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In some cases, the presence of viral, promotional or spyware pc can cause the appearance of dysfunction under consideration in the article. Contact your “Doctor Web Curet” tested anti-virus tools (https: // free.DrWeb.RU / CURIT /) to get rid of malware.

Violation of the integrity of the cord

This is the first and most obvious option. Apple is often suspected of the manufacture of accessories in such a way that they need to be more often. One of the versions says that the braid of wires for charging and headphones is made of a material that is quickly erased. The truth is or not. unknown. But the fact is that the charging cable from the iPhone does not live long enough, while the wires from cheap smartphones can be used for years.

If when connected to a computer iPhone, the device stopped responding, pay attention to the place of the cable bond and adapter, possibly the wires were already denaked and led to instability. Also worth checking and the length of the cord. Pay attention to the beggars and chances.

The solution is simple enough. repair or replace the cord.

Correction: “iOS Transfer cannot interact with the device

In this part, we will discuss several common procedures when you need to get rid of the “iOS transfer” error can not interact with the device when transferring data from Android to iOS.

Correction # 1: Restart the devices

First correction. Restarting both devices. It is a simple fix, but it is effective.

Just turn off the devices and turn them on after 30 seconds.

Correction # 2: Check the ability to connect to the Internet

You need to check the connection. This procedure requires a reliable Internet connection. And make sure that the Android device is connected to the access point of the iOS device.

Correction # 3: Disable the intelligent network switch

The Android settings have an option called “Intelligent Network Switch”. If this option is enabled, you will not be able to connect to the iOS device.

  • Go to Wi-Fi settings.
  • Click the menu icon located in the upper right corner.
  • Click Advanced, and then click Intelligent Network Switch to Enable or Disable.
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Correction # 4: Activate the mode of operation in the plane

Now we all know what flight mode is! We usually want it to disable this feature to perform any work. But for this procedure you need to activate this feature to avoid unwanted communication.

Cause of the errordevice is unattainable

In iOS 11, and then in all subsequent iOS versions, video and image encoding format has changed. JPEG format gave way to a new (definitely wonderful) HEIF format. Pictures in such format have an extension.Heic or.Heif. Instead of a widespread video codec H.264, published in 2003, used relatively new HEVC.

Newer versions of Windows have built-in tools for recognizing such formats. Unfortunately, such recognition is often slower than the standard operating system tools. This means that if the OS is ready to copy the file, but it did not have time to recognize, it is formally seen only a non-unidentified data array, and just in case there will be labeled all the device storage as inaccessible to interaction. with an error code 0x80070141. The bigger the file, the more you need a system to recognize it, so the error “device is unattainable” can more often see when you try to copy the volume video files from the iPhone to the computer.

In old versions of Windows (in particular, Windows 7), such means may not be at all. Microsoft began distanced from “Seven” back in 2015. That is why the error message of the device that Windows 7 writes to us looks completely different. If you plan to continue to use Apple devices, but at the same time still think about why it is worth moving to the “top ten”. here you are probably the main reason.

Resetting the settings through iTunes

In addition, you can also reset the device settings through the iTunes program, which is installed on the computer from most iOS device owners. To do this, follow the instructions below.

Next in iTunes a dialog box appears with an offer to update or restore the device.

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