Listen to music through Bluetooth Android

How to Listen Radio through Bluetooth Headset on Android?

We want to share with you information about how to listen to the Bluetooth FM radio headset for Android devices. In almost all modern FM radio smartphones, you can only listen to the connected wired headset, because it is the headphones that receive the role of antenna, and if they are not inserted into the slot, the system blocks the start of the program. Thus, if you simply connect the Bluetooth headset, the FM receiver NaDROID will start, because it only works with wire. We want to describe the method that will give the opportunity to listen to the radio on a wireless headset.

BTFM RadioPathica

The program is intended for listening to FM radio on a wireless stereo headset (A2DP). Sound transmission is possible and on the Bluetooth column or on the computer columns equipped with a BT adapter with A2DP support.Additional features: wireless “wiretapping”. live streaming from a microphone / wired headset PDA. Recording an audio stream (in T.C. from radio) “on the fly” in mp3. Supported bitrates: 32-320kbps, stereo. Audio recording directory is configured, you can use the memory card. (Bitrate affects download) Automatic start and management of FM radio application. Closing the program and launch any selected application with a headset. Managing any functions of the program directly from the headset. (AVRCP) For recording, you need EMZMP3ENCDLL.DLL in the Windows directory. (EMZMP3ENCDLL.DLL is initially present on the Samsung i740) Radio broadcast is possible on: Acer DX650 GIGABYTE S1205 HTC HD2 HTC P3650 Touch Cruise Roverpc G7 Roverpc G8 Roverpc N6 RoverPC Q6 RoverPC V7 RoverPC X7 SE X1 (Bag: Sound is displayed and on the built-in speaker) Samsung i740 Samsung i900 (fully supported, read README) attention ! Read Readme before use.TXT (in the program archive) Only one application processes AVRCP commands Official website: https: // DSRT.Jino-Net.RU / Current Version. 1.61

Lovers listen to music, radio and watch movies in headphones, very much. There are headphones wired and wireless. As they say, the telephone headset is now enough for every taste and color. You can not only listen to audio content, but also respond to phone calls, talk conversations.

Quality of sound in wired headphones of course at height. Bluetooth headphones are also not lagging behind the quality of music playback from wired. But still for conversations and calls more convenient mono Bluetooth headset.

Single headset, which is attached to the ear with a special holder in the form of a hook or inserted into the ear sink. Very convenient to use at the moment when you expect an important call, and at that moment the hands are busy.

Do some things, we are driving, especially in the city, and the gearbox is not automatic, but mechanical. And you have to be attentive and at the check. Yes, and you can not at the wheel of talking on the phone without a Bluetooth headset.

But we are in principle a little bit about the other, that if just a headphone hangs on the ear and does not produce any sounds, it’s boring. But you can and through mono headset not only to talk, but also listen to music or radio, listen to audiobooks, watch and listen movies.

When you receive a call, any audition stops, the earphone goes into a conversation mode and you can safely talk to the subscriber called you.

And in this we will help such applications for phones and tablets on Android OS as Bluetooth Music Widget Battery TWS Pods Free, Mono Bluetooth Router

and many other similar APK applications.

Will we dwell on these two programs, because they are the simplest. Without unnecessary settings and the like. And besides in Russian.

This application can be downloaded from the Play Market installed on the phone.

Come to the store, in the search bar, enter the name APK application, find it in the issuance and install it on the phone. If you suddenly find in the store, download on this link.

Before using them, you must link your Bluetooth headset with your smartphone. It’s very simple. Come in the smartphone settings, choose the item Device connection

orWireless networks. In different phones can be called differently.

Choose Bluetooth item. Enable. Next, click the “Search” button. At the same time turn on a Bluetooth earphone in the search mode. When the name of your headset appears in the phone, you click on the inscription and conjugate the devices.

Next, go to the Bluetooth Music

and in the window that opens, click theConnect button. In the headphone you will hear the characteristic sound of the connection, and in the application window on the headphone icon, a sign indicatingBluetooth will appear.

All. Now you can turn on the music player, listen to music or radio. Watch movies, listen to audio book.

This application works in the same way. In it, from all settings, also two buttons, “Enable” and “Turn off”. Plus Volume button. You can adjust the volume both in the application and on the ear.

All in Russian. The only thing that may not be in Play Market.

Therefore, this APK application can be downloaded for this link.

So, with the help of these applications, you can listen to music and in mono headset.

Of course, the quality is not as in stereo headphones, but but the hands are free and the wires do not interfere. Put the phone on the sideline, go and do your affairs within the Bluetooth signal transmission radius.

Many people think that the wireless column can only be used to enhance the sound of the smartphone. by connecting the phone and running your playlist. However, some models support FM radio and can catch local waves.

Connection methods

I want to immediately notice that there are many ways. In this case, sometimes several options for connecting can be used on one radio. If you do not see one method, use another. Either choose the one that consider the most practical and convenient.

It doesn’t matter what car you have. It can be Renault Duster, Domestic Lada Vesta or Lada Granta. Some have a separate radio tape recorder, others cost a regular system.

Even there is a variety of Magnittol themselves. There are several most common brands:

There are different versions, models and generations. Even with Chinese incomprehensible origin of the radio bought for Chery Tiggo, sometimes you can connect your Android smartphone in a couple of minutes. Brands and models of the key role here do not play. The task is always the same. Need your phone somehow connect with the system.

  • Using a USB cable. Relevant, in demand, not very difficult. Although with his minuses;
  • Through AUX. Also a common option with its own characteristics;
  • Through radio. Yes, you can connect even so. Soon you will find out what we are talking about;
  • Using the Bluetooth system. Category of wireless connections;
  • Through tulips. Not the most move method, but also to circumvent attention can not be.
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Now let’s try to briefly, but clearly consider separately. And then everyone will be able to draw conclusions for itself and make the final decision.

Objectively one of the most relevant ways of connecting. Standard USB cable allows you to connect a phone or just a computer flash drive.

There is a special cord, one end of which looks like a USB connector, and the second is designed to connect to the phone. Note that old radio tape recorders cannot synchronize with smartphones, because they perceive the phone purely as a drive, that is, the memory card.

After connecting the devices cable in the settings of your gadget, look for a USB section. Next launches data transfer menu. This will allow the audio system to perceive and reproduce audio files available on your phone. But control is available only through the magnetic on old systems.

If it is more modern, you can synchronize and use the device is somewhat more efficient. This opens access to control simultaneously with two devices. Another plus is that in the process of playing parallel, the phone will be charged.

Let him slowly but at least his smartphone will not lose.

Minus only one. This is a dependence on a cable that may interfere with. If the cord is short, when the call is received, you will have to turn off the mobile phone, and then re-all connect and run music.

If you have a USB, it is better to take a full-fledged flash drive, burn your favorite music on it, and the smartphone is left at hand for other purposes.

This is a special connector available on car radio. Almost the first functionality that allows you to connect the phone and the audio system in the car. If there is no AUX on your car, it is somewhat strange, since such connectors are used since the cassette tape recorder times.

In fact, this is a plug with a round form having a size of 3.5 mm. You use this when connecting headphones. Stores it is not difficult to find the corresponding cable. And the connection is carried out to the disgrace just.

Cord is taken, one end goes to the phone, and the second in the radio. All you are ready to listen. Only as a smartphone itself. Tracks will have to switch through the built-in player or application.

That is, the audio system itself acts as a column with an amplifier where you can adjust the volume.

The option is very good and comfortable. Maximum simply connect and disable as needed.

Given a number of advantages, the demand for AUX connection is preserved.


Modern wireless connection, which allows without applying cords and cables to combine two devices.

  • But it is important that Bluetooth was on the radio. On the smartphone he is probably eating;
  • Further on the audio system turns on the port;
  • Parallel Bluetooth starts on the phone;
  • The device is interconnected;
  • This allows you to create integration between devices;
  • The smartphone is cleaned aside, since control is carried out through the audio system;
  • Connection allows you to listen to music and watch video;
  • In some cases, the radio can be used as a speakerphone.

listen, music, bluetooth, android

Of course, the smartphone will not be charged, but the battery wear will increase. But not so much so that after a couple of hours the battery sat.

Convenient, practical, functionally and universally. But only modern car radio.

Transmitters, tulips and emulators

Now you will go briefly for more than 3 more options. They are not the most optimal, but still have the right to exist.

  • Emulator. Universal music reader having connectors under AUX and USB. Rear Magnetola has an ISO exit to which the emulator is connected. Cord comes with. Connection is not the most convenient, but you can then use the phone, MP3 player and flash drives;
  • Tulips. If there are RCA connectors (tulips) connectors, you can connect to the phone. It is important to take a cable, where at one end of the tulips, and on the second 3.5 mm under the jack in the phone for headphones. And the connection is not always triggered by color. Try different combinations;
  • Transmitters. These are devices that connect the phone to audio systems even with a conventional radio. It is necessary that the radio is needed here. about transmitters you can learn here.


First you will understand how to connect wireless headphones to the Android phone via Bluetooth. If the tablets appeared only with the distribution of Android OS, then on mobile phones, wireless communications are used for a long time.

The connection procedure has not changed almost unchanged since then, it is already known to many Nokia and Sony users who dominated the mobile devices market quite recently.

To connect enough five minutes five minutes, and you need to do the following:

  • Open box with device and read instructions. It is important to find an item describing inclusion (transition to search mode) headsets. Usually there is an appropriate button and light indicator.
  • After turning on the headset (the indicator will light up or flash) enter the “Settings” of the smartphone.
  • Find a section Bluetooth.
  • Move the inclusion slider to the right. The window will light up green, and the wireless module will start searching for interconnecting devices. On some models, it is necessary to initiate the process manually by clicking on the “Search” icon. At the same time, activate visibility mode for all. As a rule, the headset is “visible” for half a minute. If during this time the connection did not happen, you should repeat the operation. press and hold the power button until the indicator lights up.
  • A line with a headset will appear in the “Available Devices” row by clicking on which you can start pairing. You may have to enter the code (Password is specified in the manufacturer’s instructions). Usually these are four zero.

When the connection takes place, the headset string in the menu will move to “connected”. Only you need to immediately consider that with a low battery charge, even with a successful connection, the headset will not work. Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone can also be in the quick settings panel if you drop the curtain.

Connecting Bluetooth Columns to Laptop on Windows 7

Windows 7 has a similar inteeis with 10 model. Therefore, the connection via Windows 7 is not difficult for the user.

The first connection instructions are the same. turn on the technology on column and PC. Next, in the operating system through the search for looking for “Bluetooth”. Turn on technology and find the list of available column available. If your model is not listed, reboot the column.

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In some cases, a weak computer can block connection via Bluetooth. For a wireless connection, try freeing the PC memory and remove unnecessary program and services from the task manager.

Program connection

The program will appear on the main screen until you open it. Next, follow the standard manual for connecting wireless headphones:

  • Turn on the headset. To do this, press the “Answer” button on the end of the housing and hold 1-2 seconds. Thus, you activate device detection mode, so that the smartphone can find it.
  • Go to “Settings” → Select Connection via Bluetooth. Activate by dragging the slider to the desired position.
  • A list of available devices will appear on the screen, select the headset name. To connect, you need to enter the key. 0000 or another numeric value (specify information from the seller).

Now go back to the main screen and run Mono Bluetooth Router. The program is easy to manage. There are two buttons “ON” and “OFF”. If you use the headset only for conversations, click “OFF”, the call according to the standard diagram will redirect from the smartphone to the headset. If you decide to listen to music, click on the “ON” key and tracks from player or radio transmission will be available for listening.

The application in the active mode allows you to play all the sounds from the smartphone: system melodies, tracks from the audio player, games. To disable the function or reset, press the “OFF” button.

Yes, such manipulations will come to the soul not to each user. Manipulations with a wireless headset are somewhat more complicated, but with one accessory you get two modes at once: conversation and call.

For lovers and connoisseurs of listening to music in headphones and in as much insulation from the world around the world, reproduction through a Bluetooth headset will not bring pleasure. First, there is only one earpiece, and, it means that you are listening to music in mono mode. Secondly, the device manufacturers were originally planned, as a means for listening to music and settings for high and low frequencies “not sharpened” for tracks, especially for different genres.

But if you already have a Bluetooth earphone and you want to expand its functionality, the program Mono Bluetooth Router is a great option to make a headset not only for conversations, but also for listening to music or audiobook.

This time we suggest familiarizing yourself with information on how you can listen to music through wireless communication on different devices. We show where you can apply this, we will tell about the application for the Bluetooth headset on Android, as well as list the options for launching music in a car through your smartphone.

How to send to another smartphone game via Bluetooth

With how to send a song or a separately taken Bluetooth wireless technology, you probably figured out, but that if you want to transfer a more holistic file of files, for example, a whole game, you can implement this task only by means of a good file manager.

listen, music, bluetooth, android

It is best to give preference to ES conductor. It has a built-in application manager utility, which allows you to throw off the full database by one or another pre-installed application in just a pair of taps.

Listen to music through Bluetooth Android

Wireless headphones. a small modern device, allowing you to feel freedom of movements and mobility anywhere. About how to connect wireless. RIA Novosti, 15.ten.2021

Moscow, 15 Sep. RIA Novosti. Wireless headphones. a small modern device, allowing you to feel freedom of movements and mobility anywhere. How to connect Wireless headphones to Keltefon via Bluetooth, how the headset for Android and Apple works and what basic problems are found when the Wireless headphones are connected to the Bluetooth smartphone. in the RIA Novosti material.How to work wireless headphones?To date, wireless headphones are the choice of most users. Such a headset is considered the most convenient way to listen to music, voice or watch video transmission. First of all, due to the absence of unnecessary wires and buttons. The principle of operation of such headphones is to receive a signal “by air”. Technologically works as follows: how to use headphones?Operation of wireless headphones is much easier than in the case of wired, but here it is worth following several rules: what you need to connect?To connect a wireless headset, a device for receiving a sound and a smartphone is required.Requirements for telephone listening audio via wireless headphones will suit any phone model, but with one condition. it must support the work of Bluetooth or NFC (depending on which device was selected). In order to make sure of this, you can ask for a consultant to check the ability to connect and configure devices.How to connect headphones to the phone on Android?Before configuring the operation of a wireless headset on Android, it is important to make sure that it is charged, and then contact the Connection Scheme recommended by the manufacturer. As a rule, it is standard for most devices.Inclusion and preparation of headbighter models are automatically included as soon as they are removed from the charger. After the device entered the pairing mode with the phone, you can proceed to listening to music.Connecting via Bluetooth to Install the connection, you need to perform several actions: Connecting headphones for NFC connections NFC for Android requires only a few steps: Connection permission to the phone that devices could connect, it is important not to forget to consent to the headset.How to connect Airpods to Androidairpods. these are universal headphones that are connected even to a laptop. In the case of the Android system, the configuration process is almost no different from the iPhone: how to connect headphones to the phone on iOS?An action algorithm when connecting wireless headphones to the iOS device is similar to Connection with Android.Inclusion and preparation of the headset dependency on the headset model must be verified that the device is charged and ready to work.Connection via Bluetooth Control Install the connection, you need to perform several actions: Features of the headphone settings of different branded exams on the fact that different brands of the headset have the same principle of operation, the operation process can have its own characteristics.Airpods Natures from the Apple brand can be controlled by gestures that the user establishes at its discretion. Also, the device is successfully activated by voice and double touch, and turns off the sound when one of the headphones is removed.The JBL-wire headset of this brand also supports touch control. In addition, the housing is equipped with a LED indicator that displays the charge level, no / presence of the connection and turn on the device.TWS Is notification of the headphones of this brand involves a similar procedure. But if, for example, the user wants to reset all the settings, for this enough for 30 seconds to hold the touch button, waiting for the appearance of red-blue indicator.Xiaomiairdots implies a separate connection of each headset, which can cause difficulties. To configure the headset, you need to get the headphones, reset the settings by holding the button on the box until the light indicator appears, then insert the headphones back and reveal again. If the device is correct, the device must be available for connecting. It is recommended to connect the right headset first (in the Bluetooth section of the phone), and then the left headphone, closing the button on it until the signal appears. Once the devices are synchronized, all indicators will go out.SamsunGarning from “Samsung” supports automatic connection to the phone, so the setting does not differ from Airpods.Possible problems and solutions Connecting wireless headphones This is a fairly simple procedure, nevertheless, difficulties may arise when setting up and synchronizing devices.No connection If the user did everything according to the instructions, the gadget may not appear in the “Available devices” section on the phone. In this case, you need to perform the following steps: does not find devices to the fact that the phone “does not see” the headset may be several: To install the connection, you need to charge the gadget with headphones, bring the headset to it closer and just in case restart both devices.Only one headphone works often, if the headphones are removed from the box not simultaneously and, as a rule, it is solved by the following simple actions: the sound sounding sound can be caused: It is necessary to make sure that the version of obtaining an audio signal is selected through headphones, delete new programs that may be have caused problems with the transmission of sound, and restart both devices. If it does not help, contact Support users or send a gadget to diagnostics.

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Add Bluetooth support for conventional columns

Show I will be on the example of connecting via Bluetooth Transmitter. First consider connecting a simple, budget model. I have the most ordinary columns (Edifier R2700). They have the ability to connect after 3.5 mm jack (on the RCA Speakers Log in) and there is an optical audio input. So for such columns, almost any transmitter will fit. Be careful when choosing a transmitter (or rather cable). For example, there is no ordinary input on my speakers 3.5 mm jack. There is only RCA. This means that the cable is needed 3.5 mm Jack. RCA. If on transmitter 3.5 mm audio output.

  • Connect Bluetooth Transmitter to Power. Any transmitter needs to be connected to a power source. There are models with built-in battery. Cancel (charge) Transmitter from the USB port of any device, or through any power adapter (from the phone, tablet). But it is desirable that the power adapter gives 5V, 1A.
  • You need to connect a transmitter with columns using a cable. If you have an optical audio output on your transmitter, and on the speakers there is an optical audio input. use it. If not. use 3.5 mm Jack, RCA.
  • Perhaps the speakers will need to switch the mode of operation. Select an audio input (sound source) to which you connected the transmitter. Usually, the “INPUT” button is responsible for it.
  • Transmitter need to be switched to audio receiver mode (RX). On expensive models, this can be made by a separate switch on the case. On cheap. turning on. shutdown and re-enable transmitter power (connected to USB port, pulled out and connected again). So that the indicator blink is not red, but blue. It is advisable to watch the instructions specifically on your device.
  • After connecting, turn on the Bluetooth on your device (phone, tablet, laptop, PC), and select the transmitter from the list of available devices and connect it to it. It will determine both headphones (headset) and it will be possible to withdraw the sound. And he in turn will pass the sound on the cable columns. If the PIN code request appears when connected, then try entering: 0000, 1111, 8888 or 1234.

Showing how it looks in practice. Connect the transmitter to power and to the speakers. We check whether it is switched to RX mode (wrote above, 4 item).

When the transmitter is actively flashing the indicator in blue, then the transmitter is available for connecting. Just connect to it from any device via Bluetooth and output the sound (as on conventional Bluetooth headphones, or portable column).

Since I have another transmitter, more expensive and functional, then let’s see also on his example. Everything is almost the same, only there is a receiver mode (RX) and activating the connection mode occurs a little differently. And we will connect it with speakers through an optical audio cable.

On the transmitter optical cable plug in “SPDIF OUT RX”. On the speakers in the port “Optical” (on mine it is so called). Next, on the transmitter you need to switch to Rx mode (audio receiver mode) and “SPDIF” (optical). If after 3.5 mm jack connect, then put aux.

Let me remind you that the transmitter should work in RX mode. Include it, and double-clicking on the power key activate the connection mode (we make it visible to other devices). The indicator should actively flash in blue. On your transmitter, everything can be a little different, see the instructions.

It remains only to connect to the Bluetooth transmitter from the phone, or another device and you can listen to music on the stationary columns via Bluetooth.

Literally for 2-3 dollars (approximately so much the cheapest transmitter) You can add Bluetooth support for almost any columns. Even for some old models, because they are most likely to be connected through 3.5 mm jack, or rca. After that, the acoustic system can be connected via Bluetooth and remove the sound from any devices without wires. Such a scheme is also suitable for music centers, automotive magnetol and other devices in which there are AUX.

On the phones, tablets and other mobile devices Bluetooth works without any settings. But on laptops and PC problems may arise. Just in case, leave links to some articles that you can use if you want to connect your stationary computer to Bluetooth transmitter, or laptop.

Advantages and disadvantages of wireless headphones

  • Wireless headphones have their own battery charge, which is not always enough. You must follow the charge because without it the headphones just turn off
  • Little box is easier to lose than wires, so be attentive. It is important not to lose the case, since it is he who charges the headphones, they will be able to function without it
  • To buy high-quality headphones, you need to pay a good amount, because it makes sense to buy inexpensive fake. No.

This article disassembled answers to frequently asked questions and the main one how to listen to the radio under different circumstances. Sure you will find the right answer. Use wireless headphones with pleasure. Radio is not boring, but very modern.

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