Mouse stopped working on a computer

What if the mouse works, and the cursor does not move?

Today, almost every person has a computer. This multifunctional device is intended to perform a variety of various tasks. To cope with this, you must use several tools at once to which keyboard, monitor, printer, power supply, mouse It happens that with a long operation, the operation of these devices is distinguished, in which case urgent repair or equipment replacement is required. In our article, we will deal with the possible causes of computer mouse problems and tell me how to eliminate them.

The first and fairly common cause of the phenomena of the phenomenon can be a banal clogging of equipment. If the mouse reacts badly to the click or does it once, it is recommended to check her cleanliness.

Eliminate clogging can only be on new equipment. If the device has worked for some time, then when problems with the mouse can be done by cleaning the component. Do it is not so hard. The result will not make yourself wait.After the user removes all the dirt, accumulated under the buttons, the mouse will work in full force.

mouse, stopped, working, computer

Recommendations for eliminating problems for all manipulators

What if the mouse still works, but unstable, for example, turns off, and then re-turning on?

When you connect the USB manipulator, you should take another USB wire. If your computer has been installed on your computer for a very long time and was not updated, it may cause an unstable work of the manipulator, it is also possible that a multiple other manipulators have been connected to the computer, as a result of which the conflict went between the drivers.

Try connecting the mouse to the connector on another computer and if everything works well, then the problem is in the USB controller.

You can try using the keyboard reset the mouse driver, for this you press the combinations of WinR and enter the MMC DevmGMT command.MSC.

We hit the device manager. Now you need to press the TAB key so that you can move with the arrows. Leafing down the arrow down to the item “Mouse and Other Indicating Devices” to open the list Click the arrow to the right.

Move to the desired device and press ENTER, the window will open where you need to hold the Ctrl and Shift keys, and then press the Tab key to move to the Driver tab, after that we simply press the “Tab” button and move to the “Delete” button. Click Enter and confirm the action.

Restart your computer or laptop, and then reinsert the mouse, the driver must re-establish and, it is possible that everything will work.

How to disassemble a computer mouse

In principle, the mouse has a pretty simple device, and it can be fixed at home, if there is no possibility / desire to buy a new. Usually such a measure is required when the backlight does not burn (or lights up and swells).

To repair a wireless mouse at home, do it yourself, you will need:

Next, follow the following sequence of actions:

  • Disconnect the mouse from the PC and move the switch slider to “OFF”.
  • Remove the battery. under it you will find a small bolt to unscrew with a screwdriver.
  • Then you need to reveal the halves of the mouse.
  • Inside, you will find a fee that carefully examines (it will be more convenient for you if you use a magnifying glass) for oxidation and discharged contacts. Unreliable compounds need to be reappearing with a soldering iron.
  • Next you need to connect an ohmmeter and measure resistance. If the sensor shows 0, it means a closure, and 1. chain rupture. In this case, most likely, you will have to buy a new mouse or change each burnt item.
  • Now connect Probeassembly: “” Compact with V, and the second connector to COM. Open the camera of a mobile device and look through it on the photodiode. there should be a slight radiance from it, this indicates health.
  • In the same way we will check the performance of the adapter. Leave the connection to the COM and create a connection with sensitive adapter elements. Resistance should be about 600 ohms.
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If the wireless mouse did not become better after repair, then you will have to buy a new one or contact a specialist.

The main reasons for which the mouse does not work in Windows

To begin with, the factors that most often turn out to be the reason that the mouse does not work in Windows 10: they are relatively simple in recognition and correction.

The main reasons because of which the computer or laptop does not see the mouse come (here they will continue to be considered in detail)

  • After updating the system (especially Windows 8 and Windows 10). problems with the operation of USB drivers controllers, power control.
  • If this is a new mouse. problems with the mouse itself, the location of the receiver (for a wireless mouse), its connection, connector on a computer or laptop.
  • If the mouse is not a new one. a randomly revealed cable / receiver (check if you have not yet done), the batch battery, spoiled connector or mouse cable (damage to internal contacts), connect via USB hub or ports on the front panel of the computer.
  • If the computer changed or repaired the motherboard. disabled USB connectors in the BIOS, malfunction of the connectors, the absence of their connection to the motherboard (for USB connectors on the housing).
  • If you have some kind of special, terribly frozen mouse, in theory, it can require special drivers from the manufacturer (although, as a rule, basic functions work without them).
  • If we are talking about a fully working bluetooth mouse and a laptop. sometimes the reason is the reason why the keyboard fneel key on the keyboard turns out, turning on the “on the aircraft” mode (in the notification area) in Windows 10 and 8, turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Read more. Bluetooth does not work on a laptop.

Perhaps one of these options will help you figure out what cause is the problem and correct the situation. If not. try other methods.


But this is only one version of the development of events. Actually possible layouts a lot. Mouse does not react to clicks? It is likely that the equipment is in a faulty state. Relevant for any devices. and new and already working for a while.

Faulty equipment is recommended to be attributed to the service center. There the masters will check the device and say whether it is subject to repair. If so, you can leave the mouse in the service center before troubleshooting. Otherwise you will have to fully change the input device.

Physical damage and pollution

The list of problems can include a mechanical breakdown of a computer mouse buttons or wheels. Repair of this detail is possible, but only for a fairly expensive game manipulator. If the mouse is ordinary or damaged by the chip, the only way to solve the problem is to purchase a new.

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On the other hand, the jams of wheels or buttons can be caused not only by mechanical damage, but also contamination. In the course of operation inside the mouse, hair or dirt can fall. And the solution is to disassemble and clean the manipulator.

Sometimes the cause becomes damage to the wire, which may be damaged due to the inaccurate appeal of the user or actions of pets. To check, you can try to twist the cable in different directions. If the LED lights up for a second, the cable will have to change. But again, again, it is only if the manipulator is expensive (game multicop).


If, after Windows 10, the mouse does not work and / or the touchpad (touch panel), then in this case, we again appeal to the “device dispatcher” and check the equipment efficiency. And also in the settings are convinced of the presence of ticks opposite the item “Work with the mouse” and carry out a laptop reboot. If these actions did not help, you should contact the service center.

What could be the causes of breakage and solutions

Windows loaded, and the keyboard does not respond to your commands. The reasons are only two, hardware and software. And the first is found much more often, and a simple replacement of faulty equipment is solved.

Checking the keyboard

So it happened: the cursor is not moving. The system on the clicks of the keys does not react. First, we define the type of manipulator you use. We look through which port is PS / 2 or USB it is connected to your computer. In the first case, the mouse cannot be disconnected or attach the so-called “hot way”, that is, with a computer running, since there is a short-circuit probability.

To reveal the source of trouble, alternately connect to the computer knowingly serviceable mice via PS / 2 and USB ports. It is usually not required to install special drivers. the standard Windows utilities are also suitable. If no device does not work. most likely, the problem with.

Using the Win keys, direction arrow, Tab and Enter, go to the “Start” menu to “Control Panel”, activate the “System” icon, in the “Equipment” tab, click “Device Manager”, then expand the “Mouse and Other Playing Devices” list. A combination of SHIFTF10 Call the context menu and select the Delete command, then reboot. The system by finding a new device will re-establish drivers on it.


Before making any serious troubleshooting steps, check:

  • Connecting the device to a PC / laptop. Pull out and insert the wire or transmitter into the connector. Not earned? Insert into another port and restart the computer.
  • Whether the button is not translated on the mouse in the “OFF” state (if it is). Check if something closes optics / interferes with the ball. Perhaps the batteries of the wireless mouse.
  • Work mouse with another PC (if possible) to make sure that the device is properly.
  • If the mouse works with another PC, check the operation of another periphery through the PS / 2 connector or USB ports.
  • Whether the program was not installed on your computer, the work of which could lead to computer mouse failures. If so, delete it, check the computer for viruses and malicious programs.
  • Go to Device Manager → Mouse and other Indicating devices and check if the computer sees the manipulator.

Important! If the device is not recognized (device descriptor failure failure) or your mouse is in the “Other Devices” section, the problem solving is described in detail in this article.


If you checked the manipulator for five items, and when connected, the cursor does not move or moves with failures. the problem in the hardware device. To eliminate:

  • Open the mouse housing, visually inspect the compounds of wiring, capacitors, resistors. Perhaps soldered.
  • If the cursor is standing on the spot, then moves. most often this is a wire break. Open the lid and ring the omemem of the wire to make sure. Move the wire in different places. In this way, you can determine the location of the break and perform the twist of the wires.
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mouse, stopped, working, computer

Do you think a malfunction in the Windows itself? Perform system rollback to recovery point or install Windows 10 from zero.

Wireless with a USB transmitter

If you have a wireless mouse connected to the PC via the transmitter, go through five items and read the publication about working with drivers. Nothing helped? Try the following:

  • After replacing the batteries, perform synchronization with the receiver. To do this, pull it out of USB for ten seconds and insert to the place until you stop. Wait 5-10 seconds until the indicator turns out and goes out. If synchronization does not happen, do the same procedure, only hold the mouse button at the same time.
  • If you have a button to connect on the receiver, pull it out for 10 seconds, and then insert it until you stop, press and hold the button until it turns out or flashes the LED indicator.

Important! Software installed for another product (mouse, wireless keyboard, touchpad, sensor) can cause conflict in working with wireless mouse. We recommend removing utilities, restart the computer and check the work of the manipulator.


If you use a Bluetooth manipulator and the cursor stopped working:

  • Turn off, replace the batteries and turn on the device.
  • Check the operation of the transceiver (restart it, connect another device to Bluetooth).
  • Check the driver for the Bluetooth transmitter.
  • If necessary, roll back to the previous version or reinstall the driver.

If the Wi-Fi mouse cursor stopped working or began to “twitch”, the reason is possible in the protocol that the router uses. This is caused by the fact that the device and router work in the same range of 2.4 GHz. To solve this problem without replacing the mouse:

  • Go to the router settings in the Wi-Fi section.
  • Change the protocol for 802.11G, and save the changes (experiment on D-Link DIR-615M).
  • Restart the router and turn off / turn on the mouse.


First of all, check whether the touchpad on the laptop is enabled. We recommend familiarize with the information about setting up the touchpad on this page.

Manufacturer Enable buttons
Acer FNF7
Asus FNF9
Dell FNF5
Fujіtsu FNF4

Touchpad can be disabled software. Go to BIOS:

  • Select the Advanced → Internal Pointing Device section.
  • Press ENTER and change the value from disabled on Enabled.
  • Press F10 → YES and download Windows.
  • Check the operation of the touchpad.

If the inclusion does not help and with the driver, everything is in order, it means a malfunction in the hardware. It can be:

Advice! If you are confident in your abilities. you can check the tachpad loop fastening. It happens that during transportation it jumps out of the connection connector to the motherboard.

If the tips of the article did not help detect the problem of connecting the mouse, write to us. Describe your fault in the items, we will try to find the answer together.

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