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Why chrome does not play Android video

If Google chrome on Android does not play video, the problem may be in the content itself, user settings, device, additional software, anonymizers and many other things. such reasons can be called several dozen. But, as a rule, everything is much simpler, and in most cases video on Android is not reproduced by banal reasons. an outdated browser version, disconnected by JavaScript, unstable connection to the network or overcrowded cache. All these problems are easily solved on their own in a couple of minutes. and you can calmly browse in chrome any video from Android.

In August 2021, Google has entered into operation new restrictions on Google Play. all new applications must be 64-bit, although the removal of 32-bit applications is planned. But by the beginning of 2022, 64-bit applications will be maintained exclusively.

But while its use is limited to the following conditions:

To check the version of chromium on your Android device, open the Chrome: // Version page.

Help: For February 2021, 42.71% of all Android smartphones in the world have already passed on Android 10 and 5.97%. on Android 11.

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Google Chrome on Android

Does not play online video on Android

The reasons why on your Android device is not shown video from sites can be the most different and the absence of Flash is not the only one of them, since various technologies are used to display the video on various resources, one of which are native for Android, others are only present in some of his versions and t.D.

The easiest way to solve this problem for early Android versions (4.4, 4.0). install another browser having Flash support from Google Play Application Store (for later versions. Android 5, 6, 7 or 8 This method to correct the problem is most likely not suitable, but can work one of the ways described in the following sections instructions). These browsers include:

  • Opera (not Opera Mobile and not Opera Mini, and the opera browser). I recommend, most often the problem with playing video is solved, while in others. not always.
  • Browser Maxthon Browser
  • Browser UC Browser
  • Dolphin Browser

By installing the browser, try whether there will be a video in it, with a large probability problem will be solved, in particular, if Flash is used for video. By the way, the last three browser may not be familiar to you, since a relatively small number of people enjoy them and mainly on mobile devices. Nevertheless, I highly recommend getting acquainted, it is very likely that the speed of these browsers of their function and the possibility of using plugins you will enjoy more than the standard for Android options.

There is another way. install Adobe Flash Player to your phone. However, here it is necessary to take into account the moment that Flash Player for Android, starting with version 4.0 Not supported and in the Google Play store you will not find it (and usually it is not needed for newer versions). Ways to install a flash player to the new versions of the Android OS, however, are available. see. How to install Flash player on Android.

The main reasons why applications fly on Android

Before moving to solving the problem, you need to deal with its causes. It should be understood that they can be both software and hardware. In the first case, the permanent departure of applications is associated with poorly optimized for a specific smartphone model. In the second case, the game is most likely collapsed by the fault of the user. Below are the most popular reasons:

    Incompatibility of the program from the operating system. It can be observed when a person is trying to install an application intended for Android 7, on Andro
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Use an alternative chamber or gallery application

A temporary solution that we can apply to play video from the telephone gallery. it use an alternative application. If the problem is related to the camera app, we can use a third-party application. The Play store has tens of both types of applications. It is recommended to test the application for the application to make sure that each of them works.

This is not a solution for use, but it will help us detect potential phone problems with recording and playback video. Ideally move the video to the computer and play them on the appropriate computer.

If there are formatting errors or they simply cannot be played, the phone’s memory is likely to spoil the files. It may also be associated with a possible conflict with a mobile phone camera or even with encryption virus. Decision in all cases. Fully format the phone as we will see below.

Using the MX Player program

MX Player. utility that has been mandatory for most Android devices for most users. And it is not surprising because its settings allow you to adapt work with any video format. You can only install the program from Google Play for free.

With its standard set of MX Player codecs, copes with the playback of almost all formats. If the video on Android does not work even after installing the program, go to the MX Player settings, go to the “Decoder” section and check the ticks opposite the HDDener and for local and for network data stream. In addition, you can install an additional codec package. To do this, it is enough to scroll through the page with the settings to the bottom and select the necessary software options.

Not playable content

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If the user downloaded the content to the device, but the file fails to play and the player issues an error, we can conclude that the reason is the pre-installed media player.

For example, FLV or AVI formats are not supported, which are popular with users. Another reason is the lack of codecs required for reproduction.

In this case, the video is played, but without sound. Often there is no sound, but only a black screen is visible. This situation can be eliminated by installing a third-party player.

For example, you can download the VLC media player. This “omnivore” addition, which is popular due to its simplicity and support most video formats.

Also using such a program you can reproduce streaming rollers. Do not download individual codecs. They are already sewn into the program used.

Also among the interesting features of such a player, it is worth highlighting the ability to play content in the window.

At the same time, the player is collapsed, and when viewing the material, the reproducible content on the desktop is visible. This app is free and completely without annoying advertising. So VLC can be called a worthy replacement of standard gadget players.

Adobe Flash Player

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Thanks to Flash Player, Flash video format video is displayed on the smartphone screen, and most of the site features are simplified.

As already mentioned, download Flash Player is impossible in the official store Google Play.

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Yes, and update the program is no longer possible, as the initialization error appears.

However, the installation of such a player is obligatory to make it easier to view various videos on YouTube.

You can download the flash player to the phone, finding an APK file on the Internet.

However, this is a risky way, since unofficial options are often laid out, and viruses sending paid messages from mobile.

Sometimes it happens that the player does not work, even if the downloads from these resources are used.

Then before installing a new version, remove the one that was already loaded. After that, proceed to re-install.

If Flash content is still not displayed, check if plugin support is enabled in the browser.

This is the easiest way to solve the difficulties with viewing online records.


If both methods have not brought any results, perhaps the problem concerns the drive. In this case, it will be necessary to restore files. For this, for example, you can install diskdigger and first make a simple, and then an in-depth search. There are similar programs and for a computer. For example, GT Recovery. It works on the same principle.

A fairly common problem of users of tablets and phones on Google Android. the impossibility of viewing video online, as well as downloaded to phone films. Sometimes the problem may have another kind taken on the same phone, it is not shown in the gallery or, for example, there is a sound, but instead of the video only a black screen.

Some of the devices can play most of the video formats, including Flash by default, for some others requires the installation of plugins or individual players. Sometimes to correct the situation, it is required to identify a third-party application that interferes with playback. I will try to consider all possible cases in this instruction (if the first ways are not suitable, I recommend paying attention to all the rest, it is likely that they can help). Cm. Also: All useful instructions on Android.

Black screen, sound is not played video on the phone

Not played video? Black screen, sound there is no video. It may be the lack of codecs, configuring the browser, configuring the phone, configure programs for video playback.

Does not show video from online sites

Online video from sites such as YouTube and others are shown in the browser. Previously, the display problem was in the Flash player, now in the WEBRTC browser settings.

Chrome Setup. Open Chrome Browser. In the URL field, write: chrome: // Flags. A page opens. In the search field, enter “Hardware”. Put “Disabled” everywhere where in the settings there are words “Video” and “Hardware”.

Another browser. If you have an old version of Android, then in the chrome there will not be a hardware acceleration settings. In this case, download and install another browser that successfully downloads video from sites. For example, set the browser to the phone: Opera, UC Browser or Dolphin Browser. And open the problem site with video in it.

Blocks advertising. Some phones are a special software that blocks advertising display in applications and display promotional videos. Remove this advertising block or temporarily disconnect it.

Blocking from the provider. Pay attention whether videos have problems with display. Perhaps the problem is only with one site, for example, youtub. And on other sites: Yandex video, Mail, classmates, VK, everything works. Then the problem is not in your browser. Perhaps you have a service with a service provider that blocks you YouTube and Social Networks.

Adobe Flash Player. Adobe Flash Player currently is currently no longer used on modern sites. Her technology was replaced by HTML5, namely the tag. But maybe on some old video clips using Adobe Flash Player still have. Solving Problem: Install Adobe Flash Player plugin from Play Market. Read more here.

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Confused phone screen settings. Go to the settings. Special abilities. Disable “Inversion of Flowers”, “Highly Contrary Color”, “Night Mode” and “Color Correction”.

Remove applications that change the color temperature: F.LUX, twilight and others.

Safe mode. Restart the phone in safe mode. To do this, hold the phone off button for a long time. The shutdown menu will appear on the screen. Click Long on the screen Turn off the phone. Menu “Safe Mode”. Click “Safe Mode”.

After that, the phone will restart and non-system applications that affect the function of the phone will be disconnected. If video starts successfully, then you need to look for a program, an application that blocks video playback. These can be a type of type of advertising blocker or improvements, memory cleaning and phone acceleration programs.

Video files, movies, black screen.

Some video files recorded “not in the native” codecs Android OS. If you have an extension file.Avi.Mkv.FLV.Mp4, then you need to check in what code it is recorded. For Android, the problem is the H codec.265.

The desired codecs for playing video are in the player programs that play the video file.

Another video player. Solving Problem: Download and install another video player files. For example, programs: VLC and MX Player.

Hardware acceleration. But even in these two programs can go something wrong. Go to the settings of the VLC program. Click “Hardware Acceleration”. And change the settings to the opposite.

Setting up MX Player. In MX Player, go to the program settings. Open the Decoder menu. Tick ​​all items with the title “HW decoder”.

Not losing video from the gallery

Reset. Go on the phone in the settings. Then applications. Show all applications. Press three points. Select “Reset Settings”.

Now when you run the video, the system will ask, “What program to open it?”. Select the VLC player or another good player installed earlier in your phone.

Choosing an application. Similar action can be done without resetting settings. Run to play video. If the screen is black, but there is a sound, click in this program (gallery or Google Photo), in which the video started, three points from above and open the settings menu. If there is an application selection item for playback, click on it and change to another application, for example, VLC or MX Player.

Why not playing video on Android

Android 5 or For this version of the OS, go to the developer mode and switch the NupLayer streaming player on the AwesomePlayer or another value.

Chinese phones. Some cheap Chinese phone models, just stupidly cannot play a video of a particular format. Iron phone does not allow you to do it.

Android Developer Mode. Simple advice. Disconnect the developer mode on Android.

Clear cache. Find the installed application in the phone settings that incorrectly play video. And clean the cache on it. If it does not help, delete this problem renewal player. If you have Android 10 or 9, you can clear the cache in the Settings section. Storage.

RAM. On weak phones, it may not be enough in the moment of time. If the video works, it is interrupted, then there is not enough memory. Solution: Clear memory using a special software from Play Market.

Google photos and google. Do not disconnect the Google and Google system applications on the phone. And do not delete updates from them. This is a board for old phone models.

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