Point of access from the phone on the laptop

How to distribute the Internet from the phone to the phone, PC, laptop?

We will analyze the main ways of distributing the Internet from the phone to a computer via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB. Many users face situations where providers for some reason block or temporarily restrict access to the World Wide Web network. If you use a modern smartphone or tablet running the Android operating system, iOS or Windows Phone, you can easily solve the problem, turning your device into a full-fledged router. Choose the method you like and follow the step-by-step instructions from our article.

The method under consideration is the most relevant and convenient for today, it can be useful in completely different situations, both in the house or in the office and on vacation or on a business trip. All that will be needed. to have a device that supports the Wi-Fi modem mode.

To distribute Wi-Fi in the ways below, do not forget to include mobile Internet (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE or 5G).

How to distribute the Internet from the phone Android?

  • Go to the settings menu and go to the “Wireless Network” section, in which you open the “” tab;
  • Select the “Modem mode” item;
  • First of all go to the modem mode setting section;
  • Here you can see the network name and password, if necessary, set new network data and set the WPA2 PSK protection method if the latter is not set as default;
  • When you finish tune the parameters, click the “Save” button;
  • Now activate the switch opposite the Wi-Fi Access Point and wait for the option you want.

I distribute the Internet from the phone iOS

Apple iPhone and iPad (with cellular support) can also disassemble Wi-Fi to other devices.

  • Open the “Settings” and select “Modem Mode” section;
  • In the window that appears, the tap the corresponding slider to activate the adapter;
  • Here you can see the current key or set the password again, also present useful tips for beginners.

Windows Phone owners will also be able to configure and transmit Wi-Fi. Enough to go to the “General Internet”, click the “via Wi-Fi” tab, and then specify the name of the network and come up with a password.

Required actions on PC, laptops or other gadgets that will connect to your network

We connect the computer as follows:

We connect the phone, tablet:

point, access, phone, laptop

  • Go to the settings or call the short access curtain and click on the Wi-Fi icon;
  • When you choose the network you are interested in, enter the password to connect the Internet.

A bit of theory.


So, the whole bypass of the same “blocking” is to change TTL.

point, access, phone, laptop

The usual TTL value is 64 for different mobile phones on iOS and Android, as well as on operating systems such as Mac or Linux. For Windows operating system, this value is 128.

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To “show” the operator that we use our Internet “on the same device”, if you understand what I mean, we need the TTL on the PC and the smartphone to coincide. It should be borne in mind that TTL loses a unit when transmitting packets from a distribution device and eventually, even on our second device to set TTL equal to 64, the operator will understand that “this device is no longer ours” and we are trying to “share the Internet with whatever then the freezer “. But if you set the value of TTL per unit more, then everything will be fine, and the operator “will understand” that we use the same our device and do not share with anyone free internet 🙂

Android in MIUI shell

This firmware is on all devices from Xiaomi, except for the MIA1 phone. On the MIUI shell, you can distribute the Internet any speed. The speed of the network created will still be very high. On the laptop it will be possible to watch videos, download files and use messenger. You can do this as without the use of various wires, and through a USB cord that comes in a set.

Wi-Fi Mobile Access Point

From each gadget on which the MIUI sheath is installed, you can distribute the Internet. For this not necessarily use the wires. Since Xiaomi has the ability to distribute Wi-Fi. For this you need:

  • Open the Gadget menu and go to “Parameters”.
  • Find a item with wireless networks where there is a section “Access points”.
  • Switch set to active position.
  • Open “Wi-Fi parameters”, where to write a name with a password.

After that, the wireless Internet will start working. In its settings, you can set the limit on traffic for a specific computer. It is also possible to make unwanted devices in “emergency”.

Mobile Access Point via USB

This method should be used if PC does not support wireless Internet technology. At the very beginning, the smartphone must be attached to the laptop. It is best to take the original cable from a smartphone. Since through it the speed will be higher. After that you need:

  • Go to the phone settings and open the “Advanced” item.
  • In the next menu, select “USB modem”.
  • A menu will appear on the computer where you need to click on the “Local Area Connection”.
  • Click on “Activate” or “Enable”.

After that, the Internet will appear on the laptop. To its speed be higher, you can put the phone near the window.

Third-party programs

For distribution of traffic on Wi-Fi, software manufacturers have provided many applications with similar functions that simplify operation with access points. Below are the most sought-after.


This utility weighs little and very simple. It is required to download from the resource of the manufacturer and install on the device. After starting the application you need to come up with a network name and a complex password for it, on this procedure for setting up the utility completed. It remains only to click “Start Hotspot” and run the created access point. It also provides configurations that allow you to restrict access to undesirable resources.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Creator

Customize this utility is simple enough: the memorable network name is specified, a reliable password is installed, the Internet connection is selected on the PC to distribute it to Wi-Fi. Then the “Start” button is pressed.


This application is more functional: allows you to quickly create a Wi-Fi point, a wired router and repeat the signal to another router. Connectify is configured too: the network name and password for it are entered, after which the connection is selected for decaying. Allows you to restrict network access and block advertising. After changing the utility settings you want to click “Run Access Point”.

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There is a lot of different software on the network, so you can always find a convenient utility with the necessary functional. The main thing is to use proven resources so that the PC does not hit the virus or spy software. It is advisable to always have a working backup system at hand.


Mobile device connection with a personal computer through a cable makes it possible to transfer the Internet to devices in which there is no Wi-Fi module. In addition, thanks to this method, you can save the battery charge on the smartphone, as the modem mode consumes a large amount of charge on the device.

Transfer the Internet through the cable as follows:

  • First you need to connect the device to a personal computer using a cable;
  • Open the settings menu in the smartphone and turn on the “USB modem” mode. On iPhones, this mode can be enabled in the appropriate section, and on the Gadgets with the Android operating system, you will need to go to the “Connections and Sharing” tab and also enable this mode;
  • Personal computer on the Widows 7 operating system and later versions in automatic mode will determine the necessary type of output.

In case you failed to establish a connection, then try creating a new network connection. About how to do this was talked above.

Why not turn off

If you cannot distribute the Internet from the phone to PC, you need to establish the reason for which the failure occurs. Frequently found problems and ways to solve them are formed in the table.

How to distribute Wi-Fi from your phone

Windows 7, built-in Wi-Fi, distribute the Internet on Android. How to distribute Wi-Fi from the phone: Windows.

You need to get a string of commands with an access level not lower than the administrator.

Starting the system on behalf of the administrator

What to do this, you need to follow the path: Start / CMD / Start on behalf of the admin and arrange such a command.

In the case provided “MS Virtual Wi-Fi”. the name of the non-conductive network, “Pass for Virtual Wi-Fi”. a password for access to the provided network (you can apply your parameters).

It is important to know that if your device does not have the ability to get an IP address, and therefore, turn on to the created access point, then in the configurations (phone, PDA, laptop), which we want to distribute the Internet, are injected.

Subnet mask:

And in accordance with this “Wireless Network Connection 1” should be:

Subnet mask:

How to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi

This is one of the simplest Internet distribution options with Android devices. It is to use the smartphone as a wireless router, which may come in handy in the event that you need to connect several devices to the Internet at once, such as a computer and tablet.

To transfer the smartphone to the Wi-Fi-Modem mode, open Android settings and in the Wireless Networks section, tap “”. Then go to the Modem Mode window and tap Wi-Fi Access Point item.

New Wi-Fi Access Point Window opens. First of all, activate the Wi-Fi-modem using the switch at the top. After that, in the access point settings, set the protection method (WPA2 PSK recommended) and password.

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This can be connected not only to the computer, but also any device with a Wi-Fi module. Make sure Make sure you have a wireless internet. The list of available networks should appear a new network with the name you specified. Click on it with the mouse, enter the password and click the Next button.

Methods of distribution of mobile Internet

Connecting the phone to a computer is carried out with a wired and wireless way. using a USB wire and via Wi-Fi access point.

In addition, you can distribute the mobile Internet via Bluetooth, but we will consider this method to last, because it has less advantages than two others.

Wi-Fi Access Point

Most effectively distribute mobile traffic to several devices via Wi-Fi, if you work with a laptop or computer with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. Then the smartphone performs the function of the router.

In the Settings menu, find the “Wi-Fi Access Point” and activate. 2. Next, click “Setting the Access Point”. 3. Make sure that the Wi-Fi-Ranges of the phone and computer coincide 4. Configure traffic limit or just turn it off. 5. Enter the network name, security code for connecting a computer.

The smartphone is activated by personal Wi-Fi access for any password device. Do not forget that the Internet must work on the smartphone.

The advantages of this type of communication in a wide range of coverage, quick speed of the Internet connection, as well as the ability to connect different devices in parallel. The only minus is that the smartphone consumes a lot of energy and quickly sits.

Distribution of the Internet on a computer via a USB modem

Unlike a wireless connection via Wi-Fi, connection via USB modem has important advantages: the smartphone battery does not discharge; distribution of the Internet on any devices without a Wi-Fi module; Internet quality is higher and more stable.

Connect the phone to the computer via the USB cable and configure the phone to be connected as follows:

Open Settings Network and Internet Access Point and Modem

Turn on the USB modem by moving the slider and check that the cable is properly connected on both sides.

On the display at the time of connection the window will open with a proposal to make a computer by publicly available. This is not necessary, so just click “no”.

Now you can use the mobile Internet on the computer.

Disadvantages of the USB Wire:

mandatory availability of a suitable wire;

Through Bluetooth If the previous ways of distributing mobile Internet on PC do not work, you will help the Bluetooth modem. To activate it is necessary:

Enable Bluetooth on devices 2. Find on a smartphone among Bluetooth connections your computer. 3. If necessary, enter or approve the conjugation code. 4. Go to the next way: Connection settings Bluetooth access point.

Disadvantages: a difficult connection method, a small range of action is less than 10 meters, the phone is quickly discharged.

So, you learned about the ways of distribution of the Internet from a smartphone that allow a computer or laptop to have active access to the network. An important meeting or urgent work outside the house now does not have to postpone.

Almost every modern phone with a working Internet can perform modem functions.

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