The computer began to work slowly what to do

What to do if the computer is braking with Windows

After installation, some programs are automatically added to the autoload list. Such applications start working immediately after running Windows, regardless of whether you use them or not. They remain always active, and therefore we spend the RAM and processor power.

When programs in the autoload list becomes too much, they take a noticeable part of system resources. As a result, the computer begins to work slower than usual. Especially if it does not boast a powerful hardware stuffing.

Right-click on the Windows 10 panel and select “Task Manager”. Then click “” → “Auto load”.

In the list that opens, find programs, in the constant work of which you do not need. Click on it right-click and choose “Disable”.

How to remove computer brakes yourself. Manual for a regular user. (part 1). Easy way from computer repair wizard

Good day. My name is Vladimir, I am an outbound master of repair of computers and laptops. experience. 14 years old. Work for myself. I constantly come across the problem of customers, which kind of computer / laptop is powerful (i3-i5), a lot of RAM (4-8GB), and everything works very slowly and bad. Windows starts a couple of minutes, office. Seconds 30,

Browsers stupid. Inteeis Windows slows down when accessing folders and t.D. As my customers say “Chet slows down the PPC as it is necessary to clean”.

Let’s try to figure it out in this post, for what reason everything slows down and what needs to be done, whatever slow down, but flew and pleased. I will try to write extremely available for an ordinary person language, so grammarnazi from the world of computers. Sorry ).

As my practice shows, this state of the computer is made up of several problems:

1) Overheating of the computer / laptop. (after 2-4 years of use of computer / laptop)

Cooling system crashed dust. Thermopaste dried. Everything is sad. The processor is heated, reduces the frequency of work. Performance falls.

2) Mastering of the operating system itself.

Every time we launch our computer, attend some kind of site, edit text. Our system retains data about our actions in several places. Creates temporary files, saves pictures from sites for faster downloads. And here it lies a certain problem: after a pair of years of use of the computer, the storage data is overflowing, the computer starts to spend more and more time when they are processed.

It’s hard to explain in three words. Files are divided into many fragments and scatter on the hard disk. When accessing them, the computer glues a file from 300-800 parts, to what spends a lot of time.

4) brake antivirus / installation of a pair of antiviruses at the same time.

5) Conditional malware is present on the computer

If you have a constituent volcanic advertisement in the boorier, you are sent to strange pages, it is offered to win a million, and 10 new labels with unknown programs appeared on the desktop. Here is one of the causes of braking.

6) There is any software from the manufacturer (Asus, Acer, Samsung, Lenovo) on the computer (relevant for Asus, Acer, Samsung, Lenovo laptops)

Here’s right now the advice will be, as simple part of the above, not possessing special knowledge of computer repair ! 🙂

1) How to cope with the overheating of the computer.

For general users: in general, if you have a computer. Remove the side cover, inspect the inner space for dusting. Most of all we are interested in the radiator under the central fan (we are referring to its cooler). take a vacuum cleaner (I prejudge it and cleaned that I would succeed as a Vacuuma daemon) and

CAREFULLY. Sweep dust from under the fan. Your motherboard is better not to vacuum, otherwise you have a non-illyorous ability to damage the thread there a sucking tube of vacuum cleaner.

Supplement for bold, deft and skillful: it is necessary to replace the thermal chaser on the processor, if she is more than 3 years old. Thermal Pustomer is better from Alsila and above. KTT-8 do not need.

2) How to cope with a laptop overheating. (I hope there will be a separate big post on this topic, if it is interesting)

For ordinary users: We take off, but not a closed laptop in hand.

I find it the main vent hole (where the air is hot with operation). Usually, at 75% it is located on the side on the side of the case. And sharply there swing my mouth.

If dust flew. You are well done, blurred a dust layer. If not. So the laptop is clean, you are weak or do not blow there.

Supplement for bold, deft and skillful: Be sure to replace the thermal path if the laptop is more than 3 years and it was often used. Thermalcolus must be taken no worse Arctic Cooling MX-2 (my choice for hot processors and laptop video cards).

3) we remove the mastering of the operating system.

For regular users: We need to download the CCleaner program and consistently press the Analyze keys in it (waiting until it analyzes) and the “RUN CLEANER” program can give the window about the request to close the open current browser for cleaning it. Without thinking, press “OK” Voila and all govnichko removed and computer Zashushl!

This is probably the easiest and fastest way in this reconnaissance

Supplement for bold, deft and skillful: With the help of “svleaner” also cleanse the registry (Registry tab), autoload (Tools tab.Startup). The program can be translated into Russian in the “Options-Settings-Language” tab.

4) For defragmentation, you download the Defraggler program and consistently press “Analyze” and “Defrag”. May ask about cleaning basket. Click OK. It is better to put on the night, may take several hours.

In my practice it was more than once that officially purchased Kaspersky \ node 32 After a couple of years of work, the computer was very braked. Way out. remove them and reinstall.

Also the computer braked the old versions of AVAST (until 2016.), McAfee and Norton Security. In general, brake leaders. Well, if you have two antivirus at once. This is a direct path to the path of the slowness and slightly quality of the computer. I chose the current free antivirus for myself. 360 Total Security. While shows itself with the best side.

6) about viruses and all kinds of programs that have been installed on your computer without your knowledge (all sorts of Amigo / Yac / Regoptimizer / ChineseIPRograms.) I need a separate post.

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7) Software from the manufacturer. Also separate post.

The theme is quite complicated and extensive, as well as a separate post. But be sure to do the following:

Go to My Computer. Mouse over the hard disk with:. Press the right key and select “Properties”. In the window that opens, select “Service”. Perform check. After that restart the computer. He will check the hard disk for errors and correct if they are available.

These are simple manipulations allow you to significantly speed up your computer. If any questions are. Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will answer as far as possible.

Fuuuh. It turns out posts to write. The case is long. This is my trial first big post.

I will have some Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the author

Software Causes of Computer Soldding

Here, the situation is somewhat different. the symptoms are expressed less clearly than in the case of faulty hardware. Nevertheless, the means of diagnosing software of software problems are well developed, both system and third-party developers.

Unfurning programs in autoload

If you do not follow what appears in the startup, then the phenomenon, as a slowly working computer, will emerge inevitably. The problem only at first glance does not seem not worthy. think, the boot of Windows will increase by a couple of dozen seconds.

In fact it turns out that such programs in the autoload. many dozens. Some of them will be familiar with you because you themselves put them there (or allowed it to make the installer). You or did not hear about others, or do not remember, under what circumstances they leaked there. And 4-5 dozen programs are hundreds, if not dozens of hundreds of megabytes of a busy RAM. And with slow download it would still be possible to put up, but with the fact that the PC is terribly slows down. it is unlikely.

computer, began, work, slowly

So you should carefully read the list of programs running along with the start of the operating system, and eliminate optional components from it.

To do this, via the Start menu in the search console, type the msconfig command and click Enter. A system configuration window will appear where you must click the “Auto-loading” tab. Here it will be possible to explore the contents of the startup and disable unnecessary programs. Browsers, torrent client, messengers. all these programs can be launched as needed. And what to say about the service utilities, monitoring the state of parental applications? All these adventurors can be safely excluded from the list.

ATTENTION. If you get something unfamiliar. first google, what is this program that she does and for what is responsible. it is quite possible that some other important program will not work without it. But you can stick to another popular rule. do not be afraid to disable from autoload. Literally all. the operation of Windows will not suffer from this. And if without something you will experience discomfort, return the program in the autoload is just as simple as excluding, with the help of manipulations.

Not enough space on the hard disk

Usually, the computer is constantly or periodically freezes during operation, if the location is exhausted on the system disk. where the operating system is installed. In most cases, this is a C:. This situation arises due to the fact that when Windows installations under it, the places are initially given much less than for a user logical disk on which private files are expected. documents, music, films. In principle, all textbooks are recommended to do. The main thing is to leave the system section sufficient for a specific version of the OS. But if it is enough for XP, conventionally speaking, 1 gigabyte, then the appetites “seven” will be much larger, and so on the increasing.

If there is very little space on the disk, then the one area that is intended for the paging file will be appropriately reduced or strongly defraganized, as a result of which the PC will be shy.

Exit. Cleaning the disk, and for this there are many possibilities, about some of them you probably did not suspect:

  • Unnecessary, rarely used programs from the Program Files folder, where they are installed by default.
  • Clearing “Download” folder. a huge number of previously downloaded files also accumulates here, the total volume of which can be quite significant.
  • Cleaning the basket that needs to be performed regularly.
  • Deleting temporary files.
  • Cleaning the system disk with built-in Windows tools.

Sequential execution of these recommendations will solve the problem of lack of disk space.

Virus activities

Round in the summer when viruses were engaged in frank hydration, removing system files and thereby making it impossible to work on the computer. The current hackers. the greed and cunning people seeking to benefit from your computer. For example, to introduce a code that will be engaged in cryptocurrency, this is a resource-intensive task, and although the activities of such a program will be carefully disguised, the computer will constantly hang or brake.

Expect your antivirus, even if this paid version will provide absolute protection, it does not have to. because the viruses always find new loopholes that antivirus developers are closed with some delay.

How to remove malicious code in case of infection. the topic of a separate article.

Errors in the registry

Although this reason is regularly indicated in the list of those that lead to the rolling of PC, it is not necessary to overestimate it. If you have not updated the operating system for a very long time, then a lot of unnecessary records from incorrectly remote programs may appear in the system registry. But the degree of their influence on computer performance is difficult to call a big. Another thing. erroneous entries that can really cause problems.

Most often, Windows begins to slow down after automatic updates, especially the latest version of the OS suffer. Today it is, as you know, “dozen”.

To clean the registry, use the specialized utility. We recommend CCleaner. a very popular program in the runet program performing a solid fourth registry. For a free utility, this is a very good indicator.

The computer brakes due to overheating of the components

Problem. Very frequent and one of the most dangerous reasons why the computer can brake it overheating. The temperature regime of the main components of the system must be monitored. Surely you store a large number of personal information on the computer (documents, photos). Should not then expose the valuable storage of unnecessary danger. At least the likelihood that from overheating the computer hopelessly break and small (in modern components there are temperature sensors and when the critical temperature is reached, the computer turns off automatically).

But overheating easily can cause the computer inhibits. If immediately after switching on or with a simple computer, it works fast, and under load (programs, heavy applications, games) begins to slow down, then be sure that the reason exactly in temperature.

Decision. Always monitor the temperature of the main components of the computer: the central processor, video card and hard drive. You can do this using a simple Speedfan program.

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At least sometimes spend the cleaning of the computer from dust and foreign objects. Dust can cause reducing the efficiency of cooling fans, which in turn will lead to overheating. If the thermal sensors on the components show a high temperature even without load, then the thermal stress state should be checked between the fuel elements and radiators. If necessary, replace the thermal paste to the new.

How to increase the performance of a laptop. 8 ways

With a laptop it became difficult to work? If programs run with creak, fly out and even a web seer has become a difficult occupation, it is worth reading this guide. He will tell how to give a laptop ambulance and increase its productivity.

Why laptop loses performance?

If the laptop slows down. this does not mean that he is time “in the furnace”. There are reasons by eliminating which you can increase its speed.

  • Overheat. The increase in temperature in the laptop negatively affects the operation of components, because of which it loses performance. To overheat the device may be due to dust, which has accumulated in the cooling system, failed to the cooler or other components.

Recommendation: If you brush the laptop from dust on time, change the thermal paste, the probability of overheating will decrease.

  • Singing system. Malicious software, lack of space on the system disk, on time not purified from small files of the cache buffer reduce the speed of the laptop.
  • Ospened OS. Old operating system can brake computer performance. Modern programs, including antiviruses and browsers, over time, terminate the support of the “ancient” operatingers and cease to work correctly.

Performance improvement tips

To increase the speed of the laptop, the first of all it is worth trying to clean it from dust. If inside the laptop is clean, then you should use one of the methods proposed below.

Cleaning a laptop from unnecessary programs

On the laptops and PC most users installed software, which is rarely used or forgotten. These include pre-installed utilities that did not open up from the date of purchase of the device. Similar software is a garbage that loads the system and spends its resource.

Erase such applications is easy: you need to enter the “Start” → Control Panel → Removing Programs. A list of where you can remove all unnecessary.

Recommendation: Before deleting the utility, you should read its description so as not to erase something important for the operation of the OS.

Defragmentation of a hard disk

When using a laptop on its hard drive, many fragmented files will be copied. They are formed due to the removal of different programs, overwrite and t.D. and occupy small pieces of space on the drive, placed in the scatter. Subsequently referring to them, hard drive spends time wasted. As a result. the computer often hangs.

Increase device performance, optimizing the system by defragmenting files. This procedure suggests the hard disk, grouping programs and fragmented files so that the latter are located as close as possible to each other and as far as possible from the software being used. As a result. the hard disk does not spend time on them. You can perform this procedure using classic Windows tools.

Important! Solid-state drives defragmentation is not needed: they are so faster hard drives read data. over, it can shorten the service life of SSD due to the limited number of reading / overwriting cycles.

Instruction works for versions of OS 7 and 10. Only points of points are slightly different.

Tip: Find the necessary sections can be through start. The path is: “Programs” → “Standard” → “Service”, where you can defragment disk.

Third-party programs to optimize OS

To optimize the operation of the OS, a lot of effective software has been developed.

One of the most popular. CCleaner. With it, you can:

Wise Disk Cleaner and Glary Utilities. The functions of such utilities and the principle of operation are the same, except for a pair of options. For example, WDC still knows how to defragment hard drives.

Tip: When cleaning the system, the program can automatically erase the history of the browser, as well as reset passwords from accounts. Therefore, before the launch of such software, you should familiarize yourself with its capabilities.

Disabling visual effects

Modern 7th and 10th Windows look quite attractive. But beauty requires victims, and in this case. resources. Removing “makeup”, you can speed up the work of the device.

  • Click PCM on the Windows icon.
  • Go to “System and Security”. You can do it through the control panel.
  • Click “System” and open it additional parameters.
  • Press “Visual Effects” and “Provide the Best Speed”.

Recommendation: With “Special Effects” you can also remove a tick. The appearance of the OS will change, but the performance of Lapptop will increase.

Disabling unnecessary programs from autoload

If too many applications automatically turn on, the laptop starts a long time. I remove several utilities, you can give the device acceleration.

  • Call Task Manager.
  • Select “Autoload”.
  • For more convenient operation, it should be sorted by the “Impact on Run” column and remove the unnecessary and most resource-intensive applications.

Important: It is worth carefully studying the list of utilities and disable only familiar options. Otherwise, you can turn off the system software with a lacaround and disrupt the operation.

Disable unnecessary background processes

Another effective acceleration method. The fact is that without most background processes, the OS operationer fully function. The bulk of users of the existence of some and does not suspect (except about those that affect the appearance of the shell).

To get rid of such a “background”, you need to log in to the command line and dial: Services.MSC. The monitor will display a complete list of such applications and briefly describe. You only need to mark the services that do not need a laptop owner, visiting the program name in the list and selecting “Disable”. You can use the task manager.

Top 10 ways to speed up the computer

We often get issues related to computer optimization.

Considering that the reasons because of which the computer began to slowly work a great set. to give an unequivocal answer is very difficult, therefore, we decided to collect the most frequent problems and describe the ways to solve them in this article.

Probably, each has occasions when over time Windows began to slow down, the programs have freezed, the music stopped, not played video.

We present you 10 ways that will speed up Windows:

You need to update / replace PC components

This is the first thing that comes to mind. Computer upgrade or buying new.

So, if you buy a new PC, then it will “turn into a penny”, but the replacement of its individual elements may not be as expensive, while the speed will increase.But first, you need to decide what to change or which iron add.

BUT. Replacing the central processor will be needed if the new will be more productive available by 30-50%. Otherwise, you risk spending money and take at all slightly winning the system performance. Processors. These are not cheap items, so do not hurry to buy a new CPU.

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The processor can be triggered (raise its frequency, thereby increase productivity), but in such situations you should always pay attention to pitfalls.

Windows after overclocking can work unstable, in addition, increase the load on the cooling system, which can lead to a constant and spontaneous shutdown of the computer (especially if the PC does not have a new and long ago from dust). Such a situation can contribute to the premature failure of the central processor (including due to overheating). No need to forget that the processor manufacturer (whether Intel or AMD) gives a guarantee for its successful work with the stated (factory) clock frequency.

Despite this, there are many users who increase the processor frequency at their own risk. On the Internet, you can find many resources in which the wisdom of such events are illuminated.

B. RAM (RAM or RAM).

RAM, as well as money, does not happen much. It is often noticeable that if the computer slowly loads and works, then the problem is in the lack of RAM. If you have at the start of the “Task Manager”, there is a constant loading of RAM (80-100%), it must be enlarged. Add a plank or two (of course if you have free slots on your motherboard). In addition, you need to know the type of RAM and its clock frequency (for this you can use the AIDA64 computer diagnostic program, which you can download free from our site). RAM can be bought at any computing technology store, and if your PC is really outdated, then only on the forums or in workshops. And now, there is already a partial answer to the question of how to speed up the computer under Windows :).

If Windows constantly highlights Windows with messages that the disk space is exhausted (in this case, the operation of the system can slow down several times and you will immediately notice that the computer is slowly loaded and running), on the system disk you need to delete unnecessary files (before Delete personal documents, photos or videos, we recommend using the CCleaner or similar program), and if you have nothing more to delete and messages appear anyway, then you need a hard drive of a larger capacity, or an additional hard drive.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to its speed. At the stationary PC, hard drives are often used with a spindle speed of 7200 rpm, but if you have 5400 rpm, then it is worth thinking about it to replace it at a more speed. The best solution to speed up the computer is to replace the old hard disk to the new, so-called SSD disk. Fortunately, they are now found a lot and choose from what, but are usually higher than that of ordinary hard drives. If you install a SSD drive, you will instantly see the difference. Your disc subsystem will just fly. Performance growth can be 5 times and above. Windows will be loaded quickly several times. Many users, for example, install SSD disk only for the system (for Windows), and files, games, movies are stored on the usual hard drive. Now, you definitely do not tell me that your computer is slowly loaded.

D. Video card or video adapter. If you like to play modern games or professionally work with graphic applications, you definitely need a new powerful video card. If, of course, you are experiencing such a need. After all, if you do not play and do not work with graphics, but to work strictly with office applications and sow via the Internet, this item can be skipped. You make no sense to spend money on the purchase of a new video card. Speed ​​up computer this way will help slightly.

But, if you, nevertheless, decided to get up for a new video card, then remember, it must correspond to the processor, otherwise the money is in the wind. If you have Windows 7 on your computer, you can approximately estimate the performance of the video subsystem (“Control Panel”. “System” and click on “evaluate performance”). According to the results of this computer performance test, you can determine which device is a weak link and to be replaced.

If with the time of operation, the computer began to work slowly and you do not know what to do, then the reason may come in his strong dusting. The thing is that the processor, as the main computing element can overheat and, as a result, the system automatically lowers its clock frequency (this is done in order to prevent overheating).

Low power processor


The problem is largely similar to the previous. To perform processor power tasks is simply not enough. Most often, this is manifested when working on the Internet (browser) or when viewing a video in a large resolution.

To evaluate the workload of the processor, you should also call the task manager (“CTRALTDEL”) and evaluate the “Processes” and “speed” tabs.


Solution, unfortunately, only one. Purchase and install a more powerful processor.

Running many programs during autoload


While working often have to install various programs. But at the same time, not everyone pays attention to that when installing programs, there are checkboxes that establish them in the autoload. And that they turn on automatically when the computer starts.

It is not always bad, but with inattention can cause certain difficulties, since each of the programs distracts part of the system capacity.

The usual user rarely looks into the configuration of the autoload file to remove the program from there, which are not needed in the work constantly and daily. And in vain. With such a simple action, you can significantly (at times) reduce computer loading time and increase system speed.


Open the “System Configuration” section, find the “Startup” tab and simply remove the checkboxes from programs that are not vital.

If you have difficulty in the entrance to this section, simply click “Start” and “Run” (Windows 7 or XP), and enter the “Find Programs and Files” field

Often, office, Java, Winamp, Mesterners of various types and so on are as unnecessary applications.

Elimination of the reasons for overheating of electronic components

Hanging the computer may and due to excessive heating of components. first of all, the processor and video card. To check this, find out the temperature of these devices when performing resource-intensive tasks (computer games, video editing). If it is above 75 ° C. take care of the elimination of reasons for overheating:

  • Make sure that in idle mode, the system is not loaded by 100%.
  • If a computer is more than 3 years old. replace the thermal.
  • Clean PC from dust.
  • Increase the cooler fan speed.
  • Replace the cooling system to a more productive.

There is no one-time answer to the question: “How to clean the computer in order not to brake?”. You need to act in two directions:

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