The computer turns off after a few seconds

Why the computer spontaneously turns off

If the computer turns off by itself after some time after switching on, this is a serious violation in its work. The reason can be both a software error and the malfunction “iron”. On how to solve the problem of spontaneous shutdown, is described in this article.

The principle of operation of the Windows operating system is: the settings of each software or data on the PC hardware are recorded by a special database called registry. Feature in that time he “clogs” outdated or damaged records. It is the latter that can lead to arbitrary shutdown of the computer.

One of the reasons for their appearance is the impact of malicious software (especially taking into account frequent changes in the user of standard security settings). To clean the system from such programs, scan it with an antivirus of the latest version.

Advice! Before choosing a program for scanning with an article “The best antivirus for Windows 10”.

An example of using a portable antivirus product “DR. Web Cureit!”:

  • Run the program.
  • Select “Start Check”.

Clearing computer from malicious programs does not guarantee troubleshooting. In some cases, you need to edit the registry manually. This is a complex process that is only a professional. Therefore, the most efficient solution in this situation will restore the system from the backup or reinstalling.


When the temperature of the important components of the computer increases too much (90 degrees and above) can work emergency shutdown. It is necessary so that you do not burn the system. However, if emergency shutdowns occur too often, it is also not good. Overheating in turn can be their reasons to be eliminated:

  • Ventilation should not be provided. Before disassembling the computer and help it, note, do not overlap anything holes in the body for ventilation. Around each of them should be a gap required for air intake.
  • Collection of dust. First, check your system unit for dust. If it is too much, then it may well be the cause of overheating. Pay special attention to fans. You need to remove pollution in the first place. Remove with soft brushes, cotton disks. You can also use compressed air cylinders.
  • Dried thermalcard. Often goes in a tandem with dust pollution of the case, since the system unit or body did not understand for a long time, and therefore the thermal passer did not change there from the moment of purchase. It is applied to the chipset of the processor and video card. It is recommended to change the minimum every two years. We have a detailed article about the replacement of the thermal paste and clean the hull from dust.
  • Power chains. In this case, mosfets overheat. transistors that provide electricity to the processor. Under them you need to change the thermal block, if the radiator is installed on top. If there is no fan, no radiator, then just make dust and do not touch anything.
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Often overheating can still appear due to the launch of too heavy programs, but only in a bundle with one of the following causes. If the launch of the heavy program itself causes overheating, it is recommended to improve the cooling system or not to run on the computer those programs for which its capacities are clearly not enough.

Step Make sure that the power settings are correctly indicated

If the settings of the incoming power supply power supply on the voltage do not correspond to the standard for (classical 220-230 volts), then your power supply will not work. and can turn off immediately after switching on.

BP with such a setting in Russia will not work

Possible causes of malfunction

If the computer refuses to load, then the cause of such behavior can often be the following faults:

The last reason most often manifests itself when the cooler of the processor is faulty, the overheating of which, in this case, can be caused by a short-circulation time without cooling.

Sometimes a system shutdown can occur after a few minutes of the computer with a faulty fan.

The power supply failed can also call the system to turn off when it will run. Short circuit can be caused by various metal objects that could be on the computer board. In this case, the permanent protection of sensitive electronics and the power supply of the closed section of the chain will be terminated. If you continue to start the computer, the protection will work again, and start the computer will not work.

Phased diagnosis and exclusion method

If nothing of the above helped, then detailed diagnostics will be required with the exception of PC components.

Disassemble the system unit and take a picture of all the insides of the computer so as not to forget what and where joined.

Disconnect all loops from the motherboard, RAM, hard drives, USB ports and cartriders with the face of the case.

Possible cause. short circuits

Often enclosures can be closed due to damage, so we must eliminate all possible sources of short circuit.

Check the normal operation of the processor

This can be done with BIOS. There is a rather rare malfunction, but it can be quickly diagnosed. In the BIOS processor considers time, and it can be seen in the settings. If the processor is working. he correctly considers time if not. he considers incorrect. For example, it can count up to 40 seconds, and then reset and start re-. This should not be at a serviceable processor.

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Further diagnosis

You only left the motherboard, power supply and power button. If a computer does not turn off within a long time, it means a malfunction to look next. Gradually connect the rest of the computer, and thus, you can find a faulty item.

computer, turns, seconds

Use this Special Windows Shutdown Assistant Tool

Windows Shutdown Assistant is a special tool that prevents accidentally off the computer. With easy-to-use inteeis and automated tasks.

It allows you to automatically turn off the computer at the right time. In addition, you can configure it to turn off the computer in other situations, such as a simple system, excessive use of the processor or low battery charge. Software also allows you to automatically leave the system, restart and block your computer.

This tool supports all Windows operating systems and has the following functions:

  • Automatic shutdown in various situations
  • Schedule to run programs or open files
  • Multiple features to control Windows tasks
  • Secure computer files and data
  • Create a reminder and install it for automatic display on the desktop at the set time.

How the problem is localized?

If there is a problem with nutrition, then there are such consequences:

The computer turns off and turns on for other reasons

In fact, the reasons may be many, and if you do not have the appropriate testing skills and checking equipment, it is possible to better call a specialist.

In addition to the problems described, the computer is spontaneously turned off for the following reasons:

  • Faulty wiring
  • Faulty extension cord or UPS
  • Dust in the system unit
  • Voltage drops
  • reduced voltage in the network

All this should not be discounted, especially since the verification of these factors does not take much time. Note that the reasons may be the program properties. For example, if the computer turns off every 2 hours, then you may have viruses and you need to remove them.

The culprit is not found, no suspects

Often, the failures like our, arise spontaneously. without visible causes and on the background of the normal operation of the computer. Suspicion of failure of some particular device user. precisely, under suspicion is all iron. What to take in such a situation?

Let’s start with simple. Do not open the PC case, turn it off from the outlet or press the off key on the power supply.

Next, press the POWER button (inclusion) of the system unit and hold it 20-30 seconds. After that, connect the power and try to run PC as usual. If the problem is caused by the cluster of statics or residual charge of capacitors, the next start will pass normally and the failure will not affect the further operation of the computer.

If this measure did not bring the result, reset the BIOS settings to default. There is a separate article on this topic, so to delve into the details, how to do it, we will not. To reset, use the Clear_CMOS jumper or a round duct-tablet, which is usually close to the jumper.

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Further actions are alternately, moving to the subsequent, if the previous one did not help. After each manipulation, take attempts to turn on PC.

  • Disconnect all peripheral equipment from the computer, leaving only the keyboard and monitor.
  • Visually inspect all the internal devices and communications of the system unit until it turns off. Make sure the reliability and strength of the connections.
  • Jump over the behavior of the processor cooler and body fans when you press the power button. Jerk and stop, as mentioned above. Typical short-circuit symptom. Cyclic promotion and stops most often point to BIOS. The complete absence of rotations. problems on the power line 12 V, failure the fan itself or failure in controlling the cooling system.

computer, turns, seconds

If the probable cause of a malfunction is a BIOS failure, you can try to restore it. Many modern motherboards allow it to do without a programmer.

If a likely reason is a short circuit:

  • Disconnect all equipment from the motherboard optional to turn on the computer. Leave the processor connected, cooling system, memory (single module), video, keyboard and feeder. If the problem is not gone, her culprit is among the remaining devices.
  • Check if the power supply is started when disconnected from the motherboard. With a short closure in the load (detected equipment), the pulse BP is disabled. So they protect themselves from overload, which is caused by excessive current consumption.
  • After finding out that the power supply is well, removed from the PC case, everything remaining iron. This must be done for two reasons: To exclude the closure of the motherboard on the case (occurs when the system is incorrectly assembling) and for inspecting devices from all sides with good lighting.
  • Inspect the equipment for the presence of defects, as described above. When revealed explicit signs of breakage, replace the problem device on a compatible analog.
  • Collect a stand on the table from devices, connect the power supply and check whether there is no hot element on the motherboard and the video card. If there is. you discovered a problem node. If not, run the Power Switch button in the “Mamka”. Where exactly they are located on your model can be found in the description of it.

Further search for a computer malfunction, which turns on and immediately turns off, remains to continue alternately replacing the remaining iron, in particular, memory planks and video. Although if you reached this stage, the most likely perpetrator is a motherboard. You can, of course, do not stop on it and go to the diagnosis of this particular device, but we agreed to do bare hands. Straight hands plus knowledge. and there are your main assistants in solving any problem with PC. The rest is secondary.

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