Transferring information from Samsung on Samsung

Data transfer with Samsung on Samsung

Periodically, users need a need for data transfer from one device to another. Manual operation to perform for a very long time and not at all rationally, so I picked up a few simple for you, but at the same time correct ways to solve the problem when you need to cross contacts with Samsung on Samsung, photos and videos or all files.

Let’s see first, for which it is required to transfer data from one phone to another. And then I am ready to offer several use scenarios:

  • Moving to a new smartphone. Perhaps the most common option. Suppose you change the phone and want to use a new device, having previously taken photos, video and contacts. In this case, the transfer will be simply necessary.
  • Temporary transfer. Also a common script that is used in cases where you change the phone is not forever, but for a short period. Since the transfer does not take away a lot of time, it can also be viewed as an excellent way to do not deprive itself important files.
  • File transfer to another user. Of course, you are used to passing photos and videos through messengers. However, in this case, they are strongly tugged, so only full-fledged transfer will allow to maintain maximum quality when transmitted.
  • Transfer contact. Even if you need to send only entries from the subscriber book, the operation will be necessary. over, it will transfer not only contacts stored on the SIM card, but also those that are written to the phone itself.

I am sure you can find some more options for using this feature. I just wanted to note that data transfer is an important operation that can be useful at any time. Therefore, further we will more specifically focus on the options allowing the intended.

How to move on Samsung to the memory card: photos, applications, data

As you know, the smartphones purchased by us over time begin to work everything slower. The journey of applications, service files, photos and updates consumes more and more system resources, which leads to a slowdown in the work of the device, the appearance of various failures and freezes. It concerns this and telephones of Samsung, reliable and functional, but also years of losing weight and stability of their work. An effective means of solving the problem is the release of the free space, which can be achieved due to the transfer of files from the phone on the SD card. Learn below, how to transfer the necessary data to an external memory card (photos, applications) in Samsung smartphones, and what will be needed for this.

As you know, the memory card (or SD card) is an important functional element of today’s phones, allowing you to expand their data storing capabilities. Memory Card Support is built into the functionality of the Android operating system, allowing 4.0 Save the data you need on the phone’s memory card.

Features SD cards: Explanation:
Speed ​​class Each of the memory cards has its own speed class. Using an SD card on Samsung without proper class can be convenient if it is used as a basic storage of data we need.
Wrong selection of repository Extended features in the form of an HD video record, moving files or applications, can lead to decelerations, failures or errors in the phone. If you met with similar problems when working with SD, get a faster card.
You can choose any volume You can purchase an SD from 4 to 512 GB, insert it into your device, and save data on it you need. It is important to get acquainted with the technical characteristics of the phone to clarify the maximum volumes of the repository supported by it.
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Below we will submit instructions for moving files (photo, video, ETC applications.) on the outer card for Samsung phones based on Android 7.0 and later models.

Smart SWITCH: user reviews

Google Play The total assessment is 4.3 points out of 5, very good:

Voted more than 181,000 thousand people. The application is quite popular.

  • Sometimes there may be problems when transferring from the phone of a third-party manufacturer. Even with the stated compatibility.
  • Between Samsung smartphones, the entire data transfer process may take 15 minutes. At the same time, the user notes. everything is easy, quickly, intuitively understandable. Other process took moments two minutes.
  • One person had even open pages in the browser.
  • Some freeze when connecting to the iPhone.
  • One person suffered data from ZTE A6 on Samsung A20. Everything is successful, although it is strange that the transfer process took about an hour. It is important that info was passed between absolutely different devices would so say in the weight category.
  • Another successful experience. the user has changed the data from Huawei to the Samsung tablet.
  • Some transmission process breaks up by 30%, then fails. Repeat attempts do not help.

Really many messages about successful data transfer. Apparently Smart Switch works as it should be. Yes, there are negative reviews. it does not work from another manufacturer, it does not connect to the iPhone, then something else. But alas, in practice there is no ideal, but judging by the application in Google Play. the application is useful.

Transfer files on Samsung via USB cable

Despite the fact that in general the data transfer method from one Samsung phone to another using a USB cable is not recommended for use, you can use it to copy your photos and video from the old phone.

  • Connect your old Samsung Galaxy to PC via USB cable;
  • Go to My Computer and click on the name of your mobile device;
  • Open the SD card or internal phone memory, in which you have the desired photos, video or VCF;
  • You can find photos and videos in the DCIM folder or see VCF (Contacts) in the repository folder; Photos and videos are usually located in the DCIM folder
  • Copy and paste data from your device on PC;
  • Disconnect the old gadget, and connect the new Samsung to PC;
  • Drag (copy) files with PC on the SD card or in the internal memory of the gadget. Use copying data using a USB cable

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How to go from the old Galaxy smartphone to a new one using Smart Switch

Smart Switch is not a comprehensive program for backup and recovery, which will directly copy everything to a new phone, but this is a good way to fill many spaces left by the backup and recovery system connected to your Google account. Do not expect that the Smart Switch will pass all the data of your separate application or copy each bit of information, but it will make a lot of small and low-speed things that you will rate later, when you just use your new smartphone, instead of confused in the settings.

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Transferring data from the iOS device to the Galaxy-smartphone using OTG cable

To do this, you will need a Lightning cable and a corporate adapter to connect external USB devices (on-the-go).

Smartphones provide access to the Internet not only to us, but also to others: You can easily distribute the Internet from the phone to other devices, turning on the access point mode in the settings. Given that almost all cellular operators offer unlimited Internet, then you can use the modem mode on the phone on an ongoing basis for work or entertainment. Unfortunately, the function does not work perfectly and on iOS, and on Android: for incomprehensible reasons, the access point is turned off at the most inappropriate moment or other devices do not see it at all. Today we’ll figure it out what to do if the access point does not turn on on the phone.

Rumors about Samsung plans to abandon the Galaxy Note line rapid about a year ago. Then there was no question of any shortage of components and speech, and therefore, on the decision to refuse the model range, not only the lack of processors was influenced. Most likely, the company did not bring the division of the model range of the flagships, because of which no one, none of the line could more provide record sales. Therefore, in order not to spray between them, Samsung just decided to make a bet on something one. So at least it seemed to everyone. But, as it turned out quite recently, Galaxy Note 21 is still.

Unfortunately, Android updates extend not as good as iOS updates. Due to the closedness of the operating system from Apple, they immediately go out for all supported devices in one day. But it is impossible in the Android world. Similar to that big variation of models whose manufacturers do not always rush to optimize new versions of the operating system for them. For about a month Android 12 is available, in fact, only for smartphones Google Pixel 3 and newer, but we have good news! If you have a Samsung smartphone, you can upgrade it to the current version of! But do not rush to rejoice. Not all models are supported.

Transferring data via Google

Service without problems will transfer your notes, a magazine calls, contacts, music, photos and videos, search history for a new phone.

How to transfer data through Google Account:

In the “Settings” of the old device, select “Accounts” 2. Enter your Google Account and click Synchronization. Next to the materials should be ticks so that they boot into a new device 3. Add Google Account to a new phone. 4. Select “” and then click “Synchronize”.

Now the desired files and information will be displayed on the new Android device. The duration of the operation on average takes an average of 5 to 10 minutes.

The user must have a Google account must be. If it is missing, register an account on Google service:

After registration, you can copy all the information from one smartphone to another in several clicks.

How to transfer Samsung data from Android smartphone

If your new Samsung phone, then it is supported by the Smart SMITCH special application available for download from Google Play.

When you open the Smart SMITCH on the phone, the user offers 3 data transfer options: wireless communication, USB cable and external storage. We will analyze the easiest. the first.

To connect the wireless way:

Next, select “Wireless” “Get” “Android”;

Install and open Smart Switch on an old device;

Select “Wireless Communication”, specify the necessary data and click “Send”.

From the phone Huawei on Android-Smartphone

Like Samsung, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei has created a special program “Phone Clone” to quickly transfer materials between smartphones.

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First download the application and run on two devices;

Open the “Phone Clone” on the new phone;

Click “This is a new phone (sending)” to activate the Wi-Fi connection;

Open the application from the old phone;

Click “This is an old phone”. In the new device detection window that opens, enter the password from the Wi-Fi network and connect to the new phone.

Specify information to transfer a new phone and wait for the operation.

Manual data transfer

To load materials from old Android phone models, the above options may not come. The device will not be able to install them.

In this case, data can be transferred outdated, but no less reliable ways:

Via USB cable

The appropriate option for those who are afraid that personal data can get to the network.

  • Connect the old phone to the computer
  • Select the section “File Transfer” on the phone
  • Copy the necessary information on your computer (contacts, photos and videos, files)
  • Disconnect the old device to connect a new
  • Transfer copied materials

Through Micro SD Memory Card

  • Open on the old smartphone “Explorer”;
  • Select transfer files
  • Click “Copying Memory Card”
  • Remove Micro SD and insert into a new phone.

Via Bluetooth / NFC

  • On both gadgets, enable Bluetooth or NFC in the “Wireless Network” section
  • Activate Android Beam
  • Put the devices in a short distance from each other
  • On the old phone, specify the files you need to transfer and click Control.

Please note that Bluetooth can not transmit text messages, contacts, call history or application.

Technological development moves towards creating simple and rapid solutions for a comfortable passage of users from one phone to another. Use any of the data transfer options that you do not have to “make up” a new phone by spending a lot of time and effort. Otherwise, you risk losing data or make the file transfer procedure between devices unsafe through.

Import contacts from a computer to the phone Android

Now configure your Android phone with this MobileGo for Android programs as step 1 above shows. Then click the “Contact” button to enter the contact control window. Then click “Import / Export”. Now you will be asked to import your contacts from Outlook, VCard, Windows Live Mail and Windows Address Book.

Yes, you can import contacts from a computer to the Android phone if you have a backup of all contacts to the VCard file on your computer. In addition, you can also do this, synchronization of contacts from the Android phone directly if you ever save these contacts to Gmail. and invoices.

Sooner or later, it is required to replace the old Android smartphone new. But before sending a device to the shelf or find the phone another application, you must transfer to the accumulated information to a new device. In the article, you will learn how to transfer data from Android on Android, most convenient and affordable way.

Transferring any necessary data on Samsung via Bluetooth

Transfer data using Bluetooth. not the fastest and efficient data transfer method. But if there is no sustainable Wi-Fi connection nearby, the transfer via Bluetooth can be the panacea that you need so much.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth feature on both Samsung devices;
  • Connect the old and new gadget using the password to set the connection;
  • On the Samsung source device, select the target file, such as contact, image, video, note and others;
  • Click on the “Share” button and select Bluetooth;
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