What are the badges on the phone Huawei

What mean icons, symbols on your mobile phone Huawei

Icons on the phone screen. Modern phone, tablet or Huawei smartphone on the Android 4 operating system.2 Very complex electronic device, device having many functions and destinations.

Purchasing a mobile phone, the owner may not know about some opportunities.

Naturally, when some not clear signs appear on the screen, the question arises that it is, perhaps this is something important and it is necessary to make any measures.

It is believed that from the instructions for a mobile phone, you can learn about its capabilities and graphic intees of the screen, but it is not always so.

When reading the technical characteristics of the phone or smartphone Huawei, a huge number of quiet information, terms, abbreviations and titles and names are collapsed onto a person and he is not obliged to understand all this and everyone knows. How a simple person without going into these technical moments, in all sort?

For example, the question about incomprehensible badges

Icons on the Huawei Cell Phone Screen Model Mobile Band B0 or ​​other similar models?

Displayed at the top of the Huawei G7 Mobile Phone Display, Mate S, Talkband B2 Gold, U00 Wi-Fi and other models?

A lot of questions arise in the following icons: @, E, puzzle


In the upper right corner to the left of the watch is the battery. She shows the percentage of charge that remained on the device. As a rule, in the device settings, it is possible both to activate and enable the exact indication of the accurate percentage. It is convenient, as you can track how many of them remain on the device.

note! If zipper appeared in the battery bar, it means that the device began to charge.

Basic information about the device.

Pull or. To select the desired text, or select Allocate All

OR Cut. Selected text will be added to the clipboard.

Press and hold the place to insert the text, and select Paste

To insert a pre-copied text, select Exchange Powder and select Text.

Search for word values ​​while using specific functions, such as web pages.

Touch and hold the word whose value you want to view. If the word you want to find is not selected, pull or. To select the desired text.

If the dictionary does not have a dictionary on the device, select Go to Dog Management section

Check the word value in the pop-up dictionary window. To go to full screen viewing mode, click the icon. Touch the word value on the screen to view its other values. To add a word to the favorite words list in the detailed view, tap the icon or select Search on the Internet

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, To use this word as a word for search.

Select → I found the instruction for my cell phone here! #manualza

To the inquisitive mind to start reading the “instruction manual” of the device, you must first break.


As soon as the user sees the icon with four vertical lines, located ascending on the left side of the status window, then it must understand that there is a cellular indicator in front of him. The more strips, the faster you can reach the user. If there is no connection at all, these four lines can cross it, and sometimes a cross appears next to them.

Also, instead of the cross, there may be inscriptions of cellular communication, which can be viewed in more detail in this

They indicate the type of connection that is installed by the mobile operator.

How to return the icon on the screen panel

It is also very simple. in the settings section, turn on the desired process. Notification of his work appears above the desktop. Icons on the top panel Honor often appear and disappear without interruption. However, if you still noticed incorrect work, we advise you to restart the device. In extreme cases, it will accurately help clean the cache memory of the installed applications.

Nothing serious entails. This happens for two reasons:

What to do if blocking log control icons disappeared

If the screen icons at the top of the phone Huawei got, then most likely it is lag. Update your gadget. The problem of an unstable display of the line components at the top is extremely rare, but it still exists. The most common reason why icons are displayed incorrectly, is a shortage of memory on the device. External and internal memory is full, applications cannot access the declared parameters, begin to pass through themselves not all functions. Therefore, if you have a ducting icons or they do not appear at all, clean the place. This is done by removing unnecessary files, messages, cleaning application cache. If there is a software on the gadget, which you do not use, or use extremely rarely, erase it. This optimizes the operation of the device as a whole.

The first thing to do with a wired connection is to check the service life of the equipment (routers and modems) and cables. Especially good it helps to find a malfunction if the Internet has already been working on this computer. It happens that the computer is new and has not yet connected to the cable. In this case, check the physical availability of the network card. For this:

  • Press the WinR combination and copy in the field without quotes “MMC Devmgmt.MSC “;
  • Find the Network Adapters tab and reveal it. There must be the name of the installed network card;
  • Look at the state of the board if it is present. Under the state it is understood as the presence of alarming badges near its name;
  • If the card is and works fine, then the problem is in the network cable or router. If the card works faulty, then the problem is clearly in it and should be replaced or make it setting.
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Why the error “without access to the Internet” occurs and how to fix it

Important! It happens that in the network device directory the card was not detected. In this case, it should be searched in the “Other Devices” section. There it can be signed as an Ethernet controller to which drives not installed. It must be downloaded from the official site for the desired model and install it.

Check whether the work card is or the problem lies in the cable, just. Just connect another cable to the current device or connect another device to the old cable. This will definitely give to understand whether the wire is guilty. If the wire goes directly from the provider, then you should remove it and insert it back, check the wire and connector for damage. Sometimes it happens that the problem lies in the breakdown of equipment from the provider.

When connecting through the router, you first need to restart it, as well as the modem, replace network cables on them, try to connect them to other ports (on routers of their whole four).

Status bar

Status bar and notifications panel are very similar, but in fact it is two different things. The status bar is located at the top of the screen on the right. It displays the time, the status of the battery and current connections, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

On the left side of this band you will find application icons (they will inform you of any changes). private messages, postal notifications, updates in Play Market and Other. In addition, the so-called “current notifications”, messages from any messenger may appear in this line. For example, if you listen to music through Spotify or Google Play Music, the corresponding icon will be displayed constantly. The sequence of icons indicates which applications are new or old.

The latest notifications are displayed in the extreme left corner.

Icon in the form of eyes on “Samsung”: what she says and how to remove it from the panel

If you have “Samsung” and you discovered an eye icon on the top of the panel, you have an active “Smart Stay” mode (Smart Stay). What is its essence: the system does not disable the display backlight while you look at it. The phone determines where you look, with the help of a front camera. everything is simple. The option is convenient when reading books or other documents from the phone, when you are not very often touching the screen, and the time-out of the shutdown is, for example, 15 seconds.

The function has appeared a long time ago. “Samsung” phones for another 2013 and earlier models supported this technology. In more modern devices, the activity of this option is not displayed in the string from above, that is, the eye icon next to the same battery or signal level does not appear.

Eyes icon on “Samsung” means that you enabled “Smart-shutdown” mode

How to enable or disable the Smart STAY option:

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    Go to the settings. Click on optional features.

Click on the “Additional Functions” block

In the section you will tell you how the technology of Smart screen shutdown works

On more obsolete models “Samsung”, the function is turned off differently:

The eye icon can talk about the activity of the “Smart-shutdown” function of the screen, if you have “Samsung”, or the “Protection of Vision” mode, if you have “Honor” or “Huawei“. The latter is still recommended to leave the ones on, since the usual blue display light really negatively affects the health of your eyes.

Vision protection mode on Honor and Huawei (Eye Comfort) is a program that allows you to reduce the brightness of the screen, and reduce the amount of blue light when the display is turned on. Similar method of changing the display of the color balance of the display reduces the negative effect on the eyes when using a smartphone.

The remaining types of icons on different phones

Manufacturers of smartphones often slightly modify the usual badges, and therefore “Moving” to a new device may be painful than I would like to. Especially if the phone has its own, unique badges that you just do not discern.

On the phone Samsung

Samsung gadgets have its own set of characters. Most of them look inconsistently, but there are also unique badges that should be mentioned separately. This is the Kies Air logo. an application that helps to transmit data from the device on PC. This is a convenient synchronization without wires. Program is characterized only by phone and tablet computers Samsung. This icon, outwardly similar to Skype, indicates that the Samsung account is created. Your phone is connected to the DLNA network. Saving Internet traffic is included. If you do not have an unlimited tariff, so the phone helps save.

On the phone Huawei

Huawei smartphones have their own features. For example: LTE is usually displayed by these three letters, Huawei phones also support HD VOICE, high-quality sound transmission using Volte. Such an interesting picture of Huawei shows traffic saving mode. Samsung similarities are, but insignificant. Energy saving mode. The phone does everything to extend the battery charge life.

On the phone Honor

Honor brand phones are popular thanks to a small price. But despite different line of models, there are few of them different from Huawei. These devices use EMUI shell, and icons are the same for both Huawei and Honor.

On the phone Asus

Asus phones especially incomprehensible symbols do not differ. Comic bubble means “unread messages”. The sheet in the circle means that the energy-saving mode is activated. Crescent says that the “Do not disturb” mode is enabled.

On Philips phone

Philips Philips have some incomprehensible characters. If some of them are incomprehensible, we advise you to turn to the text above. These phones use the Philips ui Android shell.

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