Where is the clipboard on the tablet

What is the clipboard on Android phones and tablets

I’ll tell you a little about the clipboard on Android. Because it has been noticed that for some ordinary users who are not close to technology, the concept of this term is misleading.

This is the memory in the device, which, as you can understand, is responsible for storing any information, mainly it can be text, or images, videos. It is in all Android devices, because it is a standard feature of the operating system.

How to use it?

For example, to copy a fragment from any article, in the browser, hold down on the desired section of text so that two delimiters appear. Stop the boundaries of the starting point and the latter so that the information you are interested in that you are interested in to copy, and click “Copy” (in some situations it is also available to “cut”).

After that, the selected fragment will be copied to the clipboard. Next, open a notepad or any notebook on the device and again, from scratch, hold on the screen until the window with the “Paste” function pops up, click on it to paste the copied text. You can work with files in the same way, for example in Explorer.

If you are interested in where the clipboard is in Android, then there is only one answer. in RAM. You see, the fact is that the file as such does not exist in the system, it is RAM, which is allocated for temporary files, and in the future it can clean itself up. For example, when watching online videos, the uploaded video is stored in it, and after viewing it is erased.

If you are still interested in the issue of RAM, we have separate articles that similarly explain how you can increase RAM or how to free up RAM on Android.

But on some models it is possible to go to the clipboard on Android, since not one, but several saved fragments can be stored there, that is, the function of selecting the necessary information to paste. To do this, in the field where you want to paste, after a long tap on the display, select “Clipboard” to call up all the information stored in it.

Note: this function is not available in all devices, it is definitely in Android 4.4 from Samsung and LG manufacturers.

If this is memory and information is stored there, then it is logical that it takes up free space, while it can be cleared on Android devices, you ask. Yes, that’s right, but it takes a very small part of the available space, I think, less than 1 MB, because the text weighs very little, and everything else, it will not store more than two copies at the same time, it will clear itself. But in general, there is an opportunity for you to clear it all, just as when selecting the desired text, hold on one of the available ones until crosses appear over each fragment, and delete unnecessary.

Where is the clipboard on Android

Temporary storage can be located in different parts of the phone. It all depends on the model and brand of the gadget. The only and invariable rule: virtual storage is located in the RAM of the device.

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clipboard, tablet

It is worth noting that virtual storage is an invisible body, that is, there is no such physical object that fully characterizes its location on the phone and in the system.

The user cannot just take and enter it, because everything happens at the level of the program built into the phone. The process of saving in virtual space is as follows:

  • The user copies the file;
  • The device reads it and saves it in RAM until the owner of the phone copies any text again;
  • As the new file is copied, the virtual storage is updated and stores the new file.

Where is the clipboard located on the phone

Above, we briefly answered the question of where the clipboard is located on the smartphone. The location of this virtual space is the RAM of the mobile device. At the same time, there is no physical file that would characterize this space. In other words, you can’t just log into your phone and see what’s in RAM. All work is done at the software level.

clipboard, tablet

When copying a file, pictures or text data are sent to the clipboard. The information is there until the user gives a command to move the objects of interest to another location. He has the following options:

  • one or more times move the text in another document or SMS;
  • copy or send the file to a new folder;
  • put the data next to the original.

In the latter case, the name is automatically changed in the copied files so that there are no repetitions. During the operation, standard actions are carried out. First, the user presses Copy or Cut. Information moves to the RAM section where the clipboard is on the Android phone. After that, the person clicks the Paste button, and the information is moved to a new place.

How to find a clipboard in the Samsung phone and clean it

Find and clear the memory buffer on smartphones running on the Android operating system in several ways. No exception and phones Samsung. The algorithm of action is somewhat different depending on whether there are root-rights or not. Special applications can be used to view and clean the buffer.

Using applications

The clipboard with the ability to store several fragments is not at all modern smartphones. If you want to copy and insert data to other documents often, it is recommended to establish a special exchange buffer manager. Thanks to such a program on a smartphone, it will be possible to save several fragments of text at the same time.

Samsung phones suitable Clipper application, which can be found in App App.

This program makes it possible to store and view up to 20 different text fragments even in the free version. They can not only add, but also sort and group at their discretion.

Clear memory in this case can be possible using a basket. Using this program, you can easily find the clipboard on the smartphone, set it up as convenient, and, if necessary, clean.

It is recommended to periodically clean the clipboard in order to free up the RAM on the mobile device.

With root-rights

Easy to clean the memory buffer if root rights. Immediately it is worth saying that you should not climb into the system if there are no skills. In case of incorrect actions, you can damage the OS Operation and the phone turn into a useless brick. If you have ROOT rights, the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • We find the Android / data / clipboard root folder on the smartphone, go into it and delete all data;
  • We enter the settings of the mobile device, go to the applications section and open the “All” tab here;
  • In the list we find the TestService application, go into it and clear it.
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After all the manipulations done, the device should be rebooted. After cleaning the RAM, the smartphone should work faster.

Without ROOT rights

If there are no ROOT rights or the user does not want to get into the system, you can go the other way. In this case, the algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • Press the input field with your finger and hold it for a few seconds;
  • A menu appears where you need to select the line “Clipboard“. After that, a list of all previously copied documents appears;
  • There is a trash icon at the top of the list. To clear the clipboard, click on it;
  • We select the required elements, and then confirm our actions.

If there is no label from above, then you should hold any text block in the buffer for a couple of seconds. After that, it is possible to mark all the data to remove. After that, it is recommended to restart the device to work correctly correctly.

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Difficulties at work

In conclusion, we note the situation when the clipboard suddenly refuses to work on the phone. For example, the copy and paste buttons do not appear. In this case, you will have to clear the RAM by obtaining ROOT rights. If this method did not help, you can reset the phone to factory settings. This item is located in the Settings section, then System and Reset. Please note that a factory reset will delete all apps and other personal data. That is why this method should only be used as a last resort.

Now you know where to look for the clipboard on your phone, what it is and how it works. With this information, you can use its capabilities 100%. We note right away that in the standard RAM there are not enough control methods, so it is better to install the application and maximize the functionality of the smartphone.

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When downloading files on their Android smartphone or tablet, many users are faced with the fact that they cannot find the downloaded file. They just don’t know where files are downloaded on Android. In this article, we will try to solve this problem.

In short, on Android, files are downloaded to the Download folder. And the location of this folder may vary depending on the firmware of your Android device. For example, the Download folder can be located at one of the addresses:

In order to find this folder, install a good file manager. For example, such as AntTek Explorer Ex.

If the downloaded files are not in the Download folder, then the program with which you downloaded may have saved the files to a different folder. Open the program and enter its settings. Perhaps there will be a folder for saving downloaded files. For example, in the Dolphin web browser, in order to change the folder for saving downloaded files, you need to open: Settings. Privacy and personal data. Upload directory.

In addition, often in the program itself you can see a list of files that have been downloaded. For example, this feature is in Dolphin and Firefox web browsers.

You also need to remember that after each downloaded file, a special message appears in the top menu with notifications, about the fact that the file has been downloaded. By clicking on this message, you can open the downloaded file.

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Where in my phone the clipboard?

On old smartphones with Android 4 operating system.0 and earlier versions of the buffer could be found at Android / Data / Clipboard. Then it was done secretive. now you can only view its contents. To do this, open the keyboard and click on the clipboard icon.

To get information from the clipboard, you need to use the “Paste” command. This is done in the usual way: we put the cursor in place inserts, click right-click and select the “Paste” command. With this simple action, we extract information from the clipboard and place it in the selected location.

Where is the clipboard on my phone?

On older smartphones with Android 4 operating system.0 and earlier, the clipboard could be found at Android/data/clipboard. Then it was made secret. now you can only view its contents. To do this, open the keyboard and click on the clipboard icon.

There is only one short answer to this question. The clipboard is located in RAM. in its special area. The copied text will be there exactly until the moment you copy some other text.

What is the clipboard in the phone and where to find it?

The clipboard is located in the device’s RAM. Designed for temporary storage of various files: pictures, text, video, etc. For example, when you watch an online video, it is first loaded into the buffer, and then played in your media player.

  • Open any application with a text input field.
  • Hold down the field with your finger and select “Clipboard” in the menu.
  • A panel with all previously copied elements will open at the bottom of the screen.
  • At the top right of the panel, click the button with the trash icon.
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