You can restore remote photos on Android

How to restore remote photos and other data

I can’t tolerate memory cards. Even if my smartphone does not have enough space, I better delete part of the data, but not resserved to the external drive. Not only are the memory cards in 100% of cases work slower the built-in repository, because their manufacturers use less perfect standard, so they are also quite often fail with anything with this, depriving you of accumulated information. But all the voluntary deletion of data is not the best way out. In the end, together with an unnecessary slag, you can easily remove and quite valuable information. But it can be restored, and it pleases.

You can recover remote photos in several ways

Most often, users who want to free the place in the repository of their smartphone, delete photos. Not applications that can be downloaded from Google Play at any time, and the photos that are just not to restore. At least, if we talk about the staff of Android, which if exist, then work with a number of serious reservations.

Data recovery in Wondershare DR.Fone for Android

The first of the Android recovery programs, which relatively successfully returns files from some smartphones and tablets (but not all). Wondershare DR.Fone for Android. The program is paid, but the free trial allows you to see, and whether it is possible to restore something at all and show a list of data, photos, contacts and messages for recovery (provided that DR. Fone will be able to determine your device).

Principle of operation of the program Next: You install it in Windows 10, 8 or Windows 7, connect the Android device to the computer and turn on USB debugging. After that Dr. Fone for Android tries to determine your phone or tablet and set root access to it, while successfully recovery files, and upon completion, turns off the root. Unfortunately, for some devices it fails.

For details on the use of the program and how to download it. recovering data on Android in Wondershare DR.Fone for Android.

How to restore photos using the application

If the laptop failed to recognize the mobile device, recover photos from the internal memory of the phone will help special mobile utilities. One of the most famous means. diskdigger. His desktop agent allows you to restore files from a flash drive, hard disk and other media, but you can only find a mobile version on Android. Download the tool from Google Play.

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Find photos with diskdigger

Work in the application is intuitive and simple, so there will be no special difficulty in an inexperienced user. However, let’s consider step-by-step instructions, as with it, you can return lost media files.

  • First, open the Play Market and install Diskdigger Photo Recovery.
  • Click the “Start easy image search” button and allow data access.
  • Diskdigger will scan the device’s memory and give all finds.
  • Tick ​​the desired items and click “Restore“.
  • Select where to send Restored Objects.

Please note that diskdigger does not know how to start searching for photos on Android without open root rights. If you do not know how to get administrator’s powers, it is better to recover through a computer.

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How to return photos from recently remote

However, to return all the data entirely is not completely required. Much more important, for example, just restore remote photos on Android. It makes it much easier than roll backup from Google Drive from scratch. Even despite the fact that remote photos and video recording are recovered by two ways in each other.

First of all, try to restore remote snapshots from the album “Recently remote“:

Restore photos from recently remote can be within 30 days

How to download photos from “Google Photo”

The second way is to restore photos from “Google Photo”. This service is installed by default almost all smartphones and most likely uses autoload from the box. Therefore, be sure to check:

Google photo stores everything and allows you to download everything too

restore, remote, photos, android

Startup photos and video in Google photos can be included as in an optimized, that is, compressed and source quality. The second will fill the available space noticeably faster.

However, consider that most likely the default “Google photo” loads your photos into a Cloud in a slightly compressed, albeit high quality. Therefore, it is not worth counting on the fact that they will return to you in its original form with the same resolution. They will still be good enough and detailed to simply admire them, but hardly they will rise to edit.

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Good evening. Today I am without humor, my head hurts and the topic is serious. Dear editors, you (well, at least someone) attempted to restore data on the phone after resetting to factory settings with Ultdata? And as a result? And reviews in the playmarket watched? Not those explicitly written under the company’s worst reviews on the company’s website distributor, but in the Googlovsk site? Highly recommend looking.

How to restore photos from remote

However, some smartphones running Android have a built-in photo basket. It is a separate album called “remote” or “recently removed”. All shots, screenshots and videos that you want to delete are shredded.

They are stored there 30 days, after which they are finally removed. Consider that this method does not allow you to restore the data after resetting Android settings. However, before the expiration of 30 days, you can still restore remote photos and videos on your own without referring to the auxiliary utilities.

Almost every Android smartphone has a “deleted” folder

After that, the photos will disappear from the album with remote files and will appear in the album where they were deleted initially. But if you did not have time to restore them for 30 days, write gone. Photos are no longer in the album.

The only way to return them will be Ultdata for Android utility. But, if you think about upper, you can use the Google Photo service, which automatically unloads all your photos and videos into the Cloud and keeps there constantly.

Simple recovery of recently remote photos

To begin. about the simplest methods of restoring remote photos from Android phone, which many novice users forget or just do not know, they do not always help, but can work. For a start, two very simple items.

  • When we make a photo on Android, it is saved to the internal memory of the phone or on the memory card in the DCIM folder.
  • Most often, the ordinary user scans photos and deletes them not using file managers, but in the built-in applications “Gallery” or “Photo” (Google photo).
  • When using the Google Photo, the photos are usually synchronized with Google Account, that is, automatically loaded on the Internet and stored not only on your device. Frequently, the user does not know about the synchronization included.
  • Many Cloud service applications (Onedrive, Yandex.Disk and others) When installing, it is proposed to enable synchronization of photos and after one-time inclusion is always unloaded into cloudy storage.
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And now about how it can help us restore remote

Perhaps the methods set forth in this part of the instruction will seem obvious to someone, but, in my experience, many many forget about them.


If you are looking for ways to recover photos that you deleted by mistake, Findmyphoto may be the best choice for you. With FindMyphoto You can restore almost any type of file from your Android smartphone, including images, videos, music, documents, WhatsApp chat rooms, call logs, etc. D.

  • The application works very quickly and can restore remote images.
  • FindMyphoto known for its deep scanning functions.
  • The application also has a secret storage where you can store photos and videos.

These were the best apps to restore photos on Android, which you can use right now. These applications work both on Android smartphones with root access and without root. If you know any other similar applications, let us know about it in the comment field.

Check Cloud storage

Today there are many Cloud services where you can store all your files and get access to them not only from your phone, but also from your computer.

It is wonderful that most companies offering Cloud storage take care of automatic backups of all files. Therefore, instead of doing this manually, turn on the automatic backup option. It can be very useful, especially when it comes to photos. Before you start panicing after your photo is deleted, check your Cloud service and, if it is still there, just download the image and save in the desired folder.

Wondershare Dr Fone for Android

The Wondershare Dr Fone application copes with image recovery on Android devices, also require only downloading, starting and connecting a mobile device to PC.

File type and data definition mode (fast “standard” or slow, but effective “advanced”) are selected before scanning.

After checking the memory, you can get acquainted with the information received using the preview function. And choose from the Android files offered to recover only those that should be recovered and are important for the user.

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